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YouTube Banner Size and Dimensions: A Detailed Guide

Last Updated Jul 8, 2024

As a YouTube content creator, you want to make an impression on your audience. Of course, the content you post matters the most to your viewers. But how would you create a memorable brand and effectively inform your viewers about your page within seconds? For this purpose, you need an eye-catching YouTube banner. However, your YouTube banner can get cropped or blurred across various devices. Therefore, following the YouTube banner size is essential before uploading the images.

YouTube Banner Size 2024

  • Ideal YouTube banner size: 2560 X 1440 pixels
  • Aspect ratio of YouTube banner: 16:9
  • YouTube banner image size: 2048 X 1152 pixels 
  • YouTube Image file size: less than 6MB
  • YouTube banner safe area size: 1546 X 423 pixels.

Let’s learn about the recommended dimensions, safe area, aspect ratio, and suitable file types for the YouTube banner. Also, get detailed information about uploading or changing your YouTube banner image.

What is the YouTube Banner Size

The YouTube banner is the horizontal image on the top of a YouTube channel page. It is the first thing that grabs viewers’ attention when they visit your channel. For instance, check out DocHipo’s seamless YouTube banner.  At a glance, we can understand the tone and motto of the software. 

 DocHipo YouTube channel art

When discussing the channel art or banner size for YouTube, we consider the dimensions and pixels suitable for uploading the image. The YouTube banner size is 2560 X 1440 pixels per the latest recommendations. Uploading the banner more minor or significant than the YouTube banner specifications can crop your image on some devices. Also, your YouTube channel might take longer to load for your viewers. 

Dimension for YouTube Banner

We have discussed briefly the channel art size of YouTube. Let’s get into further detail about the dimensions of the YouTube banner image.

YouTube Banner Image Size

Choosing a YouTube image for a banner can be tricky as the image should fit within the visibility area across various devices. For the picture, the minimum dimensions should be 2048 X 1152 pixels. Further, the image’s aspect ratio should be 16:9 to optimize banners across several screen sizes. 

Apart from the YouTube banner dimensions and aspect ratio, you should take care of the file type and size to avoid issues while uploading the images. YouTube accepts file types such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. Take care of the file size; it should be within 6 MB for smooth uploading.

YouTube Banner Size for All Devices 

Many people watch YouTube on laptops, TVs, tablets, or mobile phones. The channel art size appears different for each of these devices. As you can see, the YouTube banner alters on various devices. The YouTube banner for desktop display is 2560 X 423 pixels, whereas for TV display, 2560 X 1440 pixels. Similarly, the YouTube banner size for mobile is 1546 X 423 pixels, while the tablet display is 1855 X 423 pixels. For this reason, we are careful about placing the text and graphics on the banner. 

YouTube banner size across devices
Source: Freepik

So, the question arises: “Where should we place the most essential elements on the banner?” There is a safe space or area to ensure maximum visibility of design elements. Keep scrolling to learn more about the safe space.

YouTube Banner Size Safe Area 

In the YouTube banner, the safe area is the visible space across all the devices. Look at the image below that explains the display area of the YouTube channel art for various devices. Here, you can observe that the safe area is at the center with dimensions 1546 X 423 pixels. 

YouTube banner safe area

When you know the safe area, you will be mindful about placing the most essential elements in this space on your YouTube banner. You can place text, logos, images, graphics, and anything necessary to communicate about your channel. Thus, design your YouTube banner smartly with the knowledge of YouTube banner safe area.

YouTube Banner Best Practices

Before you create your YouTube banner, take note of these crucial best practices to avoid blunders.

1. Be Mindful About the Spaces Outside the Safe Area 

You know about the safe area on the YouTube banner, but you don’t have to include everything in that rectangle box. Many people use YouTube on big screens; thus, utilizing that space is smart. For example, H&M takes an unconventional approach in using spaces other than the safe area for showcasing its collection. 

YouTube banner of H&M

Or, you can use an eye-catching background like Airbnb to enhance the beauty of your channel.

YouTube banner of Airbnb

2. Utilize Exclusive and Highest-quality Images Only

Your YouTube banner should be clearly visible on all screen sizes. A high-resolution image ensures that your banner does not become pixelated or blurred. Also, ensure that the channel art is exclusive to your page. Even if you pick a royalty-free image, ensure it effectively portrays your brand image. For instance, Mandarin Oriental showcases high-quality images of luxurious retreats to entice its viewers.

YouTube banner of Mandarin oriental

3. Align Your Banner with Channel Icon

Your YouTube channel icon and banner should be in sync to communicate with your viewers. You don’t want any confusion around the image of your channel. To illustrate, look at the banner and channel icon of Bright Side. It opts for a simple and minimalistic YouTube banner with its slogan. The banner resonates well with the brand in the iconic tones of yellow and black.

YouTube banner of bright side

For the channel icon on YouTube, the ideal size is 800 X 800 pixels. Remember, the icon appears in the circular frame. Thus, it’s better to align the image to avoid cropping centrally.

How to Change YouTube Banner

Now that you know what YouTube header size will be your channel’s cherry on top, let’s quickly learn about changing the banner with a few simple steps through these images. 

1. Visit Your YouTube Channel

Open your YouTube profile and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to get the drop-down menu. Now, select the ‘view your channel’ option.

Changing YouTube Banner: visit your channel

2. Customize Your Channel

After that, select the customize channel option visible on the screen.

Changing YouTube Banner: customize channel

Choose the branding column on the channel customization page to upload or change the banner image. 

Changing YouTube Banner: upload the channel art

3. Upload YouTube Banner Image

Click on the upload option, and you will come across this dialogue box to view the display on different devices. Check the visibility of design elements on the banner and select ‘Done’ to upload your banner.

Changing YouTube Banner: upload the channel art

How to Make YouTube Banner Fit on All Devices 

Want to capture your channel’s essence with the ideal YouTube cover dimensions? Creating a banner from scratch can be challenging. You might also think about uploading your photos on the banner. However, adjusting the image per the YouTube cover size can be daunting. Don’t worry; you can find the perfect fit by creating a banner in DocHipo. Let’s see how DocHipo simplifies the process and helps you make banners that fit on all devices.

You can start from scratch or choose customizable YouTube banner templates from DocHipo. In DocHipo, plenty of templates are available for different niches like beauty, business, travel, and fashion. Sign up with DocHipo for free and create a YouTube banner within minutes with three simple steps.

1. Choose Your YouTube Banner Template

After signing up, you will land on the homepage, where you can search for your banner templates. Our professionals have aligned these gorgeous templates with the ideal YouTube cover image size and safe area. 

DocHipo homepage

If you want to design from ground level, select the blank template to create your channel art. 

Blank template in DocHipo

Once you have selected the blank template, you will land on the editor. The page size is already aligned with the dimensions of the YouTube banner. Further, notice the grid line on the blank page guiding you about the safe area at the center of the banner.

YouTube banner size in DocHipo

The grid lines guide you to various display areas across different devices. You can notice the highlighted grid lines in this image indicating the desktop display size.

 showing desktop display in DocHipo

Likewise, this green rectangle highlights the mobile display or safe area where you can place the most crucial elements. It helps you design your YouTube banner without worrying about essential details cropping on mobile screens.

showing safe area in DocHipo

These guiding lines are also visible when you customize any template in the editor. Also, these margins are not visible when you download the final design. So, let’s start designing your YouTube channel art. Choose one of these templates from various categories suitable for your channel. 

DocHipo YouTube banner templates

2. Customize Your Banner Template

Once you have selected the banner template, you can customize it in the DocHipo editor using several fonts, icons, illustrations, stickers, stock images, etc. 

DocHipo design widgets for customization

After making all the changes, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the editor to download.

DocHipo YouTube banner templates customization

Also, learn with The Ultimate Guide to Using the DocHipo Editor to Design Your Documents.

3. Download Your YouTube Banner Design

Select the PNG file type and the normal quality for web use. Select download, and your high-resolution YouTube banner will be ready to impress your viewers.

DocHipo YouTube banner design download

Also, learn more about making YouTube banners with DocHipo with this video.

Final Thoughts

Your YouTube banner is crucial for communicating your channel’s content, tone, and ideas to your audience. Moreover, the YouTube banner size while uploading your banner ensures your channel’s credibility. We have discussed much about the banner dimensions, but there is an easy way to avoid all the hassle. Simply sign up with DocHipo and create your banner without worrying about the size. Make an eye-catching YouTube banner within minutes without any design experience!


1. What size should a YouTube banner be?

The suitable YouTube channel banner size should be 2560 X 1440 pixels. However, one should take care of the visible display area of the YouTube channel art across different devices.

2. What size is the YouTube banner image for all devices?

The size of the YouTube banner image varies across different screens. Here are the dimensions of the YouTube banner display for each of them.

  • Desktop display – 2560 X 423 pixels
  • TV display – 2560 X 1440 pixels
  • Mobile display – 1546 X 423 pixels
  • Tablet display – 1855 X 423 pixels.

3. How to make your YouTube banner fit all devices?

To make a YouTube banner fit for all devices, you should place the essential elements within the safe area, measuring 1546 X 423 pixels at the center of the banner. You can use online graphic design tools like DocHipo to readily follow the ideal YouTube cover photo size and get guidance in making a YouTube banner that is visible on all devices.