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Last Updated Jun 8, 2023

Ramp up Your Social Media Pages with Stunning Holiday Post Templates

December is a really exciting month! Being the last month of the year, it is important in our lives. Above all, we look forward to celebrating Christmas and ending the year with the joyous hope of a brighter tomorrow.  Yes, December is indeed quite eventful. But that’s just not it.  As we look forward to welcoming this cheerful month, we can feel the nascent chills of the pervading winters.  In such a beautiful time, it is obvious to share the joy and happiness that you experience with your connections and friends.  Social media platforms are the most common space where...

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calender Last Updated Jun 5, 2023
How To Market Lifestyle Brands with DocHipo

Marketing lifestyle brands is different than a regular brand. Rather than focusing on features and pricing, these brands share experiences and establish an emotional connection. They are more “human-driven” and...

calender Last Updated Jun 4, 2023
How to Design a Fashion Logo for Free

If you are already in the fashion industry, you might know that design is an integral part of your business. While that's true for the clothes and accessories you sell,...

calender Last Updated May 28, 2023
Card Design: How to Design a Card

Let me guess: you are here because you don’t want to send out only a quick text to your near and dear ones on the special days of their lives....

calender Last Updated May 28, 2023
How to Design a Business Book Cover

How often have you encountered the idiom "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover"? I'd probably be a millionaire if I had a dollar for each time I hear the...