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10 Creatopy Alternatives: Features, Pricing, and Essential Tips

Last Updated Jun 6, 2024

Are you searching for an alternative to Creatopy? Creatopy is an excellent tool for creating designs for advertisements. However, users may find some constraints while using the applications. Many graphic design tools are waiting, equally good or better than Creatopy. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Creatopy alternatives to help you expand your design horizons.

10 Creatopy Alternatives

  • DocHipo: Ideal for busy entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and creators.
  • VistaCreate: Ideal for large enterprises, mid-size businesses, freelancers, and marketers.
  • Canva: Suitable for creators, brands, and businesses with plenty of features.
  • Fotor: Best tool for creative photo editing with advanced features.
  • Piktochart: Great tool for creating infographics and professional documents.
  • Visme: Great for creating designs, videos, mockups, and on-brand documents.
  • Venngage: Ideal for creating any professional visuals.
  • Kittl: Ideal for print-ready designs with vintage appeal.
  • Adobe Express: A versatile tool great for beginners.
  • DesignCap: Ideal for creating posters and flyers.

This blog will allow you to explore ten Creatopy alternatives, including their features, pricing, and suitability. We will also assist you in choosing the best tool for your purpose.

Best Creatopy Alternatives

Here is a list of ten alternatives to Creatopy, providing insights into the tools’ suitability.

1. DocHipo

The first Creatopy alternative is DocHipo, that too for various reasons. DocHipo is a modern and user-friendly graphic design tool that will help you create professional designs within minutes. With an intuitive drag-and-drop DocHipo editor, anybody can create documents with zero design skills. 

In addition, some more exclusive features and capabilities make DocHipo an excellent choice for the Creatopy alternative. Let’s examine these design capabilities.

1. Extensive Collection of Templates for Every Purpose

With DocHipo, you can get hundreds of ready-to-use templates for business, marketing, social media, web banners, and advertisements. Our professionals have done all the heavy lifting to help you create stand-out designs with the right message, thus saving you time and effort. 

Whether it’s a presentation, flyer, case study, Facebook ad, Instagram post, or Christmas card, you can effortlessly search for the desired template in DocHipo based on format, industry, or occasion.

DocHipo homepage

Explore how you can leverage DocHipo for your industry.

Moreover, you can convert any document in DocHipo into a company template. Company templates help you maintain consistency with design across various platforms. 

Company templates on DocHipo

Leverage Company templates for your business.

2. Versatile Design Widgets Library

DocHipo offers robust design assets with a versatile design widgets library consisting of shapes, backgrounds, stickers, icons, illustrations, and more. Use these design assets to create a fantastic design.

Design widgets on DocHipo

Also, leverage the collage maker and QR code generator in DocHipo for your designs.

design widgets in DocHipo

Learn to use the QR code generator in DocHipo.

Make a beautiful collage using the collage maker tool in DocHipo.

Learn to find widgets in DocHipo.

3. Smart Resize to Reuse Designs in Different Formats

With DocHipo’s smart resize feature, you can reuse the same design for multiple documents. To do so, select the page size icon in the editor, as shown in the image.

Smart resize in DocHipo

Once you choose the smart resize option, you will come across various page sizes for your document. Choose a suitable page size or set a custom page size. 

Smart resize in DocHipo

Now, you can use the same design in several places.

Smart resize in DocHipo

Learn to use page resize in DocHipo.

4. Advanced Capabilities with Built-in AI Tools

DocHipo also helps you effortlessly customize documents using built-in AI tools. You don’t have to use different tools outside the DocHipo editor to remove background, generate text-to-image, or translate text. Let’s take a look at these tools.

AI Background Remover

Suppose you wish to blend an image with a template design by removing the picture’s background. Upload or choose the image from the stock images library. Select the background remover option and easily remove the background with a single click. 

Remove background in DocHipo

Your image is ready to give a seamless look to your design.

Remove background in DocHipo

Explore how to remove background in DocHipo editor.

AI Image Generator

With an AI image generator, get picture-perfect results with all the essential elements. After selecting the AI text for the image generator, give the suitable prompt and choose the image style. 

AI image generator in DocHipo

Drag and drop your favorite picture from the generated options and revamp your design.

AI image generator in DocHipo

Here’s how you can generate AI images in DocHipo.

AI Writer

Using the AI writer in DocHipo, you can express your emotions with the right words. To do so, select the AI writer widget in DocHipo.

AI writer in DocHipo

Now, give the text prompt and set the desired tone for the output. Within a few seconds, you will have text as impressive as your design.

AI writer output message

Learn to use AI writer in DocHipo editor.

AI Translate

You don’t have to create different documents for different languages. Translate any document with a single click into 100+ languages. Select the AI Translate option from DocHipo.

AI translate in DocHipo

Now, choose the language you want to translate the text. Voila! You have your design in the desired language.

AI translate in DocHipo

Translate your documents in several languages with DocHipo’s AI Translate.

5. Effortless Brand Alignment with Brand Kit and Themes

You can easily create on-brand documents using a brand kit. With the brand kit, you can add brand text, colors, images, fonts, etc. 

Brand kit in DocHipo

Create on-brand designs with DocHipo.

Also, you can keep a consistent theme by choosing a preset theme from DocHipo.

Themes in DocHipo

Learn to apply color themes in DocHipo.

6. Seamless Real-time Collaboration

Design with your team and receive feedback in real time with DocHipo. Further, control shared document access with Read-only, Read-write, and Full Access options. 

Real time collaboration in DocHipo

Explore real-time team collaborations in DocHipo.

7. Efficient Integrations for Hassle-free Designing

For a seamless design experience, DocHipo offers integrations with other applications.

With DocHipo’s integration with high-quality photo libraries, you can access a massive collection of stock images. Under the Graphics and Media option, choose the Pictures widget and search for attractive images for your template.

Stock images in DocHipo

Moreover, manage your Mailchimp activities efficiently by connecting DocHipo with the account.

Mailchimp integrations in DocHipo

Check out how to use DocHipo for Mailchimp.

In addition to Mailchimp, DocHipo lets you get responses through your designs using Typeform and Jotform. Now, you don’t have to wait for the feedback from your colleagues. Attach the form anywhere in your design and let your viewers respond through it.

Forms in DocHipo

Learn more about Typeform with this video.

8. Multiple Download and Sharing Options

DocHipo offers multiple formats of documents, such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, GIF, or MP4. You can easily download your designs without any watermark issues.

multiple download formats in DocHipo

In addition, DocHipo offers sharing options like present, publish, and email sharing directly from the application.

Now, present your slides in DocHipo with the Presenter mode by smoothly switching between the slides.

Presenter mode in DocHipo

Moreover, publish your documents via access control with a password or allow viewers to download them from the website.

Publish documents in DocHipo

Watch this video to enable your viewers to download published documents.

Share your documents directly via email with DocHipo. Type the recipient’s email address, and your email will land in their inbox.

Share via email in DocHipo

Check out this video to share documents via email in DocHipo.

Ideal for

DocHipo is suitable for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and professionals. It gives you an organized and hassle-free design experience without any prior design experience.

Explore more about DocHipo with this video.


The software offers a free plan. To access more robust features, DocHipo also offers paid plans:

  • Pro Plan at $7.5/month per user, billed yearly.
  • Pro Once for a one-time fee of just $144 per user. Pay once and enjoy unlimited document design for life!

Moreover, DocHipo allows you to buy the plan in 15+ different currencies with country-specific pricing.

2. VistaCreate 

Another Creatopy alternative is VistaCreate, which offers hundreds of static and animated templates. Formerly known as Crello, it provides hands-on professional designs and a vast library of creative design assets, including sticker makers, premium images, videos, and vectors. Moreover, resourceful brand kits make it easy to create on-brand designs. 

VistaCreate may seem overwhelming to designers who wish to narrow their template choices. Users may also note that advanced capabilities like smart resize and collaboration are behind the paywall.

Ideal for

VistaCreate is suitable for beginners, creators, and entrepreneurs, specifically those interested in print-ready designs.


The application offers a free plan with limited design assets. Further, a paid plan allows users to access the premium features for $10/month per person, billed annually. 

3. Canva

One of the most popular Creatopy alternatives, Canva, offers beginners a user-friendly platform. The app has an extensive collection of templates, stock images, backgrounds, icons, illustrations, animations, etc. It also offers advanced capabilities with built-in AI tools. The ease of use enables users to create professional designs within minutes.

Between Creatopy vs. Canva, Canva has more versatile designs for the templates. However, the application’s popularity makes it challenging to stand out with free template designs.

Ideal for

Canva is ideal for creators, individuals, and small and big enterprises. People with no graphic design experience can get diverse designs for templates.


The software is free to use with limited templates and design assets for as long as you want.

Further, Canva offers paid plans to the users to access advanced features.

  • Canva Pro is $119.99/ year for one person.
  • Canva for Teams is $300/ year for the first five users.

4. Fotor

Fotor is another Creatopy alternative known for its advanced photo editing capabilities. The application also offers a diverse collection of templates for various purposes. Moreover, Fotor offers advanced AI capabilities to enhance images and remove background and Faceswap features. 

Overall, Fotor is easy to use, with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature. Despite being a robust Creatopy alternative, Fotor is suitable for individual use. 

Ideal for

Fotor is suitable for people who want advanced photo editing capabilities.


The software offers a free plan that you can use to get a hang of the software.

Further, you can access premium features with two paid plans:

  • Pro plan at $3.33/month (billed annually)
  • Pro Plus plan at $7.49/ month (billed annually)

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is a simple and organized Creatopy alternative focused on a minimalistic design philosophy. It is well suited to designing documents with rich data in a visually appealing manner using charts, maps, flowcharts, etc. Moreover, Piktochart also offers 3D illustrations and real-time collaboration to give an immersive experience to multiple users. 

Overall, Piktochart can improve as a valuable graphic design tool by introducing AI capabilities and advanced design capabilities.

Ideal for

Piktochart is suitable for businesses and professionals who are creating data-heavy documents.


Piktochart offers a free plan that is limited in use.

Further, you can access more robust features with three paid plans:

  • Pro plan at $14 per user, paid monthly (billed annually), and has 100 GB storage.
  • Business plan at  $24 per user, paid per month (billed annually) with 250 GB storage
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise depends on the utility of the software.

6. Visme

Visme is a versatile and easy-to-use graphic design tool offering numerous templates and marketing materials. This Creatopy alternative allows you to create high-quality content with minimum effort. It provides plenty of assets and capabilities for designing, including a brand kit and team collaboration features.

Visme’s animations and interactivity features set it apart from other Creatopy alternatives. However, users may find many features behind the paywall.

Ideal for

Visme is suitable for businesses, organizations, and enterprises. The tool is convenient for making on-brand designs with teams.


The application offers a free version for as long as you want.

If you feel restricted in the free plan, switch to Visme’s paid plans for a wholesome experience:

  • Starter plan at $12.25/month per user, billed annually.
  • Pro Plan at $24.75/month per user, billed annually.
  • Visme for Enterprise offers a customized pack.

7. Venngage

Venngage is one of the finest graphic design tools for creating business, marketing, or social media documents. With a vast collection of premium templates, it can deliver your message with on-point designs. Its ease of use for creating infographics and data-driven documents makes it stand out from other alternatives to Creatopy. 

Further, Venngage offers several charts, maps, timelines, etc., within its editor. However, the application can enhance the user experience with a more contemporary interface.

Ideal for

Venngage is suitable for professionals, businesses, and enterprises. It can also be your go-to option for business-oriented documents containing heavy data.


Venngage offers a free plan with limited design capabilities.

Moreover, there are three paid plans with more robust features.

  • Premium Plan at $10 per month per user.
  • Business Plan at $24 per month per user.
  • Enterprise Plan at $499 per month for 10+ users.

8. Kittl

Kittl is an advanced graphic design tool that helps you create designs from scratch or ready-to-use templates. It offers hundreds of beautiful, sophisticated designs that appeal to your vintage taste. With advanced capabilities such as AI-powered tools, magic coloring, and advanced text editing, it helps you create standout designs.

While Kittl helps unleash your creativity, it is limited in use in the professional space. Also, beginners may take some time to learn to use the application.

Ideal for

Kittl is suitable for people looking for creative and print-ready designs.


You can use Kittl for free till a limited number of projects.

For unlimited use, Kittl offers three paid plans:

  • Pro plan- $10/ month per user, billed annually.
  • Expert plan- $24/month per user, billed annually.
  • Custom plan of teams and businesses.

9. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express offers a wide range of templates and stock assets. Along with that, the app also provides powerful photo and video editing features. It is one of the most hassle-free Creatopy alternatives with trendy graphics and advanced capabilities. 

Although it is a robust graphic design tool, you may need help in uploading files of different formats.

Ideal for

Adobe Express is ideal for beginners in graphic design who wish to explore diverse designs.


The free plan offers primary design assets and 5GB storage. 

Further, there are two paid plans:

  • Premium plan at $99.99 per year with expansive features and storage.
  • Teams plan at $155.88 per year with a minimum of two seats required.

10. DesignCap

DesignCap is a focused graphic design tool with a high-quality template collection. The organized layout helps you to navigate easily among the template categories. Moreover, the design assets have a variety of icons, shapes, stock images, illustrations, etc. For professional documents, DesignCap assists in representing data-centric designs in a visually appealing manner.

However, DesignCap has many features behind the paywall. Also, the application can introduce some advanced capabilities.

Ideal for

DesignCap is suitable for businesses, professionals, enterprises, and marketing collaterals.


The software offers a free plan with limited assets.

Further, there are two paid plans:

  • Basic Plan at $4.99 per month (billed annually)
  • Plus Plan at $5.99 per month (billed annually)

Tips to Choose the Right Creatopy Alternatives

The digital world offers various graphic design tools, and we have attempted to shortlist a few options. However, choosing the right one for your purpose can be challenging. Therefore, here are some tips to help you make the best choice. 

Identify Your Needs and Level of Graphic Design

Before choosing your Creatopy alternative, you should understand the purpose of creating a design using a graphic design tool. You can ask questions like

  • What type of documents do you need to design frequently?
  • Who do you cater to with your designs?
  • Are you a beginner or advanced graphic designer?

Assess the User Interface and Template Designs of Creatopy Alternatives

After answering the questions in the previous section, you have gained clarity on checking the user interface and template designs. Analyze if the interface is user-friendly and the application does not lag often. Also, notice if the template designs help you deliver the message efficiently with high-quality graphics.

Check for the Features, Design Assets, and Advanced Capabilities

To get the hang of the Creatopy alternatives, try the free plan. Check all the features and assets for free and paid plans. Moreover, assess the design capabilities, integrations, and advanced capabilities such as brand kits, AI-powered tools, team collaboration, etc.

Set a Budget for Creatopy Alternatives

This blog has a compact list of paid plans for every Creatopy alternative. Set a budget for long-term use and compare the pricing of various plans. Before making any decision, note all the capabilities of the tool.

Check the Download and Sharing Options 

Lastly, after checking all the design parameters, ensure that the tool offers multiple formats for downloading. Assess the quality of the downloaded document and any watermark issues. Also, explore other sharing options, such as presenting and publishing papers directly from the tool. 

Wrapping it Up

We hope you have gained crucial insight into the Creatopy alternatives and their capabilities and suitability. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, you should know the tools that make the job easy. However, we also understand that every tool has some limitations, which the alternative tools compensate for. To avoid all types of confusion, try DocHipo. DocHipo is your go-to tool for designing any document. Just sign up with DocHipo and begin your design journey today!


How to get Creatopy for free?

Creatopy offers a 7-day free trial to access its features and design assets. 

What is Creatopy used for?

Creatopy is an ad creation platform that helps you create, automate, deliver, and monitor your ads.

What is the alternative to Bannersnack?

Formerly known as Bannersack, Creatopy has many options that are equal or better in performance. These are DocHipo, Canva, DesignCap, Visme, Fotor, Venngage, etc.