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With DocHipo’s free Card maker, you can create stunning Cards in minutes. No design skill is required.


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DocHipo’s free online Card maker is an easy-to-use Card maker software. You get access to a wide variety of ready-to-use Card templates and a massive collection of stock photos, illustrations, stickers, animations, videos, icons, and fonts. So what are you waiting for? Design an eye-catching Card today using DocHipo’s Card maker for business or birthday.

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With DocHipo’s beautiful Card templates, you can create eye-catching Cards in minutes. The Card templates are categorized by industries and occasions. You can get started by choosing one of these premade Card templates or a blank template to design a unique custom Card.

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With DocHipo’s Card maker online free, you can customize your Card and make it a precise fit for your unique need. The massive collection of design assets, photo-editing capabilities, and one-click background removal help you create the perfect custom Card design.

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With DocHipo’s eCard maker online free, you can download your Card in various file formats. You can also share your Card to different social media channels in just one click from within DocHipo. Sounds exciting? Sign up now and create your custom Card using DocHipo’s Card maker with photo.

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Stunning Card Templates

Our designers have created Card templates for a variety of use-cases. Choose a template that fits your use case and customize it in minutes.

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How to Make a Card

With our wide variety of Card templates across various categories, creating a stunning Card has never been easier! Choose the right template, customize using DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor, publish or download.

Choose the Template

Choose from a wide variety of Card templates across categories.

Change Content

Customize the template using a drag-and-drop editor.

Publish or Download

Publish to social media or download for sharing it off-line.

All Resources in One Place

Check out these tools and resources that help you create the perfect Card. Sign up for free and get started right away.

Background Remover

Remove background from images in one click and get more out of every selfie.

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photo-edit photo-edit-tool
Photo Editor

Transform your photo with DocHipo’s built-in online photo editor.

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Design Widgets

Choose from hundreds of fonts, photos, illustrations, icons, lines and shapes to create the perfect graphic.

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DocHipo Tutorials

Learn how you can use DocHipo to create stunning designs.

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Explore new features and product makeovers in DocHipo.

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Weekly pro tips on how DocHipo helps you win more business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DocHipo’s Card maker?

DocHipo offers hundreds of Card templates across various categories. Sign up for free, choose a template you like, and start creating personalized cards using DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor.

Can I create a Card in DocHipo for free?

Yes! You can create a Card in DocHipo without paying a dime. Please go through the plan descriptions here to know more about what is included in the Free plan.

If I download the Card, will it leave a watermark?

No. Once you design a Card inside DocHipo and download the same, we don’t leave any watermark whatsoever, even if you are on the Free plan.

Is DocHipo the best free Card maker?

Well! We believe so. While other Card makers are available, what makes DocHipo one of the best Card makers is its ease of use, uncluttered user interface, and simple design philosophy.

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