14 Real Estate Marketing Materials Crucial for Market Dominance

Last Updated May 28, 2024

Need help to break through the noise in the competitive real estate market? You’re not alone. Standing out can feel like an uphill battle in a landscape full of options. But fear not! Dive into our comprehensive guide on essential real estate marketing materials – your ticket to market dominance. 

14 Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Business Cards:  Build networks and referrals.
  • Brochures: Informative and budget-friendly solutions.
  • Flyers: Affordable and effective marketing materials.
  • Posters: For high visibility and cost-effective marketing.
  • Social Media Posts: Engage and build brand identity.
  • Open House Invitations: Boost attendance and visibility.
  • LinkedIn Posts: Showcase expertise and generate leads.
  • Social Media Banners: Enhance online presence.
  • Email Marketing: Direct communication with leads.
  • Social Media Ads: For targeted, cost-effective ads.
  • YouTube Videos: Immersive property tours.
  • SEO Website: Boost visibility and credibility.
  • Blog Posts: Improve SEO and build trust.
  • Listing Presentations: Professional and detailed pitch decks.

From eye-catching brochures to social media content solutions, we have every vital marketing material in this discussion to skyrocket your brand and reel in those buyers. Most importantly, we will show you how to create marketing material for realtors instantly with the DocHipo graphic design tool.

Tips for Successful Real Estate Brand Marketing

Real estate marketing is the art of turning properties into dreams. Did you know that consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23% for realtors? It is a top priority for savvy marketers. Let’s explore the top three expert tips on boosting your brand’s visibility, credibility, and success in the competitive market.

1. Crafting Logos for Unforgettable Brand Identity

Your logo isn’t just a symbol; it’s the cornerstone of your real estate brand’s identity. It sets you apart in a sea of competitors, creating an unmatched company reputation. Hence, making a unique real estate logo establishes trust, credibility, and recognition, ensuring clients remember you when buying or selling their dream home.

Real Estate Logo

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2. Ensuring Consistency Across All Marketing Materials 

Subsequently, consistency is the secret to successful branding. When every aspect of your marketing collateral aligns seamlessly, from color schemes to fonts and visuals, it creates a cohesive brand identity that sticks in people’s minds.

Maintaining consistent branding colors across all real estate marketing materials establishes visual harmony without a doubt and reinforces brand recognition. For example, using the same colors evokes familiarity and brand recall, whether it’s your website, social media graphics, or printed brochures. Everything should maintain consistency, from logos to other networking and promotional marketing materials. 

real estate logo

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Afterall, uniformity in font selection ensures readability and professionalism across different platforms. 

real estate flyers with logo and color consistency

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Whether it’s a bold header on your website or body text in a printed flyer, sticking to a consistent set of fonts maintains unique brand integrity and enhances readability for your audience.

Infact, the visuals and overall aesthetics you use should create a unified brand experience. Moreover, whether it’s photography styles, illustration types, or graphic design elements, ensuring they align with your logo’s tone and brand message helps reinforce your luxury home marketing. In addition, the following template is a beautiful example of a cohesive aesthetic maintained throughout the presence of each graphic element. 

Pinterest post with rich aesthetics

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In essence, by synchronizing these factors with your marketing materials for real estate, you build a solid foundation for brand consistency, which fosters trust, loyalty, and recognition among your audience.

3. Adding Compelling Visuals for Keeping Your Audience Hooked 

How do you keep your audience glued to their screens? It’s all about those jaw-dropping visuals! If you add high-definition photos and videos to your real estate marketing materials, you’re not just showcasing properties—you’re painting a picture of your audience’s future dream home. 

real estate visually appealing flyer

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And don’t forget those exclusive, high-definition stock images and videos for adding more content and unified aesthetics to your original real estate visual assets – they’re like your secret weapons, effortlessly adding variety and professionalism to your content.

Watch this short video to find the perfect stock videos for creating visually appealing marketing documents.

Printable Real Estate Marketing Materials for Attracting Buyers

The advantages of print advertising are undeniable. It’s no exaggeration to say that print realtor marketing materials offer superior review time, increased accuracy in memory retrieval, and instill greater trust among audiences.

1. Real Estate Business Cards for a Long-lasting Impression

Compact and eye-catching business cards are miniature billboards with a punch of vital details about your business and brand. 

real estate business card

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Why Should You Always Consider Business Cards for Real Estate Marketing

  • A good business card is crucial for marketers to build their local networks, which is true even today.
  • Real estate business cards contain contact info and credentials and serve as a gateway to your portfolio.
  • Eye-catching business cards can boost business by 2.5% for every 2,000 distributed.
  • 89% of home buyers would recommend their agent, making business cards vital for referrals.
  • Become memorable to potential clients with this tangible marketing tool
  • Foster trust and meaningful connections as it serves as a valuable touchpoint in the buyer’s journey
  • Serve as an influential ambassador of your brand

How Can Real Estate Agents Use a Business Card

  • Your business card should include essential details, such as your company name, logo, and contact information, to make a lasting impression.
  • Showcase your social media handles and website to access other digital properties easily.
  • Use creative business card ideas to stand out from competitors.

2. Real Estate Brochures for Easy Distribution through Every Channel

In today’s digital space, the value of printed materials like realtor brochures might seem overlooked, but hear me out – researchers say otherwise! When we can see and feel any marketing effort, it can create lasting brand impressions fueled by memory and emotion.

real estate brochure

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Why Should You Consider Brochures as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • A brochure for real estate is a versatile, budget-friendly, informative marketing collateral.
  • Perceived as a learning and marketing tool, they serve as informational guides while flexing the best offers.
  • Ideal for real estate farming strategy.

How Can Real Estate Agents Use Brochures

  • Add information about your company to guide and entice your prospects for their property needs.
  • Use printable brochures for people who are available for physical interactions.
  • Use digital brochures to target a specific, wide range of prospects available online.
  • Include your listings and services with compelling visuals and details.

3. Real Estate Flyers for Spreading the Word of Mouth Locally

Let’s talk about flyers for real estate marketing—they’re like the OG of marketing, combining the best sales pitch with visual creativity! 

real estate flyer

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Why Should You Always Consider Flyers for Real Estate Marketing

  • Affordable, easy to distribute, and versatile.
  • Despite their old-fashioned reputation, experts advise strategic distribution for fresh outreach.
  • Flyers yield substantial returns on investment.

How Can Real Estate Agents Use Flyers

  • Sales Pitch + Visual Creativity = the Best Flyer. To grab attention, flyers should combine the best of both worlds.
  • Advertise your services and customer engagement tactics. Showcase special deals and offers to attract potential clients.
  • Highlight properties for sale or rent with captivating visuals.
  • Invite potential buyers to open house viewings with compelling flyers showcasing other listings.
  • Use stunning images of your properties to captivate your audience.
  • Craft concise and engaging text to convey your message effectively.
  • Use punchy colors to make your flyer stand out.
  • Make flyers from pre-designed templates for efficiency without compromising style or time.

4. Real Estate Posters to Catch the Attention of Prospects

Do you know what’s stood the test of time since the 1800s? Poster advertising! And guess what? It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only is it super reliable, but it’s also budget-friendly.

Business poster for realtors

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Why Should You Consider Posters as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Posters are ideal for realtor marketing as it’s an age-old inbound strategy for your business.
  • Cost-effective alternative to magazine and newspaper ads.
  • Most extended shelf life among marketing materials.
  • Potential buyers have 24/7 access to information on posters.

How Can You Use Posters for Real Estate Companies

  • Highlight your listings with captivating visuals and key details.
  • Grab attention with bold colors, striking imagery, and sleek design.
  • Customize posters for sales to resonate with the specific neighborhood or community.
  • Place posters strategically in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure.
  • Also, include QR codes for instant access to property listings or your contact information.
  • Spread the word about the latest offers and upcoming open-house events with eye-catching posters.
  • Keep text brief but informative, focusing on key selling points.
  • Amplify the reach of your posters by sharing them on social media or your website.

Now that we’ve dissected the classic real estate marketing materials found in print let’s dive into the cutting-edge essentials for establishing a robust online presence in this era of digital upheaval! 

Digital Real Estate Marketing Materials for Unbeatable Marketing

Now, we should shift focus to digital marketing for realtors. The digital realm for real estate marketing is ever-evolving, requiring your keen attention to emerging opportunities. However, amidst this dynamic landscape, specific marketing materials examples are non-negotiables for brands. These are the pillars upon which your real estate digital marketing strategy should firmly stand.

5. Social Media Posts for Dynamic Real Estate Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, X/Twitter, and Instagram are essential tools for marketing. They offer convenient ways to build a following and engage with their digital community. They have immense potential to lure prospects into your digital channels and make them clients by following a strategic social media marketing funnel

Why Should You Always Consider Social Media Posts for Real Estate Marketing

  • Establishes brand identity.
  • Provides market insights.
  • Positions you as an authority.
  • Builds a robust online presence.
  • Reach a vast audience instantly.
  • 47% of real estate businesses generate genuine leads through social media.
  • Showcase properties with high-quality visuals.
  • Offers valuable tips for buyers and sellers.
  • Direct interactions with prospects.
  • Build credibility and trust through customer interaction.
  • Drive traffic to your website or listings.
  • Stay updated on competitors.

How to Use Real Estate Facebook Posts for Marketing

real estate facebook post

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  • Showcase properties with captivating visuals and detailed descriptions.
  • Interact directly with potential clients through engaging Facebook posts.
  • Use Meta Business Suit for targeted advertising to reach specific demographics.
  • Highlight new listings, significant sales, and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Utilize attractive real estate Facebook posts to gain a competitive edge in the market.

How to Use Real Estate Instagram Posts for Marketing

real estate instagram post

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  • Showcase visually stunning properties for Instagram users.
  • Engage potential buyers with captivating offers.
  • Provide real-time updates on market trends.
  • Utilize Instagram’s popularity among young demographics to create an exclusive pipeline of online leads.
  • Foster emotional connections with followers with real estate Instagram posts.
  • Encourage direct engagement to convert followers into clients.
  • Use short and snippety videos and reels to capture leads and engagement.
  • In addition, use stock photos and videos available with DocHipo to accelerate the content creation process for IG posts and reels.
  • Use creative IG posts for consistent hype.

How to Use X/Twitter Posts for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate twitter post

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  • Utilize X/Twitter posts for real estate marketing to tap into a vast, real-time audience.
  • Create X/Twitter posts and showcase expertise with quality images and walk-through videos to engage potential buyers and sellers.
  • Moreover, leverage X/Twitter’s broad reach and X/Twitter newsletters for effective brand marketing. Share real estate newsletters like a promotional post with your X/Twitter followers.
  • Also, utilize the lists feature to categorize contacts into distinct groups for streamlined access. Organize the network into separate lists for buyers and sellers to enhance efficiency.

How to Use Pinterest Posts for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate pinterest graphic

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  • Promote properties with high-quality Pinterest posts.
  • Tap into engaged users seeking home inspiration.
  • Drive traffic to websites through inbound content marketing.
  • Save time by repurposing content from other social platforms.

6. Invitation Posts for Hosting Open House Events

Are you ready to boost the number of attendees at your next open house event? Well, it’s time to tap into the power of invitation cards or posts! What if a social media user likes your enticing open-house event post like the following one? You’ll be amazed by the number of attendees who discover your event online and eagerly respond to personalized invitation posts.


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Why Should You Consider Open House Invitations as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Increase event attendance.
  • Online promotion amplifies the reach.
  • Personalized invitations enhance engagement.
  • Boost event visibility and reputation.

How Can Real Estate Marketers Use Open-House Invitations?

  • Create open-house posts with visually appealing graphics or images showcasing the property.
  • Include essential details such as the company logo, company details, date, time, and open house location.
  • Use persuasive language to encourage attendance (e.g., “Don’t miss out!” “Join us for an exclusive tour!”).
  • Provide clear instructions on how to confirm attendance.
  • Utilize relevant hashtags to increase visibility on social media platforms.
  • Share the post across multiple social media channels and real estate listing websites.
  • Consider boosting the post or running targeted ads to reach a broader audience.
  • Print invitations for distribution in the local community or through direct mail campaigns.
  • Include QR codes or links to online resources for more information or virtual tours.

7. LinkedIn Posts

Engaging LinkedIn post ideas can elevate branding by establishing industry authority and fostering connections with a professional audience.


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Why Should You Always Consider LinkedIn Posts for Real Estate Marketing

  • Reach affluent professionals.
  • Showcase expertise and listings.
  • Build trust and credibility.
  • Generate leads and referrals.
  • Network with industry peers.

How Can You Use LinkedIn Posts for Real Estate Marketing

  • Share insightful blogs and articles for the LinkedIn community.
  • Establish industry authority by becoming the voice that understands your customers’ pain points and delivers them through creative and informative content.
  • Foster connections with professionals with high-quality content.
  • Answer intriguing questions and create polls as LinkedIn posts.
  • Keep leads and industry leaders engaged.

8. Social Media Banners for Reinforcing Brand Identity

Social media banners, such as Facebook covers, X/Twitter banners, or LinkedIn covers, help you tell your brand story with a catchy visual and punchy statement. In other words, they are banners for your unique value propositions so that the online audience can identify your voice and services. 


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Why Should You Consider Social Media Banners as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Reach potential clients among 353.9M monthly active users.
  • Propel Online Presence.
  • Reflect professionalism and creativity.
  • Showcase Credibility and Expertise.

Banners displayed here are the common examples of what real estate professionals prefer to utilize.


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How Can Real Estate Marketers Use Social Media Banners

  • Create real estate LinkedIn banners with clear pictures and enticing, detailed texts to maintain a polished business image.
  • Capture attention with custom-designed Facebook banners.
  • Highlight seasonal or event-based themes for added appeal.
  • Communicate offerings clearly.
  • Maintain consistent brand Image with X/Twitter headers.
  • Choose a relevant picture.
  • Leave a lasting impression.

9. Engaging Email Marketing and Resourceful Newsletters

Email marketing offers realtors direct communication with leads and clients, facilitating the dissemination of crucial information such as new property listings, open house invitations, and market trend insights. 

Newsletters are also vital tools for engaging leads and clients, providing them with valuable content and updates. Through newsletters, realtors can establish trust and credibility. And, with such email headers, you can easily catch the readers’ attention!


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Why Should You Always Consider Email Marketing and Email Newsletters for Real Estate Marketing

  • Increase brand recognition and visibility.
  • Boost email open rates.
  • Drive click-through rates with compelling call-to-action.
  • Capture attention and convey important messages effectively.
  • Strengthen professionalism and credibility.

How to Use Email Marketing and Newsletters for Real Estate Marketing

  • To create an email list, collect the email addresses of potential clients through website sign-ups, open houses, and networking events.
  • Send targeted emails with personalized content based on client preferences, such as property type or location.
  • Use email campaigns to promote new listings, open houses, or special offers, generating leads and driving sales.
  • Send follow-up emails to clients after property viewings or inquiries to maintain engagement and nurture leads.
  • Track email performance metrics like open and click-through rates to optimize future campaigns for better results.
  • Share valuable information and industry insights, such as market trends, home-buying tips, and neighborhood profiles, to establish authority and build trust with newsletter subscribers.
  • Use customizable email banners with high-quality images and interactive graphic elements to make emails and newsletters visually appealing and captivating for readers.
  • Include clear CTAs prompting email subscribers to schedule property viewings, sign up for consultations, or explore listings on the website.
  • Maintain a regular schedule of email follow-ups and newsletters to stay top-of-mind with subscribers and foster long-term relationships with clients.

10. Advertisements for Robust Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

Did you know that 73% of house buyers use social media to research potential properties? With such staggering statistics, social media advertisements are indispensable for achieving a robust real estate marketing strategy. 

Why Should You Consider Social Media Ads as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Cost-effective reach expansion.
  • Target specific audience segments.
  • Find potential homebuyers actively seeking out property listings through social media.
  • Leverage granular targeting capabilities.
  • Optimize content and ads for maximum impact with proper social media analytics.
Facebook Real Estate Advertisements

With over 2.9 billion active individuals, Facebook’s advertising platform offers unparalleled opportunities to reach targeted demographics, tailor ads to specific interests, and leverage user behaviors for maximum impact.


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How Real Estate Marketers Use Facebook Ads for Business
  • Create real estate Facebook ads to reach potential buyers based on demographics.
  • Create an advertising budget effectively by reaching those who are genuinely interested.
  • Highlighting listings with eye-catching images or videos captures attention and generates interest, increasing the likelihood of inquiries and viewings.
  • Directing users to property listings on your website or landing page to encourage inquiries and potential sales.
  • Re-engaging users who have shown interest in specific properties but have yet to take action increases the chances of conversion, maximizing the ROI of Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Use lead generation ads to capture contact information from interested individuals.
Instagram Real Estate Advertisements

Isn’t scrolling through your feed and catching up with everyone just the best feeling? 


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How to Use Real Estate Instagram Ads
  • Highlight listings with eye-catching images or videos to capture attention and generate interest.
  • Direct users to property listings on your website or landing page to encourage through targeted ads.
  • Positively, retargeting ads can be used to re-engage users interested in specific properties but have yet to take action.
  • Advertise upcoming open houses to attract potential buyers and drive attendance.
  • Also, create stunning IG ads with accurate sizes to save time when re-editing. 

11. YouTube Videos as a Dynamic Visual Asset

YouTube videos elevate luxury home marketing by offering immersive property tours, client testimonials, and expert advice, fostering trust and engagement. Moreover, in 2024, YouTube will be the busiest social media and the second most important search engine. It will be hard for you if you don’t find your crew of potential buyers here.

Why Should You Always Consider YouTube Videos for Real Estate Marketing

  • Showcase properties with immersive visuals.
  • Establish credibility through expert advice.
  • Engage the audience with client testimonials.
  • Build brand awareness and authority.

How Can Realtors Use YouTube Videos for Branding

  • Showcase immersive property tours and client testimonials on YouTube to build trust and engagement.
  • Boost visibility and clicks with creative YouTube thumbnails and customized YouTube channel banners.
  • Maximize reach by optimizing videos with accurate keywords and detailed descriptions to improve search rankings.
  • Create compelling YouTube videos to attract traffic to your website, utilizing the best tools for YouTubers to enhance performance.

12. An SEO-Optimized Website

An SEO-optimized website boosts visibility in search results, aiding potential clients in finding you online. 

Why Should You Consider An SEO-Optimized Website as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Establish a professional online presence.
  • Showcase listings and services effectively.
  • Control branding and messaging.
  • Capture leads directly through contact forms.
  • Build credibility and trust with potential clients.

How To Create an SEO-Optimized Website

  • Boost visibility with strategic keyword usage.
  • Capture buyer interest.
  • Attract relevant traffic.
  • Craft persuasive property descriptions.
  • Improve search rankings.
  • Highlight unique features with high-volume keywords.
  • Enhance user experience and search engine performance.
  • Optimize website structure and metadata.
  • Choose captivating marketing materials like logos, brochures, high-quality pictures, and walk-through videos.

13. Real Estate Blog Posts 

Real Estate blog posts with relevant blog graphics serve as invaluable marketing tools, offering a platform to showcase your expertise and provide valuable insights for your potential clients. 


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Why Should You Always Consider Blog Posts for Real Estate Marketing

  • Utilize blogs to promote business and encourage email sign-ups.
  • Drive traffic, build contact lists, and strengthen connections with current and potential clients.
  • Improve SEO ranking by consistently updating the blog with valuable content.
  • Reach new audiences through enhanced visibility in search listings due to SEO optimization.
  • Foster trust and rapport with readers by offering valuable information and resources.

How Marketers Can Use Blog Posts for Real Estate Marketing

  • Share insights, market trends, and expertise through blogs to position as industry leaders.
  • Highlight properties for sale or rent, providing detailed information and images.
  • Educate your readers with tips, guides, and advice on buying, selling, or investing in real estate.
  • Increase website visits by sharing blog posts on social media and email newsletters.
  • Certainly, feature client testimonials or case studies to demonstrate successful transactions.
  • Announce open houses, seminars, or networking events to attract attendees.
  • Use blog banners and blog graphics to attract readers.
  • Co-author blog posts with lenders, home inspectors, or other industry professionals to expand reach.
  • Offer valuable free resources to incentivize engagement.

14. Listing Presentations

During a listing presentation, you’re still converting a lead into a client, meaning your marketing efforts are ongoing. Therefore, create sophisticated listing presentations to grab all the attention of your prospects.


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Why Should You Consider Listing Presentations as One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Materials

  • Convey essential information about services and marketing strategies.
  • Showcase local market expertise.
  • Present information in an organized and professional manner.
  • Strengthen brand impression with branded presentation materials.

How Can Realtors Use Listing Presentations

  • Showcase the property’s most appealing aspects, such as location, size, amenities, and unique selling points.
  • Also, utilize high-quality images to capture the essence of the property and attract potential buyers.
  • Provide immersive virtual tours to give clients a comprehensive view of the property from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Additionally, include a detailed analysis of similar properties to demonstrate the property’s value and competitive pricing.
  • Present information clearly and in an easily digestible way, including property specifications, pricing, and any special incentives.
  • Attach testimonials or success stories from satisfied clients to build trust and credibility.
  • Moreover, technology such as interactive presentations, 3D renderings, or augmented reality is used to enhance the presentation experience.
  • Tailor the presentation to the client’s specific needs and preferences, demonstrating a personalized approach to their property listing.

We hope you have found the best real estate marketing materials for your ongoing projects. Now, we will share a cool hack to relieve tension when creating these essential marketing materials. Let’s get started with DocHipo!

How to Create Stunning  Real Estate Marketing Materials with DocHipo

Since we have a variety of real estate marketing materials for your business, however, it’s hard to choose one. So, let’s pick something that’s often neglected yet is a heavy-weight marketing tool for drip campaigns: email headers.

Craft your perfect email header effortlessly with DocHipo. Our exclusive real estate email header templates are ideal for personalized marketing for real estate companies. It saves you time and hassle while customizing stunning banners in three simple steps. Sign up with DocHipo today and elevate your email marketing success!

Step 1: Select a Template

Ready to get started? Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be on the DocHipo homepage. From there, head to the search bar and search for the real estate industry — you’ll have all the right real estate marketing materials in one go to kickstart your next project!

Select templates with industry filter

As you can see, you can find any template by its format, like a brochure or an email header, or by the industry filter, where you can simply write the real estate industry to see all the available marketing document templates for this specific industry.

Select Real Estate Email Header

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Also, choose the occasion filter to find any template for special occasions like birthdays or black Friday sales.

Take a moment to browse through our template designs and find the one that perfectly matches your vision for realtor branding. Once you’ve got it, then we’ll dive into customization and bring your ideas to life with confidence and style.

Select the template

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of real estate email header templates. Here comes the exciting part with the DocHipo editor! The canvas size is accurate for the ideal email banner size. Now, isn’t that a marketer’s dream come true? Save time on email banners and optimize your overall email campaign with that time!

Step 2: Customize the Template Easily

With the DocHipo editor, you’re in total control of editing any template. Customize your template effortlessly using our extensive design widget library. The possibilities are endless, from shapes and icons to lines, stickers, and illustrations.

DocHipo Design Widgets Library

Don’t forget to check out how to find our extensive design widgets library with this short video. 

Moreover, with the convenient editing bar, you can effortlessly customize every aspect of your design. This tool is your secret weapon for creating unique and eye-catching designs, from changing text to playing with background and color combinations. 

DocHipo Editing Tools

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But, we will change the text to a more stunning email header copy with DocHipo’s AI Writer.

DocHipo AI Writer

We have to go to the AI Writer tool to get started with the creative magic!

DocHipo AI Writer Tool

Write a short description of the text you want to generate for your email header.

DocHipo AI Writer for Text Generation

Next, click on the ‘Add to Canvas’ button to use that generated copy in your design. With the powerful text AI tool, it is super easy to create stunning email headers with texts that speak to your prospects. 

This short video will give you a tour of our AI Writer tool.

Step 3: Download Your Email Header

Once you’ve tailored your design, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the editor, then choose the download button.

Design with AI Write texts

You can get it in any format without any watermark.

Final Customized Design

Start with DocHipo with a few steps.

Also, check out how to leverage DocHipo for real estate marketing materials.


If you are wondering how to create so many real estate marketing materials within tight deadlines, it’s your cue to shake hands with us! Say yes to DocHipo with a free sign-up today. Enjoy the latest AI features and convenient design tools to edit any marketing document you like with a few clicks. 


What Kind of Marketing Material Would You Use to Promote the Property?

To effectively promote a property, real estate marketers can use a variety of marketing materials depending on the target audience and market trends. Commonly used materials include flyers, brochures, and virtual walk-through videos on social media to showcase the property’s features and amenities. Additionally, engaging property descriptions and detailed floor plans can provide valuable information to potential buyers. Moreover, social media advertisements, email campaigns, and printed materials such as posters and business cards are also practical tools for reaching a wider audience and generating interest in the property. 

Are Real Estate Marketing Materials Free?

Marketing materials are a hot cake that everybody wants to eat. However, you will hardly find any one application that provides every marketing material solution for free. DocHipo is the best option if you are looking for free real estate marketing materials. You can create flyers, posters, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook ads with or without the paid plan.

What is the Best Software to Create Real Estate Flyers?

There are many design software that can create flyers. However, the complexities and pain of excruciating paid plans often scare real estate marketers. DocHipo has an intuitive user interface and easy navigation, offering watermark-free downloads for free. 

What is the Most Popular Social Media for Realtors?

89% of realtors use Facebook because it is popular among their target audience. They use strategic Facebook ads and posts to attract potential clients.

Are Facebook Ads Good for Realtors?

Indeed, Facebook ads are highly effective for prospects for finding real estate. Moreover, they offer extensive reach, precise targeting options, and valuable insights to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive sales in the competitive real estate market.