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5 Surefire Instagram Post Ideas to Drive Engagement and Encourage Crazy Share

Published on Apr 17, 2020 | Updated on Mar 24, 2022

Instagram posts are trending these days. People spend hours on this social networking site and create almost tiny segmented worlds of their own on this social site. If you ask me about what I do on Insta, I will say, 70% chilling out and 30% marketing. Interestingly, that 70% ‘chilling out’ part often drives insane marketing results for me.

Don’t believe it, right. Okay no worries, today I will explain you which types of Instagram posts you can use for the maximum sharing without sounding (or looking salesy at all).

You definitely need to design well

choose your design elements smartly, write a great message on that. But that is not all. You should select your topics for Instagram posts very smartly. If you manage to do so, people will engage. History testifies that social media users share engaging materials with friends and among your social community members. In fact, Instagram is the second most engaged social networking site (After Facebook).

There lies the trick. You need to balance your ‘wish’ and ‘way’ to present something that you want to share. In that way, you will be able to make your followers happy. Once they are happy, there will be no need to tell them to buy or subscribe to your product. They will automatically engage with your brand. That is what you always wanted, right? In fact, that is a beautifully subtle way of branding, right? But, how to impress them with your Instagram posts? Relax, I have 5 sure-shot elements to help you in the process. 

A hint of inspiration through motivational quotes…

Trust me, you do not even need to think, who your target is. A bit of motivation is acceptable to anyone and everyone. In fact, it is needed for people from every demography. So, just find a suitable image for a beautiful quote. Combine both on a design and win hearts with your post. These are often very widely circulated and shared.

Recently, one of the most popular Instagram profiles sharing positive motivational quotes has clocked over 19,800,000 followers to their credit. This shows how enthusiastically people check out Instagram posts with inspirational messages/ motivational quotes.

Take a look at a couple of DocHipo templates of Instagram posts that are perfect for grabbing the attention of Insta-users.

Motivational Quotes/ Instagram posts

Enjoy festivities with Instagram posts for celebration…

People celebrate different festivals around the globe. You do not decorate their Christmas trees or paint their Easter eggs. All you can do is just share their happiness on social media. You can create beautiful social graphics and share them on your Instagram profile. They will surely have broad smiles on their face before sharing such posts with their friends.

You can always rely on DocHipo for beautiful templates to create Instagram posts for celebration.

Beautiful Instagram posts/ Celebration

Share interesting tips on your Instagram posts…

People love to be educated. Your followers on Instagram will definitely enjoy great tricks or tips to complete different types of tasks. Such posts enjoy a huge viewership on this social networking site. Personally, I spend a major chunk of my time on Instagram by checking out interesting tips on childcare, hygiene, healthy food habits, etc.

People almost always have certain queries. You can help your followers to deal with them easily. Higher the problem-solving ability you will have, more followers will enjoy your posts. But, the quality of graphics that accompany your post definitely decides the level of engagement. Just check out these DocHipo templates for Instagram posts. Do you like them?

Tips/ Instagram Posts

Promotional Instagram posts are your year-round friends…

You can create super-engaging Instagram posts that help you sell your products well. Be it Cyber Monday or Black Friday sale, be it the announcement of a weekend discount at a restaurant or Happy Hours at your bar, you can always fall back on promotional social media posts.

DocHipo has an extensive stock of templates that you can use on your Instagram timeline to hook your followers. Just sign up to DocHipo and check them out.

Instagram posts for sale

Instagram posts for generating awareness…

This is, in my opinion, the most important segment for you. If you prove to be a responsible lot, you can manage to encourage more people to connect with your brand. So, you just say “hi” and your followers love to respond. They will keep searching for your posts on social media to be enlightened, informed. Thus, you directly touch their heart, almost without making an effort. People love to buy products, services from a brand that they connect with heart-to-heart.

Here are the templates of a few interesting posts that generate awareness about how to protect yourself from Coronavirus or COVID-19. You can use them directly on your Instagram post or repurpose them according to your requirements. This way, you will build a strong foundation of trust for your followers to fall back on. (They all, and even more of them are available on DocHipo).

Corona/ COVID-19 Instagram posts

Are you ready to share your own Instagram Post?

I think you got pretty much a sizable idea to create your own Instagram graphics. You also know what to post and what not to post. Now, it is your turn to create a beautiful visual document that will get along with a highly sharable Instagram post.

Thank you very much for all your attention. Now is the time for your own creation to rule your social media profile. So sign up to DocHipo, think a while, ‘What would your followers connect to?’ Just create your posts based on that idea. And you are done. Just share your work on Instagram.