How You Can Create Your Business Card Almost Instantly

Last Updated Aug 28, 2022

An exchange of a business card indicates the start of a potential professional relationship.

Just imagine a scenario where you are at a high-profile party. Suddenly, you come across a wealthy client looking for a product/service that your company deals in. You and the client have an amazing conversation, establishing a space for future negotiation. Now how do you make sure that this conversation is remembered by your prospect?

Well, the answer here is simple. 

All you need to do is hand him/her an eye-catchy, attractive business card. 

A business card also helps in turbocharging the networking.

They look simple, insignificant, but in reality, have a greater deal of impact than you can imagine. 

If that was not the case, then the business world would not have witnessed a record of 27 million business cards being printed daily, even in today’s digital era.

So, today’s article is all about why a business card is important and how you can create one for yourself in DocHipo.

3 Mind-Blowing Benefits of a Business Card

For every 2000 cards that get passed out, it contributes to a 2.5% increase in sales

If you think 2.5% is not worth it, then you are wrong, as you will never know how this number will prove to be advantageous. After all, every business opportunity is important and useful. Hence, let’s not miss out on any chance.

Also, in some cultures handing a business card to a client is deemed to be a basic part of business etiquette. In Japan and many other Asian countries, exchanging business cards is often done ceremoniously

So a business card can do wonders and is often considered mandatory. 

To understand this better, let’s quickly move to the 3 main reasons why a business card is important.

1. Brand Identity and Design

Your business card can actually aid in your branding efforts, establishing a distinct identity in the minds of the clients.

Let’s first understand what branding is…

Branding is defined as the symbol, sign, or emblem that identifies with a company or an organization. So every single piece of information, copy, design, and colors are used tactfully to make sure that the customer can associate these elements with the company’s identity.

Now, let’s understand what elements are present on a business card.

Business card used for branding.

Firstly, your business card will have a perfect design constituting different colors, associated with your aim of reflecting a particular emotion and theme. As color and emotions play a very significant role in the perceiver’s mind, it will signal an indirect message. 

Secondly, we have the logo which is the all-time signifier of your organization. 

Thirdly, the basic information will quickly send all the required details to the clients. 

This combination is the first indicator of your company’s brand identity. Also, never forget that when you meet the customer for the first time, it is going to be your business card that will create the first impression about your company.

2. Retaining Quick Information

Let’s face it!

Even though we live in the digital era, not everyone owns a smartphone, primarily if your business focuses on a B2C model. Also, information on the business card travels faster than information sent digitally.

Now, let’s see what probable information is present on a business card:

Business card used for information.

We can see:

  • The company name and a one-line description. 
  • The name of the individual and his/her designation.
  • Company address and contact details (phone number, email address, website link).

The most important information is retained right at the very first glance when the card is exchanged. Like, the prospect is aware of your industry and your designation instantly.

So, when they suddenly feel the need to get associated with your business, they can instantly pull out your business card from their purse and give you a call.

3. Easy to Carry

You will never know when you will bump into a potential customer. After all, the world is filled with surprises and opportunities that you do not want to miss.

So, to cater to these sudden opportunities, a business card will always come in handy.  

A business card has a standard dimension of 1125×675 pixels:

Business card is handy and easy to carry.

It can get inside the pocket, can fit into the small cardholder of your purse, and can easily be handed over to the prospective customer, allowing them to conveniently store your information.

Create Your Business Card in DocHipo

By now you know that a business card plays a profound role in establishing your brand, and presenting your company’s information in a precise manner. But designing a business card is not easy.

You may think that business cards are all about information, but that’s not quite right.

A well-designed business card makes sure that it starts your relationship with your client on a positive note. It is like the precursor of what they should expect from you and your company. If they like it they will keep it, if not, then they will trash it.

To avoid your business card from getting thrown away, design it in the most alluring way possible. As when they keep your business card, they will surely stumble upon it for future use.

With DocHipo by your side, you no longer have to worry about designing your business documents. 

Let me show how you can create your very own business card at Dochipo in three simple steps.

But before that make sure you sign up

Step 1:

Log in to DocHipo

As you will enter the vibrant landing page you can select your document via these two options. 

You can either type “Business Card” on the search bar, or click the option “Business Card” under the category “General Purpose” situated on the left panel:

Search Business card document in DocHipo's platform.

You will immediately enter the document templates page, where you can witness a series of artfully crafted business card templates. There you can select the template of your choice and click on that for further customization:

Business card document templates

Step 2:

After selecting the template, you will get navigated to the Document information page. Here all the information will be auto-populated, which you can change. You can also provide a brief description of the document which will make things convenient for you:

Business card document information

Step 3:

After you click “Next”, you will visit the most exciting aspect of this platform, which is DocHipo’s editor. 

Editing your documents here is super fun. 

With widgets that can fulfill all your design needs, you can make your documents dazzling and actualize your imagination. This platform has a friendly user-interface, which can also be operated by a complete design novice.

You can edit the text, add/modify/delete any graphic elements, and you can even change the color and layout. Also, the document will have the prerequisite page-dimension, for which you no longer have to worry about sticking to the right size:

Business card customization in the DocHipo's editor.

Finally, when the design seems perfect, go ahead and download it. 

For that, click the three-dotted-button on the top-right corner of the editor. Then select “Download” from the options appearing under the button. As the box appears on the screen, you can select the file-type (PNG/PDF) and the Quality (Normal/Medium/High). 

For printing out the document it is recommended that you use a High-Quality option.

Business card document download.


Whether you are a small business or a large organization, the trend of a business card can never get obsolete and still holds equal importance in the commercial world. 

Physical business interaction will often expect the exchange of business cards, which is a strategic gesture even now. I guess the feeling of holding a piece of information stacked on a card gives a different sensation, for which business cards can never grow out of fashion.

This is the reason why it will always come in handy. 

To make sure that your business card grabs every possible opportunity, you must brand it well, with an amazing design. 

With DocHipo always ready to help you fulfill your design needs you can stop worrying about the creative aspects and start focusing on other crucial strategies, giving your business an extra edge.

DocHipo allows you to explore any design and get it downloaded for any business use. This platform is flexible and ever-ready to inspire creative seekers.

If you want to start designing your document, then hurry and Sign up Now!