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Infographics Templates to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

Last Updated Aug 26, 2022

Did you know, Infographics are shared 3x times more on social media than any other form of content? Well, infographics are nothing but a robust combination of information and graphics that help you capture attention, offer information, and engage your audience. So, if you are looking at getting amazing results from your content marketing efforts, you cannot do without some awesome infographics template in your tool kit.

In this blog, we’ll talk about different types of cool infographics templates that can transform complex data/ information into a flowy visual document.

No matter what industry you are operating in or what kind of information you want to share, here are 5 types of infographics that can transform your marketing efforts..almost effortlessly. Let’s get started!

Infographics Templates for Your Blogs

Blogs never go out of fashion. It is the perfect tool for freelancers, marketers and professionals to educate audience, share updates, market your services and much more. But if you are looking at different ways to make your blogs more readable, then infographics is the way to go. In fact, infographics are around 30 times more likely to be read than the entire article.

So, while writing a blog, you might want to summarise the key points in a visually attractive infographic that presents data in bite-sized pieces. Here, you need some templates that are super easy to customize (you’ll need a new one for each blog, right?), simple enough to understand and of course, have the possibility of branding with your corporate colour/s and logo.

Pro Tip: Make sure to add suitable Alt-Text and captions to your infographics while uploading them on your blog. This way, your infographics will be searchable too and can up during keyword searches. More ways to promote your business, right?

Here are two infographics templates from DocHipo that you absolutely need for your blog. Sign-up, customize, and start using today!

Blog Infographics templates

Infographics Templates for Sharing Information  

Information sharing is boring, right? But not when you use some cool infographics to achieve this. Whether you are in tourism business or any other, if you want to share information and make them notice, then you can use the beautiful infographic templates.

Using an infographic for sharing information not only lets you brand your message and present it visually, but it has a deep impact on how much of that information is retained by your audience too. In fact, according to Social Science Research Network, 65% of all human beings are visual learners.

With the right infographics templates in place and a little bit of visual storytelling, you can use this to your advantage. With one single document, you can share information, make it memorable and increase your brand recall.

Here are two infographic templates that you can use this purpose. While these two are optimized for travel industry, you can easily customize them and use for your requirement too!

Informative infographics templates

Infographics Templates for Sharing Tips

Whether it is for a blog or social post or printed materials, if you are looking at sharing useful tips with your audience then don’t just write them down. Add some visual elements to it and turn it into an infographic. Well, it’s easier than it sounds. Even if you have no design skills!

First, let’s see how you can use such infographics. This type of infographic is creative and informative at the same time. They can share cool insights and attract audience in a jiffy. It is peoples’ natural affinity towards information that brings them closer to your brand. This way, you build a relationship with your followers on social media, blogs. They start relying on you as a provider of credible information. So, you automatically end up improving your authority, credibility and brand recall. What’s not to love? 

Here are two cool templates from DocHipo that you can start using today to make your infographic!

Infographics templates on tips

Infographics Templates to Describe a Process

There are two ways to describe a process flow. You can offer information to acquire some skillset or it can be about how somebody can upskill themselves. These infographics are almost like the ‘How to’ elements in your content that attract readers automatically.

Visually attractive process infographics are designed to breakdown complex procedures. If it is difficult to explain certain difficult procedures in text blocks, then infographics can step in.

Process Infographics can be about customer acquisition, employee onboarding, reducing buying cycle, recipes, product installation manuals and whatnot. No matter what the topic is, your skills depend on how good you are at breaking it down into a step by step flow chart. If it seems easily digestible, readers are bound to get interested.

Below are two beautiful templates of process infographics that you can use within DocHipo. Go ahead, customize them for your need and you can use them whenever you need!

Process Infographics templates

Infographic Template for Social Awareness

Raising awareness through infographics is mainstream (you possibly have seen tons of them already). You do not need to own an NGO to make readers aware about different social situations, remedies to different problems.

Whether you are looking at generating awareness around cyber security, prevention of COVID-19, reducing carbon footprint, endangered species, life threatening or self-debilitating diseases, eradicating poverty, restricting pollution or something else, these type of infographic templates will help you in tailoring a message fast.  

Sign-up for DocHipo today and you can you use these two fabulous templates for generating awareness about any cause that your passionate about. Best thing is, you can tailor them as per your need in about 3-5 minutes!

Infographics on raising awareness

Time to Build Your Own Infographics

Of all human communication, 93% is visual. If that is the case, then why shouldn’t you start talking to your prospects in the language of infographics? It will be easier for them to understand and simpler for you to explain. Most importantly, infographic is a visual document that helps you come closer to your prospects. Some of them are too impressed with your work that they turn into leads. With the publication of great workable infographics, you keep on getting more useful leads.

Sign up to DocHipo and start using these 5 types of infographics templates that can help you better engage your audience, improve brand recall (and give you a little SEO boost too!) and overall help your marketing efforts!