Visual Marketing

How Visual Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Last Updated Dec 29, 2022

Have you ever heard of visual marketing? It is a powerful marketing strategy that has been around for a while, but many marketers are still unaware of its power. Today, over 5.03 billion people are using the internet, and 4.7 billion are on social media. So, writing some textual content is not enough to attract people. It would be best if you had a strong visual marketing strategy to increase engagement on your websites, social media, or any other landing page. Moreover, It is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.

Read this article to learn more about visual marketing and how you can grow using it.

What Is Visual Marketing?

Visual marketing uses different visuals, such as images, infographics, videos, or any other visual material to market a product or service. As a part of your marketing strategy, visual marketing allows you to depict certain concepts and subjects that are hard to understand using textual content.

There are many types of visual marketing content that you can use in your marketing strategies, such as Infographics, Memes and Branded Quotes, Data Visualization, Visual Representation, Presentation, Videos, and more. However, if you want to enjoy visual marketing benefits, your marketing team should know how to use them properly.

Why Is Visual Marketing Important?

The reason behind the importance of visual marketing is human neuroscience. According to MIT’s research, humans can identify the visuals seen in the blink of an eye; in 13 milliseconds. Sight is the strongest sense in the human body: 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Another study shows that images are far more effective than text in evoking feelings. Thus, summarizing the famous phrase: “A Picture Tells A Thousand Words.”

Furthermore, the importance of visual marketing becomes clear if we dive into the data. Statistics show that posts with visual content attract 650% higher engagement than posts containing text. Additionally, people are 85% more likely to buy a product if there is a video available for the product. Hence, you can not imagine a brand identity without visual marketing in this rapidly growing digital era.

Some Of The Most Common Visual Marketing Content Types

Study shows that 43% of marketers struggle with creating visual content consistently. These marketers also know that creating attractive visual content for their marketing strategy is the key to success. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Here are some common visual marketing contents you can start creating today.


Images are one of the most popular types of visual marketing content that almost all businesses can use in their marketing strategy. The most crucial aspect of images is they are easy to find and add a personal touch to your content. However, you must not use generic images that your competitors are using. Instead, find a way to use photos relevant to the product or service you are providing.

Visual Marketing Images

You can find stock images from various sources such as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and more. Make your photos more unique by using filters, texts, effects, shapes, icons, and more. Click here to know more about the same, or watch this video.


There’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t love Infographics. From consumers to marketers, everyone loves Infographics because they carry a ton of information while being attractive at the same time. Moreover, Infographics have the power to boost SEO, improve brand visibility, and ultimately drive massive traffic to your website.

Visual Marketing Infographic

Hence, you can use them as your visual marketing content without any doubt. Use them appropriately in your social media posts to attract more eyeballs or in your blog posts to increase engagement.

Click Here to know more about creating an infographic using the DocHipo application or consider watching this video.


Videos are the most effective visual marketing content type. People consume over a billion hours of video every day on YouTube alone. Hence, undoubtedly, videos are the best way to communicate your message and reach a vast audience. According to recent research conducted by Hubspot shows that 92% of content marketers say that video plays the most critical role in their marketing strategy.

Visual Marketing Video

You can use videos in many different ways in your marketing strategy. Create tutorials, short videos, drone footages on your products or services, behind the scenes, and many more. Just do a little research on what type of content your target audience likes to consume and then create videos accordingly.

The best way to use video in your marketing strategy is to upload them on your YouTube channel and then share them on social media and anywhere you want. And what can be more engaging than combining your images and videos and use them in a single document? Surprised? Here’s how DocHipo can help you with that as well.


An excellent way to communicate a lot of information and retain your brand identity is to create a Presentation for your audience. Well-designed presentations can make it far more straightforward than anything else to educate your audience about your service or product.

Visual Marketing Presentation

Additionally, you can create a presentation that showcases your brand values, unique selling point, or anything else that helps you get more engagement. You must be wondering how to add a presentation to your content. Well, DocHipo is there to help you.

Once you create your presentation using DocHipo, simply click on the Publish button and generate an embed code for your project. Now, embed the code on your website or blog post to share the presentation with your audience. Click Here to know how you can create a presentation in DocHipo.


Undoubtedly, Memes is one of the most effective visual marketing content that can help your brand reach an entirely new level. However, if you are surprised to see Memes in this list, let us show why you should not. According to Forbes, they get 10 times more reach with 60% organic engagement just by using Memes. Furthermore, they estimated that a millennial comes across 20-30 memes each day, making it a great tool to communicate with the target audience.

Hence, if you can use Memes properly, you will surely get huge traffic on your websites and social media. This effective visual marketing tool can increase your overall engagement and brand exposure regardless of your industry.

Visual Marketing Memes

Click Here to know more about using graphics to drive traffic to your content.

5 Visual Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Now that you know the importance of visual marketing and the types of visual marketing content you can use let’s talk about how you can use it to grow your business.

All that makes the difference is how you use visual content to grow your business. Without a visual marketing strategy, your visuals won’t bring you the results. Here are some visual marketing tips for growing your business.

Tip #1: Create A Tutorial

Create tutorials for your audience to help them understand your products or services. This could be anything such as an infographic to guide readers through the steps, a presentation to help them understand how your product works, or many others.

One of the best ways to visualize your tutorial is by sharing screenshots with your audience. SaaS tool providers especially use this method to demonstrate the features they offer. It will help you make your content attractive and help your audience understand and replicate each step more efficiently.

Visual Marketing Tips Tutorial

Tip #2: Use Social Media Buttons

One of the best ways to get more engagement on your social media pages is by including social media buttons on your visual content.

Use social media buttons strategically in your visuals to drive more traffic. You can use the buttons in the footer of your infographic or the images and link them out to your social media pages. Similarly, you can talk about your social media pages in the outro of your YouTube videos.

Furthermore, if you own a WordPress website, you will benefit from the free social media plugins for image sharing. It will allow your audience to share your images on their social media profiles with a single click. Ultimately, your sales pipeline will always remain filled with leads.

Visual Marketing Tips Social Media

Tip #3: Include Brand Images or Logo

Now, your visuals might be getting shared on social media and other platforms on the internet. But if you don’t include your brand name or logo, people will not even know your visuals.

Hence, you can add your brand logo to your visuals, like hitting two birds with one stone – attracting more customers with your content and increasing brand awareness.

Try to use your brand logo always at the bottom or top of your visuals. We would recommend adding the brand logo to the bottom of your visuals as it will be less intrusive yet prominent.

Visual Marketing Tips Brand Logo

Tip #4: Tips & Tricks

Does your business come paired with a tone of knowledge and authority? Whether it’s a tutorial, a growth hack, or a recipe, educating your target audience helps you create a bond between you and them.

You can share tips & tricks with your audience using visuals like Infographics, Presentations, and Videos. The real beauty of including these in your content is that they will encourage your audience to share the content.

Visual Marketing Tips & Tricks

Tip #5: Call To Action

Every marketing strategy is incomplete without a strong and appealing call to action. If you choose your words carefully, it will incite an incredible amount of interest and action with your product or service amongst your target audience.

Visual Marketing Tips Call To Action

Visuals with a call to action can take your visual marketing strategy to a whole new level. Use a striking palette with a textual hierarchy to highlight the most important aspects of your content. However, you must keep the design in line with your brand identity.

We have created a video for you to learn how to add, edit or delete text in your design.


Now, if you have thoroughly read the article, you are all set to level up your visual marketing strategy. You might have already understood that visuals are an integral part of visual marketing. However, if you are not using them appropriately, you are missing out on something big.

If you have decided to include visual marketing in your marketing strategy, consider using a tool like DocHipo to create, download, and publish all your visuals in one single place. Additionally, DocHipo enables you to experiment with a wide range of design types such as infographics, presentations, Flyers, Posters, Social Media Graphics, and more.

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