Psychology of Shapes in Design A Guide for Visual Storytelling

Psychology of Shapes in Design: A Guide for Visual Storytelling

Last Updated May 31, 2024

Using shapes in designs without a purpose is like adding too many spices without a recipe; consequently, it creates confusion. If you want to learn the secrets behind compelling visual narratives, then this blog is the only thing you need to concentrate on with all your attention. Moreover, we are here to guide you with one of the significant concepts in design, the psychology of shapes. Understand the significance of the psychology of shapes and why designers leverage this for powerful emotional impact in the form of worthy visual communication. Explore the symbolic, emotional, and spiritual meanings of shapes through creative templates, and master the art of evoking specific feelings in your audience.

 Understanding the Psychology of Shapes in Design

  • Squares: Stability, framing, and importance.
  • Rectangles: Calm, security, and order.
  • Circles: Gentleness, unity, and balance.
  • Triangles: Stability, power, and energy.
  • Parallelograms: Dynamic, harmonious, and balanced.
  • Trapeziums: Stability, movement, and modernity.
  • Rhombus: Luxury, sophistication, and abstract style.
  • Pentagons: Protection, unity, and five elements.
  • Hexagons: Communication, balance, and trust.
  • Geometric Lines: Structure, order, and visual hierarchy.
  • Fluid Lines: Movement and energy.
  • Flowing Curves: Continuity, grace, and elegance.
  • Creative Splotches: Spontaneity and unpredictability.
  • Organic Icons: Connection with nature and growth.
  • Abstract Shapes: Curiosity, emotions, and storytelling.

Read further about the different meanings and psychology of shapes in design in this blog.

What is the Psychology of Shapes in Design

The psychology of shape delves into the symbolic and emotional effects of different shape designs. Different shapes evoke different emotions, guiding designers to create impactful, mood-setting designs that resonate with viewers.

It’s our natural instinct to organize the chaos around us and give it a theme for more significance. Moreover, shapes aren’t just random forms; they’re our visual language, influencing how we feel about what we see. Additionally, it’s almost like an ancient survival skill, helping us bring order to our world. This need to simplify and categorize extends to how we look at visuals. Whether you’re into neat geometric shapes or more free-flowing forms, your choice can seriously impact how your design feels. Designers often play with this concept of shapes and psychology, especially in creating logos that say a lot about a brand without words.

Art is all about communication, right? Understanding the psychology of shapes lets designers use them like visual storytellers, weaving messages without saying a word for unbeatable visual communication!

Why is it Important for Designers to Use the Psychology of Shapes

We will show you how different shapes aren’t just forms for designers; they’re storytellers. Moreover, as designers and photographers know the psychological meaning of shapes, they uniquely influence how viewers interpret and feel about their creations. In design, photography, and art, the trio of geometric, organic, and abstract shapes is a dynamic force shaping both aesthetic and emotional resonance. Designers can communicate with shape language, triggering specific psychological responses in the viewers. Additionally, here’s a simple catch – it’s not just about picking the right shape; it’s about the artful mastery of how you use it.

Meanings of shapes are a transformative symphony of visual storytelling that turns designs into powerful narratives. So, let’s decode why designers use shape psychology in every kind of design and art form.

1. Shapes Whisper Emotions

Different shapes evoke specific emotions in viewers. Designers can effectively convey intended emotions and messages by utilizing suitable shapes. For example, a triangular shape is presented to the viewers as a feeling of progression, achievement, or action. 

Designers use shapes- wishper emotions- business blog graphic

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So designers use this shape symbolism to create the perfect message for a brand focused on achieving goals for its clients. 

2. The Secret of Visual Hierarchy

Have you ever wondered why some designs just click? Basically,It’s all for the shapes psychology! By understanding shapes and their meanings, designers can strategically place and size shapes to establish a visual hierarchy in their compositions.

business blog graphic- designers use shapes for visual hierarchy

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Picture a blog graphic like the above business blog graphic where a snazzy arrow button and a rectangular box with texts steal the show amidst gentle lines and subtle imagery, compelling you to click. That’s the magic of the psychology of shapes in action! 

So, ready to jazz up your designs for the next blog? Learn how to create a stunning blog graphic in a few minutes!

3. Jazz Up Your Brand Identity

Shapes are vital in shaping brand recognition. A consistent application of distinct shapes in brand elements is pivotal for building a robust and distinctive brand identity. 

X Logo with Geometric shape

As we all know, Twitter changed its brand name and identity with X. The X shape in X/Twitter’s brand identity is a distinctive example of the symbolism of shapes. It symbolizes connectivity, interaction, and crossing paths in the digital world. Hence, the simplicity and symmetry of the X create a memorable and versatile logo, and the resemblance of the multiplication sign conveys its mission to connect people and spark conversations on social media with infinite potential. 

4. Shaping User Experience

The psychology of shapes informs designers how different shapes influence human emotion. By using recognizable, familiar, and intuitive shapes, designers can create better user experiences and improve usability in their designs.

kids tumblr graphics- designers use for shaing user experience

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twitter business ad

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The bright yellow circle is a powerful call to action that compels people to click on this X/Twitter ad. Moreover, this simple design, utilizing shape constancy psychology, creates a hassle-free user experience for specific audiences searching for the same kind of event. Additionally, it ensures seamless engagement.

5. Setting the Tone

Designers imagine their design as a mood board. Curvy shapes bring a playful vibe, while sharp angles add an edgy touch.

children book cover- designer use shapes for setting the right mood

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Imagine you want to design a book cover for children; those bubbly circles and friendly abstract curves instantly give off a playful vibe. 

business linkedin banner- designers use shapes for setting the mood

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Now, switch to a marketing agency; you’ll see sharp lines and sleek angles, right? They scream modern and cutting-edge aesthetics. Chiefly, It’s all about using the science of shapes to create the right feels in your audience!

6. Create Exciting Typography

Designers work their magic with shapes, turning letters into expressive art. 

Designers use shapes- unique typography- christmas instagram post

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Think of it as a secret language where each curve and angle adds emotion and personality, making your words more than just a message – indeed they become an experience!

Designers use shapes- unique typography- company event invitation template

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Now that you have understood why a designer must use shapes in graphic design, let’s dive into different shapes and their meaning to understand which shapes have a powerful visual impact. 

Understanding the Psychology of Shapes

Let’s dive into the theory part of shape psychology in design!  Here, we will unravel the mysteries behind the psychology of shapes and explore the meaning of shapes with the unique vibes they bring to designs.

The Symbolic Meaning of Shapes by Shape Psychology

Our surroundings are a wonderland made of different shapes. Whenever we look around, we can find three distinct types of shape formations. 

  • Geometric Shapes
  • Organic Shapes
  • Abstract Shapes

Therefore, we will start with geometric shapes and meanings, organic shapes and emotions, and abstract shapes meanings to understand how shapes theory works.

Geometric Shapes and Meanings

The Symbolic meaning of shapes mainly relates to the distinct shape forms from geometry. Designers love flat, regular geometric shapes for their precision and versatility—crisp lines, perfect symmetry, and endless creative possibilities. 

1. What Do Squares Represent

Squares take the spotlight in design because these are common and ideal as a base. They accentuate crucial information in the design. Square shapes frame designs with ease, offering stability. 

corporate flyer with squares

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Meanwhile, look at this gulf blue stunning square – a design cornerstone, carving space for vital details. Even the tiny blocks in cornflower blue spotlight essential info, ensuring nothing escapes notice. Find similar corporate flyers that will awe your clients with peerless graphic design with shapes.

2. What is the Meaning of Rectangle Shape

Rectangles project calm vibes, wrap you in a cozy security blanket, and give off those “let’s keep things orderly” vibes. 

$th of july poster with rectangle borders

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This 4th of July poster has a flat rectangular frame that conveys vital information vibrantly. Furthermore, this design speaks volumes about trust and stability! It’s the visual cue that instantly sparks action.

thanksgiving poster with rectangle border

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Find similar Thanksgiving posters to explore designs with geometric shapes.

Pro Tip:

Creative business presentation design with rectangles and squares

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Certainly, you can become the wizard of geometric designs and include squares and rectangles in a single document design to establish a visual hierarchy, guiding the viewer’s attention to critical elements. 

3. What Do Circles Symbolize

Circles, soft rounded edges, or curved forms release a sense of gentleness, symbolizing endless continuity, unity, and creative balance. 

Thanksgiving Poster with circle

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This circular frame represents the warmth and joy of life, creating an elegant Thanksgiving poster.

circle for emphasizing importance in business presentation

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Furthermore, this image within a circle evokes a sense of completeness, offering harmony, warmth, and a serene ambiance to captivate your viewers.

4. What Do Triangles Represent

Triangles exude stability and power, simultaneously pulsating with energy. They symbolize the spiritual trinity—uniting body, mind, and spirit—while representing self-discovery. In graphic design, distinct triangle shape meanings vary from dynamism to progress and improvement.

triangl shape- corporate flyer

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This corporate flyer showcases power and leadership by contrasting yellow and black triangles with the base design.

Ad Poster

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Suppose you like this music poster with multiple open and closed triangle figures to create an edgy look and visual hierarchy. In that case, you must check out similar advertisement poster designs from our exclusive collection. 

5. What Do Parallelogram Shapes Represent

If we follow geometry, furthermore, a parallelogram, a member of the polygon family, is a distinct quadrilateral shape in geometry. This unique shape adds a geometric element to a design and consequently can create a dynamic and harmonious composition.

real estate business card

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This real estate business card plays with the overlays made with parallelogram geometric shapes. Parallelograms in this design bring a sense of stability and balance.

paralellogram- fashion calender

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You can create stunning and balanced compositions using these unique shapes and symbolism in your designs.

6. Trapezium Shapes and Meanings

Introducing trapeziums into design displays a sense of stability as the shape dishes out the meaning of equilibrium. That’s why it is relevant to contemporary visual appeal. 

trapezium- real estate flyer

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According to the psychology of shapes in design, meanwhile, trapeziums have an angled or skewed appearance that evokes a sense of movement, energy, and modernity. This shape gives the design a dynamic and contemporary look, thus providing a defined space for vital brand information.

7. Meaning of Rhombus in Graphic Design

The rhombus shape showcases the glamour of a diamond or gem, serving as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. 


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The distinctive shape of a rhombus contributes to an abstract visual style, making it a contemporary design.

8.  Meaning of Pentagon Geometric Shapes 

Throughout history, pentagons have been linked to symbols of protection, potentially stemming from their role in fortifications and military applications. 

Within certain cultural and mystical beliefs, the meaning of geometrical shapes like the pentagon is often intertwined with spiritual symbolism. Notably, the essence of the five elements – earth, air, water, fire, and spirit – adds depth to its significance.

pentagon- conference poster

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Here, the pentagon’s five sides symbolize unity, each contributing to the whole, representing a harmonious integration.

 9. What Do Hexagon Geometric Shapes Represent

When it comes to geometry in graphic design, the hexagon shape is the total package! It’s a powerhouse of symbolism, representing communication, balance, harmony, and unity.

hexagon- corporate flyer

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It is a versatile shape that can create a strong visual impact, like this corporate flyer! Additionally, it’s a popular choice in logo design, packaging, and other graphic elements. Moreover, the even sides and angles of the hexagon convey a sense of stability and reliability, building the rock-solid foundation you need to build trust and professionalism.

10. What Do Geometric Lines Represent in Art

Lines can define the structure of a design and provide a framework for organizing elements. 

car flyers

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Lines- poster

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These lines bring order and coherence to the layout, simultaneously ensuring visual harmony and balance. Moreover, lines are used to highlight essential elements. They create focal points and establish a visual hierarchy thereby drawing attention to specific areas or content.

As the realm of design is evolving, we’d love to surprise you with more shapes to understand innovative psychological aspects related to shapes.

Organic Shapes Meaning Explained

What makes organic shapes stand out? Imagine shapes taking a cue from nature’s playbook- resembling everything from plants and animals to rocks, trees, flowers, and even the delightful chaos of water and sand. 

education logo-organic shape meaning example

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These shapes frequently cozy up with circles, flaunting those curvy lines. Moreover, they are the sister sign of geometric shapes in design; elegantly dancing to the beat of freedom, lightness, playfulness, and ease. Furthermore, the meaning of organic shapes varies from softness and strength, fragility and liberty, to stillness and dynamism.

You’d love to see some of the most brilliant examples of DocHipo design templates with organic shapes.

1. Fluid Lines for Lively Designs
  • Meaning: This organic structure signifies movement and energy according to the shapes theory.

fashion logo- organic shapes meaning with fluid lines

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You can also create this fabulous fashion logo with organic shapes and ideas all by yourself. Those vibrant, creative lines come together in a butterfly shape, giving off all the positive and lively vibes. Organic shapes in graphic design can create a true style statement!

2. Flowing Curves
  • Meaning: Soft and wavy curves represent continuity, grace, and natural movement.

flowing curves with organic shapes for real estate pinterest graphic template

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flowing curves with organic shapes for beauty poster

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Such organic designs with curves are ideal for conveying a sense of elegance and fluidity in designs.

3. Creative Splotches with Organic Shapes
  • Meaning: These shapes bring spontaneity and unpredictability to your design.

business poster with splotches- organic shapes design

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Create more such business posters with attractive designs and explore the mystery of the psychology of shapes in design.

4. Organic Icons to Connect with Reality
  • Meaning: common organic shapes in the form of icons create a strong connection with nature, growth, and freshness.

natural icon designs with organic shapes- fashion youtube banner

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natural icon designs with organic shapes- -fashion youtube banner

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These floral and botanic icons are ideal for designs related to eco-friendly or organic products or any specific seasonal launches.

stellar icons- education poster with organic shapes

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The psychology of shapes suggests that organic shapes like stars and clouds create a sense of wonder, serenity, and wholeness. 

Stars symbolize aspirations and dreams, while clouds convey a dreamlike, ethereal quality. 

molecules  organic shape icons-organic shapes meaning for business youtube banner

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Molecular icon shapes suggest sustainability and a connector to the future world. 

button icons- organic shapes for fashion youtube banner

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Artistic shapes like cute buttons in icons provide a sense of comfort and connection to your design.

As we are discussing all the ins and outs of the symbolic meaning of shapes, we can not leave behind the best friend of designers, the abstract shapes meaning!

The Meaning of Abstract Shapes

When someone mentions abstract shapes, the mind often drifts to fluid, curving forms of abstract art. But we are here to pull you out of that mistake because abstract shapes are all about interpretation. Whether they lean towards organic or geometric, it’s the process and context that truly matter. 

Let’s see some examples to understand what are the different shapes that we can use differently to give your design a unique voice.

abstract shapes for anniversary card

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abstract shapes for babyshower card

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facebook birthday event cover with abstract shapes

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Nonetheless, abstract shapes are the captivating storytellers of design, sparking curiosity and evoking emotions like in the above templates. 

Christmas facebook post

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Undoubtedly, think of these adorable icons as a prime example of an abstract shape from this Christmas Facebook post

Even glyphs are considered abstract shapes that create a story in the form of icons.

glyphs- abstract shapes and icons- instagram post pride day

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Check out this short video so you can make iconic designs with cool and abstract icons. 

Hope you have discovered all the essential symbolic meanings of shapes with this blog. We will enter into a new concept related to shape language. Let’s understand the emotional meaning of shapes.

Emotional Meaning of Shapes

Shapes carry emotional meanings that can profoundly impact visual communication. Therefore, here are some common shapes and their meanings related to human emotions:

What Emotion Does a Circle Represent

  • Emotion: Calmness, Positivity, Happiness, Wholeness

emotional meanings of shapes- circles-christmas square post

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emotional meanings of shapes-circle-car sales business card

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emotional meanings of shapes- circles-business linkedin post

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Indeed, the above template shows how circles are received as calm shapes in different positions.

emotional meanings of shapes- circles-fashion linkedin post

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The smooth, continuous nature of the circle creates a sense of calm and completeness.

What Emotion Does a Triangle Represent

  • Emotion: Strength, Stability, Freedom

emotional meanings of shapes- triangle- black friday leaderbord ad

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If you want to develop solid leads and improve web traffic, start with such leaderboard ads

emotional meanings of shapes- triangle-solar energy square post

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Triangles convey a sense of strength and stability due to their structured form.

What Emotion Does a Square Represent

  • Emotion: Stability, Security

emotional meanings of shapes- square-instagram story valentines day

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emotional meanings of shapes- square-facebook ad black friday

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real estate email header- square shape

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From building blocks and cityscapes to photo frames to cherish moments, square shapes rule your world by providing the perfect balance!

What Emotion Does a Spiral Represent

  • Emotion: Playfulness, Vitality

emotional meanings of shapes- spirals-- instagram story pride day

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Spirals can undoubtedly evoke a playful and dynamic energy, representing life’s journey with a sense of movement.

What Emotion Does a Heart Shape Represent

  • Emotion: Love, compassion, warmth

emotional meanings of shapes- hearts-instagram story pride day

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emotional meanings of shapes- hearts-instagram post pet templates

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emotional meanings of shapes- hearts-valentine card

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Hearts naturally convey emotions of compassion, love, and empathy. Don’t we all use small heart shapes to replicate romance in our minds?

What Emotion Does a Star Represent

  • Emotion: Happiness, Celebration, Positive Aspiration

star emotional shapes and meanings-4th july facebook post

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star emotional shapes and meanings-birthday invitation

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star emotional shapes and meanings-christmas facebook cover

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star emotional shapes and meanings-motivational instagram post

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Stars in these templates symbolize happiness, celebration, and positive aspirations, lighting the way. 

Spiritual Meaning of Shapes According to Shape Psychology

Now, if you are wondering “what do different shapes symbolize spiritually,” you will get all your answers here. We’ll discuss the top three shapes and their spiritual meanings one by one. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Circle

  • Meaning: Eternity

spiritual meaning of circle- 4th of july instagram story

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Almost every culture in this world is inclined to circles when it comes to showing eternal positivity. 

spiritual meaning of circle- christmas facebook post

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spiritual meaning of circle- diwali facebook post

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We all know about the peaceful and progressive energy circles represented in mandalas. Indians use Rangoli to celebrate auspicious occasions like Diwali and Navratri, which follow the familiar circular shape!

spiritual meaning of circle- diwali instagram story

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You can create such colorful and joyous Diwali Instagram Posts with DocHipo for free. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Rhombus

  • Meaning: Spiritual Awakening

rhombus spiritual meaning- diwali instagram story

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The above one is a beautiful design with flowers and earthen lamps that create a rhombus, symbolizing balance and symmetry, reflecting the idea of equilibrium and harmony in one’s spiritual journey. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Ornamental Shapes

Meaning: Positive Spirituality, Balance and Harmony

ornamental shapes- eid al fitr card

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ornamental shapes piritual meaning- diwali instagram story

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ornamental shapes- spiritual meaning- beauty facebook ad

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Sometimes, flowers are used as a symbol of creation, interconnectedness, and the divine order of the universe.

ornamental shapes- spiritual meaning- wedding pinterest graphic

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ornamental shapes- -spiritual meaning- wedding pinterest graphics

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spiritual meaning of ornamental shapes- eid facebook post

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Designers use ornamental shapes to infuse a spiritual and timeless quality into their creations.

Are the Psychology of Shapes and Colors Equally Important

When we look at designs, the psychology of shapes and colors plays distinct yet equally vital roles. While shapes communicate structure and evoke emotions, colors bring vibrancy and influence mood. Both elements must maintain a balance, guiding designers in crafting compelling visuals that captivate and convey messages with nuanced impact. Balancing these factors ensures a harmonious and impactful design.

If you want to know more about different color schemes and their role in design, we recommend you read the theory of color wheel.  

How to Design Effectively Using the Psychology of Shapes with DocHipo

This section is for every graphic designer and non-designer, as we are about to explain how you can play with the psychology of shapes and take control with your unique, personalized designs.

With DocHipo, you just need to sign up and choose the templates you want to work on.

Check out this quick video demonstrating the effortless process of discovering your preferred templates.

Let’s dive into the easy steps for customizing any design with shapes and a lot more in an instant. Moreover, as we know that abstract shapes have the advantage of open interpretation and symbolize uniqueness, we will show you how to use an abstract shape to make an adorable Instagram post for your audience. 

Step 1: Find Templates for Your Document Design

Hop over to DocHipo and check out the Templates panel on the left. If you’re looking for something specific, just use the search option. Once you’re there, pick a document type that suits your design needs. We went with a pet Instagram post template designed for our furry friends for this demonstration!

How to find templates

You can also check out this video to learn more about the different types of Instagram post templates you can access with DocHipo.

So, when you check out the Instagram Post templates, you’ll find a bunch of excellent categories. Pick the one you’re into at the top, or browse through the preview panel and choose a design that catches your eye. For now, we’re going with this adorable pet Instagram post template to give you a rundown on using abstract shapes and sprucing up your design. 

Select Pets Template

Now, we simply select the template we’ve marked with an arrow for you to understand. It will take you to the DocHipo Editor, where we will edit and customize our design for this template. 

And don’t worry if you want to change the picture; we have thousands of cute and irresistible pictures of pets accessible with our stock photo integration. You can remove the background of any image for free and use it in your selected template!

Watch this video to learn how to leverage this unique, free background remover feature. 

Step 2: Choose Your Shape and Edit Your Design

Go ahead and click on the graphics and media section on the left. You’ll find a bunch of new shapes in our extensive library.

select graphics and media for shape library

select shapes from shape library

The new collection of shapes is introduced in the library, keeping all kinds of business and fun that this generation seeks. We chose an exceptional abstract shape to make this post even more edgy. 

select an abstract shape

The marked abstract shape will create a stunning splotched background for the picture. This will make your Instagram post trend in an instant!

All you have to do is select that shape, and it will be inserted right there in your design. You can move it around, tweak the size, play with colors, and even adjust the amount of opacity. 

Do you want to make it bigger or smaller? Just drag it. Head to colors and switch up the hue from the nifty editing panel above.

resize the shape and change its color

You can edit the shape further by adding shadow and border effects to your shape. This video will guide you on how to add effects to your shapes and other graphic elements. 

Also, play with more colors in gradient forms and give your shapes more meaning! Watch this short video on how to apply gradient colors to shapes and texts.

After you have made these changes, drag it to wherever you want to see it. Once you’ve got your design all set with the shape in the perfect spot, give your mouse a little click and hit “Send to Back.” This nifty move puts the shape behind the picture, creating a striking background that really makes the picture pop. 

edit position and send to back for photo background

We have an ultimate guide for DocHipo Editor so you can have a hassle-free experience designing your document. You can also explore different geometric shapes in design and try to give your Instagram posts a new height.

Step 3: Finalize Your Design and Download

If you like the final look of your design, simply select the dotted button and proceed to download your customized document in your preferred format. 

Finalize your design and download

You will receive a watermark-free file in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or MP4, depending on your choice.

This is the final design that we have created.

Final Instagram post

Check out all our new shapes library and increase your creativity for your next design project.

Wrapping Up…

Now that you know the actual meanings of shapes, you can easily create your design with shapes and other potential design widgets in DocHipo. Start your journey of design excellence by signing up for DocHipo today. 


Why is Shape Psychology Important?

Understanding shape psychology is crucial for effective communication and design. It positively influences emotions, perceptions, and user experiences, fostering meaningful connections.

What Do Shapes Symbolize?

Different shapes convey different meanings- circles represent unity, squares present stability, and triangles display strength and dynamism. Each form speaks a language, a visual narrative of significance and purpose.

What is the Shape Language?

Shape language is a visual communication tool using geometric, organic, and abstract shapes to evoke emotions and convey messages in a design or composition.

What Feeling Do Organic Shapes Create?

Organic shapes evoke a sense of natural fluidity and harmony. These are gentle curves or irregular contours that generate a feeling of warmth and authenticity. Organic shapes invite viewers into a dynamic and welcoming visual experience.

How Do Shapes Affect Emotions?

Shapes evoke emotions through subconscious associations in design. Every sign or shape has a distinctive meaning. The strategic use of shapes enhances the content’s emotional impact.

Do Shapes Have Spiritual Meaning?

Shapes profoundly connect with spirituality. Each shape represents intrinsic symbolism that transcends cultures and centuries.

Why Do Humans Love Square?

The potential of squares lies in their harmonious simplicity, offering a visual equilibrium that resonates with human aesthetics and order.

What Shape Represents Strength?

The triangle symbolizes strength, embodying a stable foundation and resilient structure. Its three sides harmonize power, balance, and endurance, making it a potent emblem of unwavering strength.

What is the Most Pleasing Shape to Human Eye?

The circle is often considered the most pleasing shape to the human eye, symbolizing unity, perfection, and symmetry, captivating with its inherent simplicity and aesthetic harmony.

What Shape is Most Eye-Catching?

Circles and curves visually get the maximum attention of the viewers, making them the most eye-catching shape for design.

What is the Most Calming Shape?

The soothing essence of the perfect circle brings a sense of balance and calmness, its seamless symmetry radiating a timeless tranquility for a serene visual experience.

What Shapes Make People Happy?

The language of shapes suggests that people feel happy with spirals that signify growth, circles that radiate warmth, and hearts that echo love.