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10 Best Flyer Software: Features, Price, and Vital Tips

Last Updated Jun 6, 2024

Do you want an impressive flyer for your business within minutes? Flyers undoubtedly help you advertise your brand effectively. They concisely represent your brand, and you communicate better with a flyer. Therefore, designing a flyer requires creativity and planning to include all the essential elements within a limited space. 

As a non-designer, creating a flyer from scratch can seem daunting. However, graphic design software can help you make an eye-catching design. We have compiled a list of the best flyer software to simplify your job.

10 Best Flyer Software

  • DocHipo: Ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators.
  • Canva:  Offers designs for personal use that are suitable for sharing on social media.
  • Piktochart: Ideal for quick design development for business, marketing, advertising, etc.
  • Fotor: Ideal for designs involving advanced photo editing.
  • VistaCreate: Suitable for beginners, creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
  • Adobe Express: Ideal for creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers exploring creative designs.
  • DesignCap: Suitable for making professional and business-oriented designs.
  • Visme: Suitable for businesses, organizations, and enterprises.
  • Venngage: Suits business, events, marketing, promoting, and advertising.
  • Wepik: Entirely free application with creative designs.

This blog compares the ten best flyer software, including their features, pricing, and suitability. It also offers pro tips for choosing the right software for your purpose. 

Why Should You Use Flyer Software for Your Business

In the digital age, you can design most business documents using graphic design software. Most importantly, robust flyer maker software offers professional design templates, advanced capabilities, and a user-friendly interface. Also, professional flyer designs help you to grab attention and communicate effectively with potential customers. 

When you are busy with other essential tasks, a graphic design tool can help you quickly make a flyer. Now, you don’t need to hire a professional to create a flyer for your business. With a customizable template, you can avoid the hassle of choosing the correct design elements, such as font, colors, images, effects, etc. Anyone can design flyers with basic customization, making a lasting impression on the audience.

Best Flyer Software

The digital world is cluttered with graphic design software, but we have sorted a few flyer software. Check out these ten graphic design software with their exclusive features and pricing.

1. DocHipo

The first software is DocHipo, which has plenty of design capabilities. DocHipo’s free Flyer Maker allows you to create stunning flyers within minutes. The flyer templates are professional with high-quality graphics. With intuitive drag-and-drop features, you can quickly bring customization to every design element.

Let’s explore what makes DocHipo the best flyer software for you.

A Diverse Collection of Professionally Designed Flyer Templates

Get plenty of business, marketing, social media, and advertising templates. Sign up with DocHipo and find a suitable template by effortlessly searching templates based on format, industry, and occasion. These professionally designed templates communicate with the audience with high-quality graphics and exquisite typography.

DocHipo homepage

Further, you can navigate various categories of Flyer Templates, such as corporate, car wash, education, real estate, and much more, to make a flyer for your business. 

DocHipo Flyer templates

In addition, explore how you can make the best out of DocHipo for your industry.

User-friendly and Organized Interface

What makes flyer-making software a delightful experience? Its seamless user interface allows users to design documents within a few minutes. A cluttered interface can be distracting and confusing. Therefore, DocHipo presents a well-organized interface where you can easily navigate template categories and design widgets in the DocHipo editor.

DocHipo flyer templates

Extensive Design Widgets Library for Customization

The DocHipo editor offers an extensive design widgets library to customize your flyer design. Using the design widgets assets is a cakewalk for the user as you can customize anything with drag-and-drop functionality.

DocHipo design widgets

You can use various fonts, backgrounds, colors, stickers, icons, illustrations, stock images, shapes, etc. 

DocHipo stickers

Learn to find widgets in DocHipo with this video.

In addition, give a creative touch to your flyers with text frames to draw attention to the most essential information.

DocHipo text frames

Explore various ways to use text frames with this video.

Smart Resize for Easy Adaptation of Designs

With DocHipo, you can turn any template design into a flyer with smart resize. Select a template design and click on the page size option in the DocHipo editor. 

Smart resize in DocHipo

Now, set the custom size for your flyer and apply the size to the template design.

Smart resize in DocHipo

As soon as you click, your design transforms into a flyer. Adjust the design elements according to the document size, and your flyer is ready to use.

Smart resize in DocHipo

You can also customize your flyer size into multiple sizes. For this purpose, select a flyer template and click on the smart resize.

Changing flyer size in DocHipo

After choosing the page size option, you will get multiple options to resize the flyer design. Select one of the sizes for your flyer and apply the size.

Changing flyer size in DocHipo

Your flyer has now been turned into the chosen size. Adjust and align all the design elements according to the new size, and your flyer is ready.

Changing flyer size in DocHipo

Resize any design into another document with a single click.

Brand kit and Themes to Make On-Brand Flyer Designs

Maintaining consistency across various platforms is crucial for any brand. You can easily stay consistent with branding using DocHipo’s brand kit. The brand kit saves critical design elements, such as fonts, images, colors, etc, in one place.

DocHipo brand kit

Watch this video to leave a lasting impression on your audience with a brand kit.

Choosing the right color combinations for your brand can be time-consuming. It can be tiring to select from countless shades and try endless combinations. To make your job easier, DocHipo offers several preset themes. Select the Themes widget in the editor to try preset combinations for your documents.

DocHipo themes

Apply color themes to your designs in DocHipo.

AI-powered Tools to Enhance Your Designs

With the help of AI, you can do wonders in your design. DocHipo editor brings advanced capabilities such as background remover, image, and text generator. Let’s explore each of DocHipo’s AI capabilities.

AI Background Remover

While designing your flyer, you always strive for seamless appeal. However, uploading a picture to an existing design can be problematic. The best way to do so is to remove the image’s background. DocHipo’s AI background remover can remove the unwanted image background within a single click.

DocHipo Background remover

After removing the background, adjust the picture, and your design will be ready with a polished look.

DocHipo Background remover

With this video tutorial, learn to remove the background from any picture in DocHipo.

AI Image Generator

You don’t have to worry about finding a suitable image for your flyer. Leverage the benefits of generative AI with DocHipo’s AI image generator. In the text prompt, describe the image you want to generate. Select a suitable style, such as 3D, animated, cartoon, fantasy, or illustration, and click ‘Generate Images.’

DocHipo AI images with text prompt

Now, you have AI-generated images at your disposal. Drag and drop the images to the documents and adjust the size to the overall document.

DocHipo AI images with text prompt

Learn to use AI images in DocHipo and transform your words into images.

AI Writer

Finding the right words to communicate about your product and services is easy with DocHipo’s AI Writer. First, choose the AI writer widget in the DocHipo editor.

DocHipo AI Writer

Now, give the text prompt and set the tone for the output. Now, you have the right words for your documents.

DocHipo AI Writer

Learn more about AI Writer in DocHipo.

AI Translate

Do you want to create designs in regional languages? Don’t worry; you can translate your documents into hundreds of languages. Select AI Translate in the DocHipo editor.

DocHipo AI translate

Now, choose the language you wish to translate the document into. For instance, we have chosen Spanish here. Voila! With a single click, we have translated the entire document.

DocHipo AI translate

Translate your documents in several languages with DocHipo’s AI Translate.

Unique Customization for Text and Visual Elements

DocHipo’s exclusive customizations can help your flyer designs stand out. Let’s explore these customization options.

Custom and Brand Fonts

DocHipo offers an extensive range of fonts for your designs. However, you can add a special touch to your designs by adding custom and brand fonts. Upload your unique fonts and use them for all the documents to maintain your brand’s unique identity.

DocHipo Custom and Brand fonts

Get all the information about uploading custom fonts in DocHipo with this video.

Gradient and Mixed Color for Text

Using eye-catching colors in the flyers helps you to grab attention and communicate the intent of your business effectively. With DocHipo, you can use two different varieties of color customizations for text- gradient and mixed colors.

To apply gradient color, select the text on the template design and choose the color option from the editing bar at the top. Now, select the gradient color as shown in the image.

DocHipo Gradient color

When you select the gradient color, you can play with two hues to create a beautiful gradient effect.

DocHipo Gradient color

Learn to apply gradient colors in text as well as shapes in DocHipo.

Let’s discover the possibilities of using mixed colors for your flyer designs. Once you select a flyer template, select the text on the layout. Select each text letter, followed by the color option on the editing bar.

DocHipo Mixed color

When you select a color for a letter, the color option will turn into a mixed-color icon. Likewise, repeat the steps and design a document with vibrant text colors to elevate the audience’s mood.

DocHipo Mixed color

Watch this video to learn how to apply mixed colors.

Widget Effects

Enhance the visual appeal of your designs with shadow, border, and outline effects for the text. Moreover, you can uplift various shapes and images in your designs by applying the shadow effect. Select the text or shape and choose the effects icon on the editing bar.

DocHipo Widget effects

Now, try different effects on the design elements. To illustrate, we have applied outline and shadow effects to this design.

DocHipo Widget effects

Similarly, we can apply the shadow and border effects to the image on the flyer.

DocHipo Widget effects

Learn to elevate your designs with effects in DocHipo.

Real-time Collaboration to Design with Your Team

You can include valuable input from your team members while designing your flyers in real-time. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the editor to share.

DocHipo Real time collaboration

Now, share the selected templates with your team members by controlling the access using Read Only, Read Write, and Full Access modes.

DocHipo Real time collaboration

Learn to use real-time collaboration in DocHipo with this video.

Multiple Downloading and Sharing Options

After designing your document, you must download your flyer in the best quality. In addition to downloading, you can present, publish, and share.

DocHipo downloading and sharing

With DocHipo, download documents in the best quality for web use and printing without worrying about the watermark.

Further, choose the suitable format from various options such as PNG, JPG, or PDF to download your flyer design.

DocHipo downloading and sharing

You can also select the page-wise download option in DocHipo. Learn with this video.

If you want to share your documents via email, you can do so directly from DocHipo. Select the email sharing option and type the recipient’s name. You can send the document directly with a single click.

DocHipo email sharing

Ideal for

DocHipo is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators. The flyer designs professionally communicate the business’s intent for every category. Also, if you are a busy professional, DocHipo can be your go-to tool as it does not require any experience in graphic design.


DocHipo offers a free plan with basic capabilities.

However, you can get the paid plans to access advanced capabilities:

  • Pro Plan at $7.5/month per user, billed yearly.
  • Pro Once for a one-time fee of just $144 per user. Pay once and enjoy unlimited document design for life!

You can pay for the plan in your currency based on country-specific pricing, as DocHipo accepts 15+ currencies.

2. Canva

Canva is a renowned tool among all the best flyer software. Most of us have heard its name or have probably tried it out. Canva offers a never-ending collection of templates for every purpose. The flyer templates possess a polished look and feel with eye-catching designs. Customizing templates in Canva is also a cakewalk with an extensive collection of icons, shapes, illustrations, stickers, etc.

However, while using Canva’s online flyer maker tool, you might spend more time selecting stand-out templates, as the software’s popularity has led to the overuse of free templates. Also, users may note that many template designs with a premium feel and advanced features in Canva are behind the paywall.

Ideal for

If you want a variety of creative templates, you can opt for Canva. With its flyer maker, you can customize any flyer template within minutes. Also, it offers appealing designs for personal use that are suitable for sharing on social media.


You can try Canva for free with limited template designs and capabilities.

However, to access more premium features, Canva offers two paid plans:

  • Canva Pro is $119.99/ year per user.
  • Canva for Teams is $300/ year for the first five users.

3. Piktochart

One of the best flyer software is Piktochart, which can help you with business-oriented and professional designs. Piktochart has a simple and clean interface with well-categorized templates. The clutter-free layout allows you to access all professional templates without any trouble. In addition, you can make on-brand documents for your business using the brand kit. 

With simple yet on-point flyer template designs, you can filter the template to align with your needs. Because of the minimalistic approach, the tool has basic functionality without any advanced capabilities.

Ideal for

The flyer templates suit professionals, small business owners, marketers, and advertisers. If you wish to incorporate hassle-free designs, choose Piktochart as the best flyer software.


You can try the free plan of Piktochart with limited use.

In addition, the software offers three paid plans for unlimited use:

  • Pro plan at $14 per user, paid monthly (billed annually), and has 100 GB storage.
  • Business plan at  $24 per user, paid per month (billed annually) with 250 GB storage
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise depends on the utility of the software.

4. Fotor

Fotor is a modern and versatile graphic design software with plenty of advanced editing features. Although the software has made space as a robust photo editor, it also offers templates for business, advertising, and social media. Fotor has much to offer regarding advanced AI capabilities, such as generating art from text, digital illustrations, Faceswap, unique photo filters, etc. 

As flyer maker software, Fotor offers template designs for marketing and advertising that instantly connect with the audience. However, the software is more suited for individuals than professional teams. Also, advanced features like smart resize are behind the paywall in Fotor.

Ideal for

As flyer maker software, Fotor appeals to individuals who want to make flyers for web use. You can also leverage Fotor’s advanced photo editing capabilities for your flyers.


The software offers a free plan that you can use to get a hang of the software.

In addition, you can access premium features with two paid plans:

  • Pro plan at $3.33/month (billed annually)
  • Pro Plus plan at $7.49/ month (billed annually)

5. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is another simple graphic design software that offers a variety of design assets along with top-notch templates. With more than a dozen categories to filter your niche, you can create the perfect flyer. You can also add your brand elements using a brand kit. However, if you need brand essentials, you can use preset Styles from the VistaCreate editor. 

Apart from primary graphic design assets like icons, vectors, illustrations, stock photos, etc, you can also use advanced features like background remover and sticker maker. Overall, VistaCreate’s assets make it one of the best flyer software, yet users may note that a few capabilities, like smart resize and real-time collaboration, are behind the paywall.

Ideal for

VistaCreate is suitable for beginners, creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. If you are looking for print-ready designs, VistaCreate can help you with a wide range of eye-pleasing templates.


VistaCreate offers a free plan with limited templates and design assets. 

However, a paid plan allows users to access the premium features for $10/month per person, billed annually.  

6. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a modern graphic design software with static and animated flyer template designs. It lets you quickly filter templates based on mood, style, and type. The software offers extensive customization capabilities, such as AI-powered design analytics, text-to-image generation, a video editor, and a photo editor with generative fill. 

Moreover, Express seamlessly integrates with the entire Adobe ecosystem to assist you in designing and storing your designs. With so many design capabilities, users may take some time to explore each asset’s utilization.

Ideal for

The software is ideal for creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers exploring creative designs. 


The free plan offers limited design assets.

Further, there are two paid plans:

  • Premium plan at $99.99 per year with expansive features and storage.
  • Teams plan at $77.88 per year with a minimum of two seats required.

7. DesignCap

DesignCap is an organized graphic design tool with professional template designs. The user-friendly interface helps you navigate through template categories easily. You can easily create a flyer in DesignCap with rich resources offering built-in library fonts, shapes, backgrounds, icons, etc. Additionally, within the editor, you can make a cohesive visual representation of data using charts, graphs, maps, Venn diagrams, etc.

DesignCap’s flyer maker tool can help you design a flyer with basic design capabilities within minutes. However, the tool can improve by adding real-time collaboration and generative AI capabilities.

Ideal for

DesignCap is suitable for making professional and business-oriented designs. Users looking for hassle-free graphic design software with basic capabilities can try this tool.


The software offers a free plan with limited assets.

Further, there are two paid plans:

  • Basic Plan at $4.99 per month (billed annually)
  • Plus Plan at $5.99 per month (billed annually)

8. Visme

Visme is a versatile graphic design tool with innovative design assets. As flyer software, it produces flyers for several industries that exude professional designs and polished looks. With Visme, you can also leverage the power of generative AI, unique animations, and smooth design workflow. Essentially, the tool can support designing documents for offline use and social media content.

Moreover, Visme offers team collaboration and brand kits. However, users may note that many capabilities are behind the paywall. 

Ideal for

Visme is suitable for businesses, organizations, and enterprises. The tool is handy for representing complex data with eye-catching visuals.


Visme offers a free plan for as long as you want.

However, you can switch to Visme’s paid plans to access all the assets.

  • Starter plan at $12.25/month per user, billed annually.
  • Pro Plan at $24.75/month per user, billed annually.
  • Visme for Enterprise offers a customized pack.

9. Venngage

Venngage specializes in creating professional documents such as infographics, posters, presentations, flyers, etc. As a flyer maker software, it offers various customizable templates. Also, creating flyers is a breeze in Venngage with a user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. 

Moreover, if you wish to show complex data in a visually appealing way, Venngage offers charts, maps, graphs, and timelines. Despite a robust graphic design tool, the software can enhance the user experience with a more contemporary interface.

Ideal for

Venngage’s flyer templates suit business, events, marketing, promoting, and advertising. 


Venngage offers a free plan with limited design capabilities.

Moreover, there are three paid plans with more robust features.

  • Premium Plan at $10 per month per user.
  • Business Plan at $24 per month per user.
  • Enterprise Plan at $499 per month for 10+ users.

10. Wepik

As a graphic design tool, Wepik appeals to users’ creativity by offering stand-out designs with compelling graphics. It is one of the best flyer software, with various templates for potential customers. You can find a flyer template for industry, occasion, event, promotion, or invitation. The tools offer a wide range of shapes, icons, illustrations, stock images, etc. Moreover, you can save your designs on the cloud with the help of resourceful integrations.

Designing a flyer is a breeze with Wepik’s clutter-free interface. However, the tool can introduce some advanced features to elevate the design experience for its users.

Ideal for

Wepik is suitable for businesses, enterprises, and social media use. 


Wepik is entirely free to use for as long as you want.

Tips to Choose the Best Online Flyer Maker Software

That was a long list of best flyer software. We understand that it can be daunting to compare all these tools and choose the right one. Therefore, we have brought these tips to guide you in selecting the best flyer maker software.

Understand Your Objectives and Level of Graphic Designing

Before you start, think about the purpose for which you need to create a flyer. The objective of your flyer can be anything, such as building awareness, advertising, or promoting an event. Choose one agenda for a flyer to avoid clutter in the design. Now, assess your design level to help you decide the flyer software’s complexity. 

Assess the User Interface and Accessibility

Once you have decided on the flyer’s objective, you can assess the ease of the user interface. As a graphic design beginner, you would prefer an organized layout with essential design assets to save time. However, if you are familiar with the graphic design environment, you can explore the tool’s advanced capabilities.

Check the Templates, Features, and Capabilities

To design a flyer with the help of flyer maker software, check out the customizable template designs. Scroll through the designs to understand the categories, tone, and intent. If it appeals to your taste, you can customize the template by selecting one. 

Afterward, check for customizations of text and graphics in the software editor. Look for a wide selection of icons, shapes, illustrations, and stock images. Also, note the capabilities available in the free plan and paid plan. 

Analyze the Collaboration and Generative AI Capabilities

Once you have gone through the essential design assets, check for the advanced features involving AI tools. Also, if you want to design with your team members, assess the collaboration capabilities of the flyer software.

Set the Budget for the Flyer Software

After getting an idea about the free plan, you may use the software for long-term use. First, set a budget for the software and check the tool’s pricing. Be mindful of all the capabilities that are available in the paid plan. 

Check Downloading and Sharing Options

Finally, check for all the design parameters and ensure that the tool offers multiple formats for downloading. Assess the quality of the downloaded document and any watermark issues. Also, explore other sharing options available with the software.

Wrapping Up

While searching for flyer software, remember to understand what you wish to communicate to the audience. We have listed the ten best flyer software, but you will find the perfect one that suits your needs at the proper budget. Graphic design software with rich features and a user-friendly interface makes your job easier. 

Meanwhile, if you want to start designing your flyers immediately, DocHipo can be your ready-to-go tool. It is beginner-friendly and rich in features. Sign up with DocHipo and create a stunning flyer design without worrying about the watermark.


What is the best flyer design software?

Many robust flyer design software, such as Canva, DocHipo, Visme, Piktochart, etc., are available online. However, DocHipo stands out for its on-point designs and beginner-friendly design experience.

What is the best easy flyer maker?

The best easy flyer makers have simple and organized interfaces. The user needs more time to learn and design a flyer using the software. These tools include Canva, DocHipo, DesignCap, Piktochart, Wepik, etc.

Is flyer maker free?

Most flyer maker software offers a free plan with limited design assets. However, Wepik is entirely free graphic design software that you can use to make flyers.