10 Best Poster Making Software: Features, Price, and Vital Tips

Last Updated Jun 10, 2024

Welcome to our new blog, a dedicated resource for busy entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and designers seeking the best poster making software. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, posters remain a powerful tool for capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. So, let’s dive into the top ten picks for the best software for poster design. These picks are based on extensive research, user reviews, and personal experience, ensuring you get the most reliable information. 

10 Best Poster Making Software

  • DocHipo: Ideal for startups, busy entrepreneurs, and content creators
  • Piktochart: Great for people who love design, marketers, and advertisers
  • Canva: Perfect for personal and professional use
  • VistaCreate: Ideal for beginners and small businesses
  • Fotor: Ideal for professional photo editors and graphic designers
  • Visme: Suitable for mid-sized companies and enterprises
  • Venngage: Ideal for entrepreneurs, event planners, and marketers
  • Adobe Express: Ideal for creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers 
  • DesignCap: Suitable for professional teams
  • Kittl: Ideal for content creators and social media marketers

Overview of 10 Best Poster Making Software: From Features to Pricing

If you find making good posters a daily struggle, you’ve hit the jackpot with these tools that can ease the design process with their groundbreaking features. Posters are crucial for both traditional and digital marketing. Therefore, it’s essential to select the right poster design tool that meets your requirements before you start designing your posters. I’ll share some tips at the end of the blog on how you can choose the perfect poster design software. But first, let’s explore the latest online tools for posters that can make your work a breeze. 

1. DocHipo

Introducing DocHipo, an online and free design software perfect for beginners, startups, and business owners. Packed with a wealth of design assets and advanced features, it empowers you to unleash your creativity effortlessly and create trending designs. With its modern interface and constantly evolving features, customization has never been easier. Show off your creative prowess easily and navigate through its intuitive platform seamlessly. 

Therefore, my first pick is this online poster design maker for busy poster designers, content developers, and entrepreneurs. 

DocHipo Home Page
Source: DocHipo

a. Hundreds of Poster Templates for Every Purpose

DocHipo understands the importance of making a lasting impression with your posters and other marketing collaterals. That’s why it offers a universe full of customizable templates to suit every need, from eye-catching best poster ads to professional business posters

This online design tool doesn’t require searching far and wide for a suitable poster template—it has extensive categories covering a spectrum of themes and styles. Whether you’re promoting an event, advertising a product, or spreading awareness, it has the perfect template waiting for you for every occasion and industry. Some popular poster template categories are beauty, black Friday, business, car sales, Christmas, conference posters, and many more. 

Poster Templates in DocHipo

Plus, its intuitive filtering system lets you narrow your options by format, industry, and occasion, making the search process a breeze. This versatility makes it a great tool for a wide range of poster design needs.

Find Templates

Let DocHipo be your go-to destination for all your poster design needs. 

Watch this video to search templates easily. 

Also, watch this video to explore the relevant industry-specific templates. 

b. Resourceful Design Widgets 

Crafting your ideal poster is a breeze with DocHipo’s editor! It has a bunch of design widgets ready for you to play around with. Just drag, drop, and customize to your heart’s content. 

It knows there are many factors behind creating stunning poster designs. Let’s break down the essential elements of poster design and let your creativity shine!

Watch this quick video to search for the right design widgets you want to use for customization.

Text Widgets

These intuitive design features, including texts, are designed to provide you with a seamless user experience, ensuring that you feel at ease and confident while crafting something beautiful and authentic.

Text tool in DocHipo

You can choose from hundreds of font styles to create unique typography for your poster design. 

Font family for poster design

Design Assets

You can design your poster using staggering, high-quality stock photos without any limit.

stock images

Here is a short demo of DocHipo’s powerhouse, stock image integration for free, high-quality pictures. 

Also, don’t forget to try its collage maker to create beautiful photo collages for your posters. 

Collage Maker

You can click on collage and choose a suitable collage style for the poster.

Types of Collage Frames

Watch the video to try this impressive feature now.

In its innovative design asset library, you can find exclusive, inclusive, and themed visual graphics such as illustrations, icons, stickers, and text frames for every mood, occasion, and expression. 

Watch this short video to explore its icon library.

Also, add fabulous text frames to keep your posters iconic. 

Thanksgiving text frames

Watch this video to use text frames of various categories in your design. 

It presents a whole new range of conventional and abstract shapes, trending and ornamental shapes that pair harmoniously with any type of poster. 

Shapes library

Take a tour of DocHipo’s shape library in this short video.

DocHipo displays a wide variety of stunning background colors, from bold and contrasting color palettes to gradient backgrounds. 

Vivid background for posters

Watch this video to use background design widgets for crafty posters and other designs.

Create an easy buyer’s journey with QR codes for printable posters. Explore more about using QR codes in your design from the following video. 

c. Customize Your Poster Templates in a Snap

Now, you can also choose any text in the design and adjust its font according to your preferences. DocHipo has single-click customization or editing tools at the top. 

Customization tools

Furthermore, in a few steps, you can add custom fonts for your brand’s posters.

You can change the colors of any design element by clicking on it and making desired changes.

Color customization steps

Watch this video to use gradient colors in your design and customize texts, shapes, and even background colors in the sparkling gradient strokes.

Don’t forget to create iconic posters with mixed colors in the text. Watch the video to learn more about this trick.

Thinking about designing creative posters? Here is an example of creating a poster with a shadow and blur effect to keep up with the latest graphic design trends.

New customization tools

You can simply adjust the levels of these customization options to align your design effects with your brand. 

Poster with shadow effect

Also, don’t forget to watch the following video for a quick demo of these flexible design effects. 

d. Intuitive UI and Better Design Experience

DocHipo entirely focuses on how it can provide you with a serene and organized experience, ensuring you don’t spend precious moments endlessly scrolling. This platform offers a clutter-free interface designed to save you time and energy. Moreover, its intuitive drag-and-drop feature makes customizing templates easy and enjoyable. Furthermore, these templates are thoughtfully categorized, streamlining your search process for a more straightforward approach to your creativity. Indeed, isn’t DocHipo the best poster making software available in today’s market? 

e. Brand Kit for Effortless Brand Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to your brand’s look. Using the same colors and style for all posters across every channel helps people remember you. That’s where DocHipo’s brand kit comes in handy. It keeps all your essential brand stuff—like colors, images, and fonts—in one easy-to-access place. If you are looking for a poster builder free from hassles and with all the latest and essential features for a fantastic visual storytelling experience, sign up for DocHipo. 

Brandkits in DocHipo
Create and Store Brand Assets

Discover how to represent your brand with DocHipo’s brand kit.

f. Features the Power of Gen AI in Design

DocHipo, the best poster making software, makes your design journey easy and beautiful in the generative AI era with built-in tools. Let’s discover how these tools can benefit you!

AI Image Generator

Are you feeling tired of endless image searches for your designs? You can use AI images in the DocHipo editor for picture-perfect posters in swoosh! Just describe what you want – 3D, cartoon, pencil sketch, cinematic, black and white – and voila! 

AI Image generator tool
AI Images in the best poster making software- DOcHipo

Learn more about the powerful text-to-image AI tool to design tour content in the blink of an eye.

AI Background Remover

Looking to give your designs that extra touch of professionalism? Say goodbye to background headaches with DocHipo’s AI Background Remover. With just a few clicks, transform any image into a polished addition to your design. 

Background Remover

Stock Photos with removed background for posters

Watch the video to learn more.

AI Writer

Enhance your incredible design with captivating text because words won’t fail you. Let DocHipo’s AI Writer be your guiding light in striking the perfect note with your audience. It is seamlessly integrated into the DocHipo editor, so you can just click on it and start generating impressive content for your design.

AI writer tool

Within seconds, you can generate text by providing a prompt and selecting a professional, friendly, exciting tone.

AI writer with poster copy

Watch this video to learn more about the DocHipo AI Writer tool.

AI Translate

Unlock the power of AI Translate in the editor and expand your audience reach by easily translating your design into over 100 languages.

AI Translate

Afterward, simply choose the desired language for your design; with just one click, you can translate the whole document instantly.

100+ different language AI translate options

You can watch this video for more information on the AI Translate tool. 

g. Enhanced Photo Editor

Elevate your images to the next level with DocHipo’s Photo Editor. With it, you can crop, adjust, and enhance your pictures, giving your designs that extra edge they need to stand out.

See how easily you can crop your image in shapes with this free poster maker.

Crop image

Finally, hit the apply button and place the cropped image in the design.

cropped image for posters

Let’s watch a quick video on how to crop and enhance the beauty of your images.

Also, learn new ways to enhance pictures for your design. 

h. One-Click Page Resize Option

When it comes to posters, the size truly makes a difference. From the grand A0 to the compact A4, each size offers its own unique canvas for your message. With DocHipo by your side, transforming any template design into a breathtaking poster is as easy as can be. Simply choose your favorite template, and with its smart resize option, you can effortlessly adjust it to fit your desired dimensions. Just click on the page size option in the DocHipo editor and watch your vision come to life in the perfect size with the help of the best program for poster design.

Resize posters

Now, change to the perfect poster size on your chosen template with DocHipo’s accessible page resize option.

Resize in different page size

With the sleek one-click options, you can also change it into any custom size. 

custom resize

Now, as shown, you can change it to landscape mode from portrait mode without rearranging the design elements. 

Landscaped mode for posters

Watch this video to apply smart resize to your document design. 

i. Allow Real-Time Collaboration

Get creative with your designs by working together with your team in real-time. Plus, stay in control when you share documents by choosing who can view, edit, or have full access.

Team Collaboration tool

Learn more about the team collaboration feature in DocHipo.

j. High-Quality Download and Share

You don’t always need to download your design to post or share it with others. With DocHipo, you can effortlessly publish, present, or share your creations directly. Simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner to unlock the full potential of downloading and sharing your designs. 

Publish button

DocHipo has your back when it comes to downloading your designs hassle-free. Whether it’s JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, MP4, or any other format, you’ve got options for everything. And guess what? There are no watermarks, even if you’re using the free version of the best poster making software. 

Download option

Watch this short video to see the steps of downloading your design.

Ready to get started with DocHipo? Watch the video as your guide to effortless design.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • QR Code generator
  • Generative AI capabilities
  • Brand kit
  • Easy Resizable Button
  • Real-time collaboration

I’m sure DocHipo has all the leading-edge features you need to baffle your audience with eyeball-grabbing posters. With its efficient features, you can create stunning posters in a fraction of the time it would take with other software.


DocHipo has a free plan with excellent templates but is limited in number. Also, it constantly upgrades its features to suit the needs of professional graphic designers. You can also try this affiche maker with a Pro plan.

You can unlock the full suite of features for just $7.5 per month per person, billed annually. Purchasing the paid plan is seamless, as DocHipo accepts payment in over 15 currencies, with pricing tailored to each country.

If you are new to designing posters or a professional with tight deadlines, upgrade to Pro Once for a single payment of $144/user, granting lifelong access to unlimited document design.

2. Piktochart

As a poster maker, Piktochart stands out for its focus on business-related documents like infographic posters and social media graphics. It also keeps things organized, with all the essential design tools you need close at hand. Plus, Piktochart offers a variety of charts, graphs, maps, and more to make your data pop. 

Poster template in Piktochart
Source: Piktochart

It’s great for professionals and businesses looking to create eye-catching visuals. Still, there’s room for improvement with more advanced features to enhance the overall user experience with new templates.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Maps


Piktochart offers a complimentary plan for a limited period. If you’re seeking extended access to all the platform’s features, consider subscribing to one of these paid options:

  1. The Pro plan: $14/month (billed annually) for a person, includes 100 GB of storage.
  2. Business plan: $24/month (billed annually) for a person and offers 250 GB of storage.
  3. Enterprise pricing: For specific needs and usage of the software, custom pricing options are available.

3. Canva

If you want a poster design tool with tons of templates, Canva is also a good choice! With its wide range of fonts, icons, illustrations, stickers, and stock images, you’ll never run out of creative elements. Plus, it offers advanced features like background removal and a photo editor with its subscription.

Canva template
Source: Cavna

While Canva has a lot to offer as the best poster making software, some of the best templates and assets require a paid subscription. And with its popularity, standing out with free templates can be challenging. Yet, investing in the paid version could unlock endless design possibilities and help you shine in the crowded design space. 

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • QR Code generator
  • Generative AI Capabilities
  • Brand kit
  • Real-time collaboration


Canva offers a free plan with basic design assets to get you started. However, for more advanced features, there are two paid options:

  1. Canva Pro: $119.99/year for one person.
  2. Canva for Teams: $300/year for the first five users.

4. VistaCreate

Are you looking for a poster maker offering static and animated templates? VistaCreate can be a good choice. It’s a convenient option for print-ready poster designs. While the interface might appear familiar, it lacks finesse and intuitive design compared to other alternative software for designing posters.

VistaCreate Poster template
Source: VistaCreate

VistaCreate does provide a range of design assets to customize templates, allowing teams to collaborate in real-time. However, it needs to improve its built-in tools compared to other platforms. Features like the background remover, sticker maker, and image converter are available. Still, they may not offer the same level of efficiency and precision available in other poster making tools.

Nevertheless, if you need basic design functionalities and are willing to overlook some limitations, VistaCreate could still be a viable option for your projects.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Background Remover
  • Brand kit
  • Real-time collaboration


Experience VistaCreate for yourself at no cost, albeit with restricted access to assets and storage space. However, it has one paid plan for all purposes.

  1. Paid Plan: $10/month per person, billed annually.

5. Fotor

If you want a fresh take on poster design, you can use Fotor. With advanced editing tools and a wide range of templates, it is set to enhance your projects. But here’s the catch—if you thrive in a collaborative environment, you might want to explore other options.

Fotor poster maker
Source: Fotor

Fotor flatters versatility and innovation. However, its sweet spot lies in solo endeavors. So, while it’s packed with potential, it’s essential to consider your team’s dynamics before leaping.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • Generative AI Capabilities


Dip your toes into the world of Fotor with a complimentary trial to acquaint yourself with the software’s ins and outs. But if you’re a professional and want to use it to its full potential, delve into its paid plans:

  1. Pro Plan: $3.99 per month (billed annually).
  1. Pro Plus Plan: $7.49/month (billed annually), granting you access to premium tools and perks.

6. Visme

If you want to elevate your brand with posters, you may find Visme to be a plausible poster-designing software. This software boasts an extensive array of templates and design resources, providing ample creative fodder. Graphic designers mostly use it for data visualization and wireframing. Moreover, its additional features, such as animations, brand kit integration, content calendar, and interactive elements, offer a seamless platform for unleashing your team’s creativity beyond just poster design.

Visme poster templates
Source: Visme

However, while exploring Visme’s features, you may encounter a downside: some features are only available with a paid subscription, and beginners might find it challenging to navigate due to the advanced professional UI. Despite delivering an overall satisfactory experience for poster creation, this aspect might cause some users to pause for thought. 

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • Generative AI Capabilities
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Brand kit


Although Visme extends a complimentary plan, it has its constraints on available assets.

Furthermore, opt for one of the following paid plans for professional use:

  1. Starter Plan: Priced at $12.25 per/month per person, billed annually.
  2. Pro Plan: $24.75/month, billed annually.
  3. Enterprise Plan: For teams seeking tailored solutions to suit unique requirements.

7. Venngage

Venngage is a versatile online poster maker suitable for both beginners and professionals. While it offers a range of templates for infographics, presentations, and reports, its primary strength lies in enabling the creation of data-driven documents with charts, maps, and timelines. Alongside features like real-time collaboration and generative AI, the free plan emphasizes swift navigation and a broad selection of visual elements, which are particularly beneficial for poster design.

Source: Venngage

However, while Venngage boasts all the capabilities of the best poster making software, its utility may be limited to those seeking a comprehensive graphic design tool. Despite this, it can still enhance the design interface, especially with its Smart Diagrams feature, making it a solid option for those prioritizing ease of use and specific poster design needs.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Generative AI Capabilities
  • Brand kit
  • Real-time collaboration
  • QR code generator


Experience Venngage’s offerings with a complimentary trial of up to five designs at no cost.

If you want full access, consider having subscription plans:

  1. Premium Plan: $10 per month per user.
  2. Business Plan: $24 per month per user.
  3. Enterprise Plan: $499 per month for 10+ users.

8. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express (earlier known as Adobe Spark) is a contemporary poster design solution featuring static and animated poster templates. Effortlessly navigate through a variety of templates, sorted by mood, style, and type, to find the perfect fit for your project. While boasting extensive customization options like AI-driven design insights, text-to-image conversion, and a photo editor, it may seem like the ultimate poster design companion. 

Adobe poster template
Source: Adobe Express

However, it’s worth noting that with such a plethora of features, users may need extra time to grasp each tool’s potential fully. Additionally, Adobe Express seamlessly integrates within the Adobe ecosystem, simplifying the poster design process and ensuring your creations are securely stored. This feature may help Adobe Express become the best poster making software for you.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Accessible Design Templates
  • One-Click Tasks
  • Extensive Visual Graphics
  • Adobe Ecosystem Integration


The complimentary package provides access to a restricted selection of design assets.

Moreover, there exist two subscription options:

  1. Premium Package: $99.99 annually, offering a broad range of features and ample storage.
  2. Teams Package: $77.88 per year, requires a minimum of two seats, and effectively caters to collaborative needs.

9. DesignCap

DesignCap might catch your eye for its simplicity. Its interface boasts user-friendliness and a tidy layout for an easy journey. Templates are neatly categorized, promising quick access to designs tailored to your needs. The software also includes a variety of interesting icons, shapes, fonts, images, and illustrations for poster creation. 

Poster templates
Source: Designcap

However, the most talked-about feature is Modules. This design tool claims to streamline the design process by allowing you to group elements together seamlessly. As a beginner, you can start creating free posters with this tool. 

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Charts
  • Designs available in all formats


DesignCap presents a complimentary plan, but don’t expect unlimited access to design templates and assets. If you’re willing to invest, there are two paid options to consider:

  1. Basic Plan: $4.99 monthly when billed annually.
  2. Plus Plan: $5.99 monthly when billed annually.

10. Kittl

If you’re into advanced text editing for posters, you might have heard of Kittl. It’s one of those tools that claim to be perfect for graphic design, but it has some drawbacks. The platform provides a selection of templates featuring what they describe as “unique” typography, although it’s up to the users to identify its significant breakthrough. 

Kittle poster templates
Source: Kittl

While it may offer some advantages in creating logos, labels, and similar items to increase brand consistency in your posters, its impact depends heavily on professional creativity. Furthermore, the platform highlights a mockup generator and premium fonts.

Top-Rated Feature of This Poster Design Tool

  • Design Templates
  • Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • Generative AI Capabilities
  • Font Library


Its free plan covers up to 20 projects. If you’re considering staying for the long haul, you need paid plans. 

  1. Pro Plan: $10 monthly per person for a year. 
  2. Expert Plan: $24 monthly per person billed annually. 
  3. Customized Plan: If those don’t fit the bill, you can also have a personalized business plan.

Choosing the Right Software to Design Posters

Selecting the right online poster maker is crucial for ensuring a seamless design process and achieving professional results. Consider these key factors to make an informed decision about the best poster making software:

1. Ease of Use: 

Choose software with a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and easy navigation to streamline your workflow and allow you to focus on your creativity.

2. Customization Flexibility: 

Look for software that offers a wide range of customization options, such as color, font, and layout adjustments, with drag-and-drop flexibility. Such features will allow you to create unique and personalized posters.

3. Template Diversity: 

Access to various templates is essential when you need inspiration or are short on time. Seek poster-design software with a broad template library catering to different industries and purposes.

4. Integration Capabilities: 

Prioritize software to design posters that can seamlessly integrate with your existing toolkit if you use other design tools, enhancing your overall design process.

5. User Feedback: 

Read user reviews and seek recommendations from peers in the design community to gain insights into the software’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you make a confident, well-informed decision tailored to your needs.


When scouting for the best poster-making software, it’s crucial to have a clear grasp of what message you want to convey to your audience and what technical flexibility you need for poster creation. While I’ve compiled a list of the top poster design online free and paid options, remember that finding the perfect fit for you means balancing functionality and affordability. Opting for graphic design software with robust features and an intuitive interface can streamline your tasks significantly.

Now, if you want to explore the best poster design software pronto, consider trying DocHipo. It is absolutely beginner-friendly and offers a treasure trove of features for professional content creators. Sign up today and unleash your creativity!


What is the purpose of a poster?

Posters play a key role in conveying information, promoting events, and advertising products and services in a visually captivating manner. They are effective in capturing attention, delivering messages clearly, and can serve multiple purposes, including raising awareness, providing guidance, or enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Can AI create a poster?

Yes, you can use AI to make free posters online! AI-powered tools like DicHipo, Canva, Adobe Express, etc, offer easy-to-use templates and design suggestions for creating stunning posters in minutes.

Can ChatGPT make a poster?

To use ChatGPT to make posters, simply provide it with the details you want to include in the poster, such as text, images, and design preferences. ChatGPT will then generate poster content based on your input. You can adjust the content in any template design until you’re satisfied with the result.

What do designers use to make posters?

Designers typically create posters using the best poster making software like DocHipo, Adobe Express, Fotor, or Canva. These graphic design tools offer many features and templates to bring poster designs to life.

What app should I use for posters?

If you want to try poster design online free tools for personal use, there’s a range of options for it. Apps like Canva or DocHipo offer easy-to-use tools for designing eye-catching posters. 

What is the best free poster maker?

When it comes to finding the best free poster maker, it’s essential to consider a few key factors. DocHipo is the best design tool that offers a balance of user-friendliness and robust features to unleash your creativity without limitations. This graphic design software can elevate your posters effortlessly from customizable templates to intuitive design tools. 

How to make a poster at home? 

To create a poster at home, begin by selecting user-friendly poster design software or an app. Then, gather your materials: paper, printer, images, and text. After that, design your poster using the software’s templates or create your own layout. Once you’re happy with the design, print it at home using a high-quality printer and paper. Lastly, hang up your poster and enjoy your homemade creation!