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15 LinkedIn Post Ideas with Inspiring Examples and Templates

Last Updated Mar 9, 2024

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world. It has become a valuable professional tool to get in touch with professionals and businesses. Around 61 million companies are on LinkedIn, and 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing. 

But with the ever-evolving landscape of social media, how can you maintain your feed with engaging LinkedIn post ideas? On top of that, imagine how much time and energy you invest before creating a post on LinkedIn. Don’t worry; we are here to save you. Take inspiration from these LinkedIn post examples and get tips to boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Understand the Target Audience for Shaping Your LinkedIn Post Ideas

Before creating a LinkedIn post, ask a few questions to gain clarity.

  • What categories do you want to cover in your post?
  • Who will be the target audience engaging with your post?
  • How would you structure your LinkedIn posts?

LinkedIn has a variety of users coming from different sectors. So, you can represent yourself as a business, brand, professional, influencer, etc. Selecting a category will give you more clarity before creating your post.

You can engage communities, build relations, and provide insights and opportunities through LinkedIn posts. Your post intrigues your target audience only when you have something to offer. Put yourself in their shoes to decide the content of your post.

For LinkedIn posts, you provide written content along with the post. While writing, pick up a tone that can be either formal or informal. Try to hook your audience in the first go with text that sparks interest, and use a CTA (call-to-action) prompt by providing links, forms, or videos aligning with your goals. You can create engaging posts that can really capture attention and boost participation using survey tools.

What to Post on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn gives you several formats apart from text-only posts. These can be photos, videos, events, and articles. That means you can always have variety on your page. Look at these LinkedIn post ideas.

  • Videos: Post short videos in series, case studies, or ads. 
  • Photos: These posts can vary as a single image with a written text or carousel post if you want to show more.
  • Events: Hold live events and create a buzz by informing them beforehand.
  • Polls: Stir the pot with questions and let people answer with votes.
  • Articles: Inform about your industry or niche through engaging article posts.
  • Documents as PDFs: Share relevant PDFs to inform people. 
  • Newsletters: Publish your original content, and once you have over 150 followers, you can use newsletters in your LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Post Ideas with Examples

Don’t know where to start? Yes, thinking of a post out of the blue can be tricky. Keep scrolling to get post ideas for LinkedIn through a wide range of examples.

1. LinkedIn Posts with Hiring Opportunities 

Inform about job opportunities at your company or business by mentioning all the relevant information about the vacant post. People always look for opportunities in their field.

Use this template to post job opportunities.

LinkedIn post templates

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2. Share Valuable Tips and Advice through LinkedIn Posts

Try to provide valuable tips and growth hacks. If you know something helpful to people, share it through your LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn post idea for valuable tips
Source: Chris Do

Use this template design to tell more through your LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn post template

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3. Bust Common Misconceptions and Myths In Your Niche

Talk about misconceptions and common myths in your niche industry. These posts gather more attention and response from users.

LinkedIn post ideas to break myths
Source: Carol Stewart

4. Share Your Industry News, Insights, and Trends

LinkedIn users love to gain insight into industry opportunities, news, insights, and trends. People will likely engage with your content if you provide something valuable through your posts.

Tell your audience more with infographic posts on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn post idea to share information
Source: Rakesh Dixit

Share your tips and opinions with this template.

LinkedIn post template

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5. Interact with Thought-provoking Questions 

Ask thought-provoking questions and post your take on specific issues. You can stir the pot with trending topics and encourage people to share their thoughts. 

LinkedIn post idea for asking questions
Source: Tiffany Dufu

6. Engage through Polls and Surveys in LinkedIn Posts

Ask for opinions by putting questions in your post. You can ask anything related to your industry, trending topics, or something from everyday experience. Remember to keep the poll intriguing for maximum engagement. 

LinkedIn post idea for polls
Source: Joshua Miller

7. Share Memes as LinkedIn Posts to Lighten the Mood

It’s LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean you always have to keep it serious all the time. Post memes and let people laugh about it in the comments.

LinkedIn post idea for memes
Source: Zomato

8. Motivate with Inspirational Posts on LinkedIn

People dig into LinkedIn to learn more about moving ahead in their professional lives. That’s why sharing inspiring LinkedIn posts engages many users. Motivate your audience with quotes, stories, and case studies. Take a look at this simple yet powerful post.

LinkedIn post idea for inspiration
Source: Joshua Miller

9. Share Your Talent, Stories, and Experiences

LinkedIn is a great place to promote yourself. Don’t shy away from showing off what you have got. Leverage your LinkedIn posts to do visual marketing. While you can brag all about your productivity, try to build a human connection with your posts. 

10. Give Insight into Your Goals, Vision, and Ethics to Promote Brand 

Share about the mission, vision, and beliefs of your brand. Tell your audience about your contribution to other industries.

LinkedIn post idea to promote brand
Source: Cognizant

Keep your audience informed about your brand or business. Use this template for this purpose.

LinkedIn post template

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11. Promote Your Work Culture with Behind-the-Scenes LinkedIn Posts 

Post behind-the-scenes where your audience can see how your organization works. Give a glimpse into your workforce, their lives, opinions, and contributions to promote your work culture. 

LinkedIn post idea for work culture
Source: Google

12. Use LinkedIn Posts to Announce Collaborations and Partnerships 

If it’s your business or career, leverage LinkedIn to inform your audience. Give updates about important events and achievements with LinkedIn posts. Post about collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders, influencers, or other LinkedIn users. 

LinkedIn post idea for collaborations
Source: Amazon

13. Post About Your Professional Journey 

Post about your career development, new job, celebration, or promotion to make a mark through LinkedIn posts.

14. Use User-generated Content and Testimonials as LinkedIn Posts

User-generated content, also known as UGC, is often used by brands to brag. UGCs help us to recognize the authenticity of a brand. They also act as testimonials to highlight any positive aspect of the brand. Use testimonials to earn the trust of the audience on LinkedIn.

User generated LinkedIn post idea
Source: My Operator

Brag without actually doing it with this template.

LinkedIn poat template

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15. Host LinkedIn Live Sessions

With LinkedIn posts, you can categorize the post as an event and invite people to participate. You can conduct webinars, panels, interviews, or question-and-answer sessions with live sessions. 

LinkedIn post ideas for events
Source: Microsoft

Host an event using the event LinkedIn post templates from DocHipo.

LinkedIn post template

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LinkedIn post template

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What is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Now that’s a tricky question. You have a well-curated LinkedIn post but don’t know when to post. The best days to post on LinkedIn are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, while the best time slots are between 12 to 3 p.m., 3 to 6 p.m., and 6 to 9 p.m. But that’s not the complete story. Your audience may check their feeds during different hours. Significantly, when the entire professional atmosphere has changed with flexible working hours, LinkedIn users have their hours now. 

A little bit of trial and error is required from your end. Share LinkedIn posts with different elements like headlines, copy, or images. Check the engagement for each post. Your audience will tell you their active hours and what they want to see. It all comes down to posting at the right time.  

How to Make a LinkedIn Post

Still thinking about creating a LinkedIn post from scratch? Don’t stress. Use ready-to-use free LinkedIn post templates from DocHipo and get ideas for LinkedIn posts. Sign up with DocHipo and get started with your LinkedIn post design with three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Template

After signing up, you will land on the homepage of DocHipo. Search for LinkedIn posts in the search bar. You can also choose the ‘Social Graphic’ group and LinkedIn post as the document type.

DocHipo homepage

You will get multiple categories to choose from. Select a category as per your need.

Choose LinkedIn post template category

Now, you can see several customizable templates on your screen. Choose a template to get started with editing.

LinkedIn post ideas templates

Name the document and add a brief description. Select next to make the necessary changes in the template.

DocHipo editor

Step 2: Customize Your Template

Now, you can customize all the template widgets in the DocHipo editor. 

Customize the Text

Select the text you want to customize and replace it with your message.

Change text in LinkedIn post template

Discover more text customization options in DocHipo:

After replacing the text with yours, select the text to change the color.

Change text in LinkedIn post template

You can change the text color with the help of the contextual editing bar at the top. Choose the color icon from the bar.

Change text color in LinkedIn post template

A color palette will open in front of you. Choose your color or select the eye dropper to pick a color from the template.

Change text color in LinkedIn post template

Try different color combinations and pick the color you want to complement the text color with the design.

Change text color in LinkedIn post template

Learn to use the eye dropper from this video tutorial:

Watch this video to experiment with more customization options.

Customize the Background

Choose the ‘Graphics and Media’ option from the menu on the left side of the Dochipo editor.

Change background in LinkedIn post template

Select the Background widget from the customizing options.

Change background in LinkedIn post template

You can change the color, gradient, or pattern of the background. Choose the color you want, and your design is ready.

Change background color in LinkedIn post template

Learn more about customizing your background in DocHipo with this tutorial.

Step 3: Download Your Design

When you are done with customization, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the editor.

Download LinkedIn post idea

From the options available, select download.

Download LinkedIn post idea design

Download your design as a PNG file type with ‘normal’ quality.

Download LinkedIn post idea design

And your design is ready for use as a LinkedIn post.

Before customization

LinkedIn post design before customization

After customization

LinkedIn post design after customization

Explore more with The Ultimate Guide to Using the DocHipo Editor to Design Your Documents.

To Conclude

You have an abundance of LinkedIn post ideas at your disposal. Remember, your post engagement depends on the consistency and relevance of your post topic. Do some research about the LinkedIn posts in your niche and get started. Sign up with DocHipo to create posts with ready-to-use free LinkedIn post templates.