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10 Pixelied Alternatives: Features, Pricing and Essential Tips

Last Updated Jul 3, 2024

Pixelied is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that helps users create designs without experience. However, exploring alternatives to Pixelied can lead you to a better tool that suits your needs. The benefits of these alternatives are what you need to take your designs to the next level.

Pixelied Alternatives

  • DocHipo: Ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and creators.
  • Piktochart: Suitable for creating infographics and professional documents.
  • Canva: Suitable for creators, marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. 
  • VistaCreate: Ideal for large enterprises, businesses, freelancers, and marketers.
  • Adobe Express: Ideal for creators, bloggers, influencers, and business owners.
  • DesignCap: Suitable for professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs who need more design experience.
  • Creatopy: Ideal for ad creation, production, and management.
  • Kittl: Ideal for designers looking for vintage designs.
  • Venngage: Ideal for creating any professional visuals with complex data.
  • Wepik: Entirely free graphic design tool for creators, small businesses, and marketers.

Our comprehensive guide features ten Pixelied alternatives with their features and pricing. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve included features highlighting each alternative’s unique features, pricing, and suitability. 

Best Pixelied Alternatives

Explore these Pixelied alternatives with unique capabilities, pricing structures, and features. We’ve compiled all the details based on reviews and hands-on experience with the tools so that you can find a powerful and user-friendly substitute.

1. DocHipo

DocHipo, the first tool on our list, stands out for several reasons. This Pixelied alternative is easy to use and offers diverse templates for businesses, industries, and occasions. Its user-friendly interface ensures a quick design process, while advanced features like generative AI and collaboration capabilities guarantee a seamless design experience.

Pixelied alternatives- DocHipo website

Let’s explore the exclusive features of DocHipo that make it one of the best Pixelied alternatives.

a) Hundreds of Professional Templates for Effortless Designs

DocHipo templates offer professional designs with high-quality graphics that will set you apart. You can get a template for anything, be it a presentation, infographics, resume, social media post, email banner, or logo design. The variety of templates available will surely inspire your creativity for your industry.

DocHipo for industries

Learn to make the most of DocHipo for your industry.

With on-point visuals and copy, creating a document requires minimum customization. Also, you can effortlessly find the desired template with the organized categorization into format, industry, and occasion.

DocHipo homepage

Find templates in DocHipo in this video tutorial.

b) Enhance Projects with Resourceful Design Widgets

In the DocHipo editor, you can customize the chosen templates with a vast library of design widgets. DocHipo has covered you with every possible customization of fonts, backgrounds, and graphic elements. 

DocHipo design widgets

Explore hundreds of shapes, stickers, icons, illustrations, stock images, animations, text frames, videos, etc, to widen your design creativity scope. 

Design assets in DocHipo

Discover the design assets of DocHipo with this video.

In addition, you can enhance your documents with a QR code generator, maps, and collage maker.

qr code generator in DocHipo

Generate a QR code for your documents with this video.

Learn more about using maps in DocHipo.

c) Design Effortlessly with a Simple and Intuitive Interface

Designing in DocHipo is a breeze, even if you have never designed anything. With well-categorized templates, you can narrow your search within seconds. Also, with the drag-and-drop functionality, you can customize the templates conveniently.

DocHipo UI

Watch this video to learn more about getting started with DocHipo.

d) Easily Modify Images with a Handy Photo Editor

As a Pixelied alternative, DocHipo offers built-in photo editing capabilities, too. Let’s explore what you can do with the photo editor

Crop to Shape

You can upload or select a picture from the stock photo library and select the crop option from the editing bar. 

Crop to shape photo editor alternative to Pixelied in DocHipo

Now, choose any shape and adjust the image accordingly. Click on apply, and your cropped photo will be ready for use.

Crop to shape in DocHipo

Watch this video to crop images successfully.

Enhance with Filters

You can also enhance any image with the help of photo filters in the editor. Select a picture and choose the filter option from the editing bar.

DocHipo filter

Now, choose a filter from the variety of options available to you. 

DocHipo filter

You can adjust the picture’s brightness, contrast, hue, blur, grayscale, and saturation.

adjust photos in DocHipo

Watch this video to enhance your images with filters.

Arrange Pictures 

Finding the perfect alignment and position can take a lot of time. Therefore, DocHipo can arrange layers, align pictures, and rotate them at ideal angles.

Arrange pictures in Pixlied alternative DocHipo

Explore how to arrange widgets in DocHipo with this video.

Apply Animations

To make your designs dynamic, add animations to the images. Select the picture and choose animate on the editing bar.

Animate pictures in the editor

Now, you can apply animations such as back, bounce, flip, puff, roll, etc.

Animate pictures in the editor

In addition, you can also select the speed of these animations at the entrance and exit of the effect.

Animate pictures with speed control in the editor

e) Optimize Sizes Quickly with Smart Resize

Designing for different platforms can be a daunting task. However, you can take a shortcut with the smart page resize in DocHipo and use the same design for different platforms. All you need to do is select the page resize option in the editor.

page resize in DocHipo

Now, you will get various ideal page size options for the mentioned categories. Here, let’s change the document size into a Facebook post.

page resize in DocHipo

You have successfully created a Facebook post with a single click. Adjust the design elements, and you are good to go.

page resize in DocHipo

In addition to standard page sizes, you can choose custom page sizes. Enter the dimensions of the page as per the units of measurement and resize the document however you want.

Custom sizes in DocHipo

Learn to change the page size units in DocHipo.

f) Customize Seamlessly using Generative AI Tools

Graphic design tools are evolving and integrating advanced features to make your design journey smoother. Similarly, DocHipo offers some powerful tools with generative AI to overcome the hiccups while designing your documents. These tools include an AI Background Remover and an AI Image Generator, which can significantly enhance your design process.

AI Background Remover 

Opt for the background remover tool when you want a seamless look when adding an image to a design. With a single click, you can remove the background of any picture.

Background remover in DocHipo

Next, adjust the picture in the design to get a polished look.

Background remover in DocHipo

Learn to remove the background of your images in the DocHipo editor.

AI Image Generator

Are you searching for the perfect image for your documents? Create one with an AI text-to-image converter. Choose AI images and describe the image with a text prompt. Also, select the image style you wish to generate from various options like anime, cinematic, 3D, illustration, stained glass, pencil sketch, black and white, etc.

AI image generator

Within a few seconds, you will get multiple eye-pleasing, high-quality images. Drag and drop the image to the desired location; your design is complete now.

AI image generator

Learn to generate on-point AI images in DocHipo.

AI Writer

We always want a compelling copy to complement eye-catching graphics. Therefore, AI Writer helps you with the right words. Select AI Writer from the design widgets in the editor.

AI writer in DocHipo

Give the topic for which you want to create perfect lines. Further, you can also choose the text’s tone from various options, such as professional, dramatic, funny, casual, friendly, confident, and excited. And leave the job to the AI Writer. Within a few seconds, you have an impressive copy for your design.

AI writer in DocHipo

Learn to use AI writer in DocHipo editor.

AI Translate

Translate your documents into 100+ languages with DocHipo’s AI Translate. Select the AI Translate from the editor.

AI Translate on DocHipo

Now, choose the language in which you want to translate the document. You have successfully translated the design with a single click.

AI Translate on DocHipo

Watch this video to translate your documents into several languages with DocHipo’s AI Translate.

g) Ensure Brand Consistency with a Brand Kit and Themes

Maintaining consistency in all your designs can be challenging. That’s when you need a brand kit to make the on-brand document creation smoother. With DocHipo’s brand kit, save all your brand assets, such as brand fonts, colors, logos, images, etc, to use them for multiple designs.

brand kit in DocHipo

Learn to create on-brand designs with DocHipo.

Color your documents with gorgeous hues with Themes. Themes offer preset combinations to help you select the color combinations that work together.

Themes in DocHipo

Learn to apply color themes in your documents with DocHipo.

h) Boost Productivity with Real-time Collaboration

It’s better to design with your team for the best ideas and input. Therefore, DocHipo offers real-time collaboration so you can create and share feedback simultaneously. Moreover, you can control access with Read Only, Read Write, and Full Access options.

Real time collaboration feature in DocHipo

Learn more about team collaborations in DocHipo.

i) Multiple Download and Sharing Options

After creating your design from DocHipo, you have various options: share, publish, and download. Let’s explore these options to see how DocHipo makes document sharing and saving possible.

Download and sharing options in DocHipo
Download in Various Formats

You can download your designs into various formats, such as PNG, PDF, JPG, GIF, or MP4. You can also choose the document’s quality depending on whether it is for web or print use.

Download options in DocHipo

Also, explore page-wise downloading in DocHipo.

Publish with Access Control

You can also publish your designs without downloading them on websites and social media platforms, with access controlled through passwords. You can also let your viewers download it from the website.

Publishing in DocHipo

Watch this video to allow viewers to download your published documents.

Email Sharing

Sharing your documents via email is super convenient. Therefore, DocHipo allows you to send documents directly in the email. All you have to do is type the recipient’s name, and your document will land in their inbox within seconds.

email sharing in DocHipo

Get details about email sharing in DocHipo with this video.

Ideal for

DocHipo will serve you well with a simple user interface and advanced features if you are an entrepreneur, professional, marketer, or creator. This Pixelied alternative offers an impressive photo editor and plenty of capabilities to make your design journey easy, even if you are a beginner. 


DocHipo offers a free plan with limited access to templates and features.

However, the paid plans will give you access to all the features. You can pay for either of these two plans:

  • Pro Plan at $7.5/month per user (billed annually).
  • Pro Once with a one-time payment of $144/user. Pay once and experience unlimited access to tons of design assets!

The platform also accepts payment in 15+ currencies so that you can use the plans without issues in your currency.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is a simple yet robust platform for creating professional and business-oriented graphics, such as infographics, posters, banners, presentations, etc. Creating documents in Piktochart is fast and easy, offering hundreds of customizable templates and design assets. The true strength of this platform lies in its ability to turn complex data into meaningful and catchy visuals. 

In addition, the powerful generative AI tools help you create designs with text prompts. One of the unique features of Piktochart is editing videos just like text documents using captions. However, Piktochart offers basic photo editing capabilities and can introduce filters and tonal enhancements. 

Ideal for

Piktochart is ideal for businesses, professionals, and people who wish to create documents with complex data.


You can try Piktochart for free with limited design assets and downloads.

Further, you can get the paid plans to access all the features:

  • Pro Plan at $14/month per member, billed annually.
  • Business Plan at $24/month per member, billed annually.

3. Canva

Canva is a versatile graphic design tool rich in design assets. In addition to thousands of templates, Canva offers a photo editor, logo maker, and video editor. Besides, you can get advanced photo editing capabilities with built-in generative AI, such as background remover, magic eraser, magic grab, and magic edit. 

Additionally, Canva offers real-time collaboration and a brand kit to maintain consistency. However, the user interface can overwhelm a beginner, as it provides many capabilities simultaneously.

Ideal for

Canva is suitable for creators, marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. 


Canva offers a free plan with limited templates and access to design assets.

Further, to access all the features in the long run, Canva offers two paid plans:

  • Canva Pro is $119.99/year for one person.
  • Canva for Teams at $300/year for the first five users.

4. VistaCreate

Formerly known as Crello, VistaCreate helps you explore your creative side with many professional templates and design assets. In addition to the vast library of icons, stickers, images, and videos, the tool offers media and animated graphics. Overall, this Pixelied alternative is fun, with an intuitive interface and streamlined on-brand designing capabilities. 

The photo editor in VistaCreate equips you with filters, crop frames, and animations. You can also leverage the power of generative AI with a Background remover and sticker maker. However, users may note that there are many features behind the paywall.

Ideal for

VistaCreate suits large enterprises, mid-size businesses, freelancers, and marketers.


VistaCreate offers a free Starter plan with limited templates and design capabilities. You can opt for a paid plan at $10/month per user to access all the features.

5. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is one of the best Pixelied alternatives with plenty of design capabilities. The vast library of design assets offers vector icons, shapes, backgrounds, fonts, stickers, images, videos, audio, charts, etc. The photo editor gives filters, tonal adjustments, and animation capabilities. Besides, the app provides AI-powered tools like background remover, erase objects, and generative fill to give your designs a finished look.

Express offers a platform for creating, scheduling, and managing social media content. However, users may note that some features, like resize, erase, and brand kit, are behind a paywall.

Ideal for

Adobe Express suits creators, bloggers, influencers, and business owners.


You can access the core features of Adobe Express with a free plan.

However, you can access all the features with paid plans:

  • Premium Plan at $99.99/year per user.
  • Teams Plan at $155.88/year for a minimum of two seats.

6. DesignCap

DesignCap is another simple graphic design software that helps create professional documents. Unlike other Pixelied alternatives, the templates are divided into broad categories: social media graphics, documents, marketing, and events. The user interface is simple and intuitive, with drag-and-drop capabilities. 

The photo editor in DesignCap offers basic editing abilities. However, the most impressive feature of this Pixelied alternative is the module that helps with efficient graphic representation. Overall, DesignCap is a great tool, and introducing AI tools can enhance the user experience.

Ideal for

DesignCap suits professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs lacking design experience.


You can try DesignCap for free with limited design templates and assets access.

Further, there are two paid plans:

  • Basic Plan at $4.99 per month (billed annually)
  • Plus Plan at $5.99 per month (billed annually)

 7. Creatopy

Earlier known as Bannersnack, Creatopy is an all-in-one solution for ad creation, production, and performance tracking. This graphic design tool offers customizable templates, creative design assets, workflows, and more. Creatopy simplifies creating animated designs that you can start from scratch or with customizable templates.

The photo editor offers various capabilities, such as adjusting tonal quality, filters, layering, and visibility. You can also leverage AI-powered tools to create designs seamlessly. Users may note that most of the capabilities are behind the paywall.

Ideal for

Creatopy is ideal for marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators who want an all-in-one solution for advertisement.


There is no free plan for the users. 

Creatopy has three paid plans for its users when billed annually.

  • Basic Plan – $24 per month for one user.
  • Pro Plan –  $36 per month for one user.
  • Plus Plan –  at $141 per month for three users.

8. Kittl

Kittl is a creative graphic design tool with a vintage appeal. It offers a unique collection of designs suitable for print and web use. Apart from the vast collection of templates for every use case, Kittl offers design assets such as shapes, texts, illustrations, textures, stock images, etc. The built-in photo editor helps to crop, adjust, and convert images into SVG formats. However, Kittl can introduce photo filters to alter the tonal quality of the pictures with a single click.

In addition, you can also leverage the power of AI to generate images, vectors, art, and logos. Among all the other Pixelied alternatives, Kittl stands out with print-oriented vintage designs. Besides, Kittl can introduce advanced features such as brand kits and real-time collaboration to enhance the experience.

Ideal for

Kittl is ideal for designers looking for vintage designs with minimum design experience.


Kittel offers a free plan with basic design capabilities.

To access all the features, you can avail any of these three paid plans:

  • Pro Plan at $10/month per user (billed annually).
  • Expert Plan at $24/month per user (billed annually).
  • Business plan with custom pricing. 

9. Venngage

Venngage is one of the most organized Pixelied alternatives, helping with professional designs across industries. The clean and intuitive user interface makes the design journey fast and efficient without wasting time learning about the features. The tool is especially renowned for documents such as infographics, reports, presentations, and posters, helping present complex data in pleasing visual graphics.

With Venngage’s photo editor tool, you can crop, apply filters, adjust the tonal quality, and add shadows to the images. In addition, the software also allows you to save your brand assets with the brand kit and design in real-time collaboration with the team. However, Venngage can include AI-powered tools to make designing a seamless experience.

Ideal for

Venngage is ideal for creating any professional visuals with complex data.


Venngage offers a free plan with limited designs and assets.

Further, you can avail of the paid plans for long-term use:

  • Premium Plan at $10/user per month (billed annually)
  • Business Plan at $24/user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

10. Wepik

If you are searching for a free Pixelied alternative, Wepik is your go-to tool. Wepik offers many templates, design assets, and advanced capabilities. The software’s easy-to-use interface makes designing a breeze. In addition, you can schedule your social media posts within the calendar available in the tool.

The brand kit and generative AI tools make designing hassle-free. Besides, the photo editor offers essential editing tools like crop, filter, and layering. However, users may note that giving credit to the software is mandatory when using Wepik templates.

Ideal for

Wepik is ideal for creators, small businesses, and marketers.


Wepik is entirely free to use.

Choosing the Right Pixelied Alternatives

Each Pixelied alternative offers plenty of features. Since choosing the best tool that aligns with your needs can be confusing, here are some tips to help you decide.

Understand Your Design Needs 

Understanding your requirements when selecting a design tool is essential. For example, you may require a tool for creating business-oriented documents or casual social media posts. Clarifying these aspects will help you narrow your search and find the most suitable tool.

Evaluate the User Interface and Templates

After identifying the potential tools, explore their user interfaces and template libraries. Now, go through various sections and assess the overall usability. Evaluate the template designs, categories, and quality to ensure they align with your aesthetic preferences. You can also analyze the graphic design tool’s ease and learning curve.

Assess Features, Design Assets, and Capabilities

If you like the templates, delve deeper into the tool’s editor and design experience. Thoroughly examine the features available in both the free and paid plans. Likewise, if you want a tool for your business, look for advanced capabilities like generative AI, brand kits, and real-time collaboration.

Determine a Budget for Pixelied Alternatives

If you plan to use the tool for an extended period, consider the cost of the paid plan. Set a realistic budget and compare the pricing of various alternatives. Also, compare the features available in the free plan and paid plan. 

Verify Download and Sharing Options

Finally, assess the tool’s download and sharing options, as these are crucial. Assess the file formats supported for downloading designs and check for watermarks. Additionally, ensure that sharing files within the application or with others is smooth and convenient.

Wrapping Up

Pixelied is a user-friendly tool with plenty of features. This blog aims to offer ten useful Pixelied alternatives to help you explore various features and capabilities. We have given a comparative analysis of the features, user interface, photo editing capabilities, and pricing, which are central to picking an alternative to Pixelied. Furthermore, the selection guide tips will help you align your choice of tool with your purpose.

If you are looking to start from somewhere, try DocHipo. Create beautiful designs within minutes with plenty of design assets and advanced features. Sign up with DocHipo and get started with designing right now.


What is Pixelied?

Pixelied is an all-in-one design suite tool with a photo editor, templates, mockups, stock photos, icons, illustrations, and more.

How to remove the background in Pixelied?

You can remove the background from any image in Pixelied with three simple steps:

  1. Upload your photo in the JPG or PNG format.
  2. Select the background remover tool.
  3. Use the transparent background image within the design.

Is Pixelied legit?

Yes, Pixelied is a legit graphic design tool with responsive and helpful customer service.

What is the best photo editor free?

Many graphic design tools, such as DocHipo, Canva, Wepik, VistCreate, etc., offer the best photo editors for free.