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How to Make a Photo Collage: A Step-by-Step Guide with Tips

Last Updated Feb 26, 2024

You can say a thousand words with a picture and tell a story with a collage. Earlier, we used to cut and paste images to make collages. In today’s digital world, you can easily create a collage to create a powerful image for your brand or preserve the most precious memories. Either way, you need to know how to make a photo collage. 

With this blog, you will learn about making a collage picture and essential insights into every step of the process. Further, explore templates with captivating collage layouts to create a stand-out collage. Also, get pro tips to make stunning collages using the DocHipo collage maker widget. Keep scrolling to know more.

What is a Photo Collage

Traditionally, the word collage comes from the French term ‘papiers collés’ (or découpage), which depicts pasting paper cut-outs on a surface. Well, for the photo collage, you can understand that it refers to the collection of pictures in one frame to create a new image.

A collage can be on paper or digital; however, building a digital collage is more convenient for us. For example, check out one of the delicate designs of a photo collage from DocHipo’s Square Post templates that you can customize using the handy drag-and-drop feature.

Square Post Template

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What is the Purpose of a Photo Collage

A collage is the best way to narrate a story with few words. Collages come in a variety of designs with diverse arrangements. You can use a collage for various purposes, like showcasing your product in marketing, sharing memories on Instagram, or collecting pictures in one place for personal use. 

For instance, using collage template layouts, you can make a Facebook photo collage for a festive occasion or dedicate a post to your friend’s birthday. You can use these Facebook Post templates from DocHipo for your collage design.

Facebook Post Template

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Facebook Post Template

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Or you can give in to your creative impulse and make a Facebook cover collage. Check out DocHipo’s Facebook Cover templates for gorgeous designs.

Facebook Cover Template

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Also, take inspiration from one of these DocHipo’s Instagram Story templates to create a heart-touching story.

Instagram Story Template

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Further, you can show much more with a collage than a photo of your product while advertising. Use these Flyer templates to make the most out of collage photos.

Flyer Template

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Flyer Template

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How Many Pictures Should Be in a Photo Collage

While making a photo collage, you will have a collection of pictures. The minimum requirement is two pictures, which can go up to hundreds of images, making up a giant collage. However, your collage should contain enough images to express the theme or the story of the collection of photos. As a thumb rule, you can add a maximum of nine pictures to create a clean design for the collage.

How to Make a Photo Collage

When you wonder about making a collage from scratch, you also wish to have a marvelous collage within a short period. First, collect all the images you want to use in one place for easy access. For this purpose, you can make a separate folder and shortlist the best pictures with similar themes or styles. You can create a collage with a collection of photos of a person, various products, or diverse images with similar vibes. 

When you have sorted out all the pictures, use graphic design software offering collage design templates and a free photo collage editor online, making the entire collage-making process very convenient. One of these graphic design tools is DocHipo, which can help you create a fantastic collage. You can use our professionally designed templates offering collage layouts or experiment with DocHipo’s free online collage maker. Get dozens of layouts where you can easily add photos using the drag-and-drop feature. 

Make a Photo Collage with DocHipo

Let’s learn to make a photo collage using DocHipo, which is free. Sign up with DocHipo and start your design journey with hundreds of templates related to posters, Instagram posts, X/Twitter ads, invitations, presentations, etc., to fulfill your collage’s purpose. Follow these steps to craft a visual story using DocHipo.

1. Choose from a Diverse Collection of Templates

After signing up, you will land on the home page of DocHipo. Search for your document category. For instance, let’s make a collage poster. First, search for your poster template.

DocHipo homepage

Finding templates is easy in DocHipo.

From various categories for templates, choose a category aligning with your purpose. 

DocHipo template categories

Now, you will come across dozens of template designs. Here, you can choose a pre-designed template with a collage layout or customize any template by adding the collage grid in the editor.

Choose your favorite one to get started. 

DocHipo templates

2. Select the Collage Layout

To illustrate the collage maker tool in DocHipo, we have chosen a template without a collage layout. In the DocHipo editor, delete the image from the template design.

DocHipo editing

Once you have removed the image, select the ‘Collages’ widget in the DocHipo editor

DocHipo collages

Now, choose a pre-designed collage layout from various options depending on the number of frames and orientation of your images. Resize your collage layout to fit the template.

DocHipo collage grid

5. Upload Images in the Frame

Upload your images to the collage or use the stock images library to choose a suitable picture from thousands of photos. Here, we will use the stock photos for our collage. Just drag and drop our image to the grid frames to add them to the collage.

Uploading images in DocHipo collage grid

6. Enhance and Adjust the Images

After uploading all the images, you can adjust every image separately with a double click.

Adjusting images in DocHipo collage grid

Learn to enhance your photos with DocHipo filters.

Further, use filters to enhance images of the collage, such as tone, contrast, saturation, etc, to make your layout more appealing.

Filters in collage

5. Upgrade Your Photo Collage with Design Elements and Special Effects

Now, pay attention to the details of your design and adjust the grid spacing of the collage frames. 

Grid spacing in collage in DocHipo editor

Also, you can experiment with the shadow effects and give your creative touch to the images.

Explore the widget effects in the DocHipo editor.

Further, change the text and add design elements like fonts, icons, stickers, text frames, etc., in the DocHipo editor.

Customizing fonts in collage

Learn to add and edit text in the DocHipo editor with this video.

6. Download Your Collage in Various Formats

When you are impressed with your design after customization, click on the upper right corner of the editor to download.

Downloading DocHipo

DocHipo offers a variety of formats to choose from, like JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. Download as PDF for print or as PNG for web use as per your need. Voila! Your collage is ready to use without any watermark.

Downloading DocHipo

Learn to download any design in DocHipo.

For more details on collage-making in DocHipo, check out this video tutorial.

How to Make a Collage More Interesting

A collage becomes a creative piece when you, the designer, know your craft. Contrary to the popular opinion that one can assemble multiple pictures, your photo collage requires cohesiveness and small details to enhance its appeal. For that extra effect, add captions and text with creative fonts. 

Using text in collage

Using a versatile tool like DocHipo, you can get pre-designed templates with all the exciting design elements within the collage layout.

Further, revamp your collage with subtle stickers and icons, as shown in this image. Moreover, a clean and organized layout for a digital photo collage is a treat for your eyes. Ensure that the arrangement of the collage images exudes structure and symmetry. As a viewer, we can easily trace the story depicted in an orderly photo collage like the one in the image below.

Making a collage about travelling to mountains in DocHipo

Take inspiration from one of the designs from Blog Banner templates of DocHipo to revamp your collage designs.

Blog banner template

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Tips for Making a Collage 

You need a series of hits and trials to see what works to ace the game of making a collage. However, your job becomes easy with these pro tips to get the best outcome. 

Select the Right Photos for Maximum Impact

Your images make the foundation for a collage picture. Therefore, ensure that the photos are high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Also, categorize the photos in one place under a common theme as a part of initial planning. Ensure you bring variety and choose photos showing different perspectives, like this Blog Graphic template example.

Blog Graphic template

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Choose Your Photo Collage Aesthetic

Simply put, a collage aesthetic means the feelings and thoughts you wish to evoke in your viewers. It can be nostalgic, around festivities, vintage, memories, or about a brand. Once you choose your collage aesthetic, look at the collection of images and choose those that catch your attention the most. 

You can save time and energy while collaging with these Pinterest Graphic templates. Here, the first one exudes a sophisticated and elegant vibe for weddings, while the other one is more vibrant and casual.

Pinterest Graphic Template

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Pinterest Graphic Templates

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Create Contrast to Intrigue Your Audience

Build contrast between different pictures while creating a photo collage. The right amount of contrast helps your collage to stand out. You can contrast by incorporating contrasting colors or try out various photos with diverse elements. For instance, it can be a close-up shot of a flower or a beautiful landscape with mountains. Your contrasts intrigue the audience and make them curious about your collage.

For instance, look at this Coffee Day Square Post from DocHipo. Notice how the bold colors create a pleasing contrast against the muted tones. Also, the presentation of coffee through various textures enhances the overall aesthetics of the collage.

Square Post Template

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Keep a Cohesive Color Palette 

When we say cohesive, we don’t necessarily mean similar. Cohesiveness in collage refers to each photo’s hue, saturation, and contrast. Also, the colors in the images should work together to give a bigger picture. Take the help of the color wheel theory if you wish to escape the lengthy hit-and-trial method for choosing colors.

Moreover, search for a unifying factor in all your collage photos to make it cohesive. You can also decide to go with one color. For example, you can search for blue and incorporate the blue sky, ocean, blue light, etc.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of cohesive color palettes of Blog Graphic templates from DocHipo.

Blog Graphic Template

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Blog Graphic Template

Get This Template and More

Adjust Alignment and Grids

Aim for a clean and organized appearance of your photo collage. Use pre-designed layouts of the DocHipo editor to make a collage for precise alignment. Editing these layouts is a cakewalk, as you can resize the entire collage without disturbing the grid frames. 

Alignment in DocHipo editor

Express with Text and Caption

Words can add the icing on your cake to take your audience in the right direction. You can keep a grid frame for text or incorporate text within the photograph where it fits the best. Remember to keep your text short and impactful, as visual storytelling is the priority in your collage. It can include important dates, quotes, or personal anecdotes related to the photos. Check out one of the Blog Banner templates for inspiration.

Blog Banner Template

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You can also highlight an occasion through text in the collage using a grid frame template design like one of the designs from Poster templates.

Poster Template

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Pay Attention to the Details 

At last, after creating the collage, look at small details like the orientation of the images, borders, and spacing. Experiment with frame effects and collage filters to check the bigger picture. These fine details will add a polished look to your photo collage.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can create your visual masterpiece with a photo collage. You know the nuances of collage-making and valuable tips that will help you.

Further, save your efforts and time using DocHipo’s templates and collage maker tool. With lots of resourceful templates and features, it makes designing super easy. Sign up with DocHipo for free and create a collage right away!


How do I create a collage of photos? 

DocHipo offers a collage-making tool that you can use within its editor.

Create a collage with these simple steps:

  1. Choose a Template
  2. Select the Collage Layout
  3. Upload Images in the Frame
  4. Enhance and Adjust the Images
  5. Upgrade Your Photo Collage with Design Elements and Special Effects
  6. Download Your Collage in Various Formats

Where can I make a photo collage?

DocHipo’s photo collage maker gives room for your creativity. Use design assets and tools in the DocHipo editor and go beyond just assembling the photos in the collage to create your masterpiece.

What is the best free online photo collage maker? 

Many collage makers and graphic design tools are online for making a collage. However, DocHipo is your go-to tool to create a collage within minutes with pre-designed frames and valuable design assets.

How to arrange a picture collage? 

Alignment and grids make an organized collage layout. Opt for a pre-designed collage layout available in graphic design tools like DocHipo. Once you select the collage maker in DocHipo, drag and drop images to each frame to get a structured collage.

What is the best free program to make a photo collage?

Creating a photo collage in DocHipo is free. If you need help with collage-making, opt for DocHipo as your go-to graphic design tool without any design experience.

What is the easiest way to make a photo collage online?

Graphic design software like DocHipo is the best way to create a collage online. You can save your time and effort with customizable templates for every purpose. Get started immediately to make your collage using a vast collection of design widgets and download designs without any watermark.