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10 Fotor Alternatives: Features, Pricing, and Selection Guide

Last Updated Jun 10, 2024

Are you searching for tools like Fotor? We know that Fotor started as a photo-editing tool but later added graphic design features. Among its users, Fotor is still preferred for photo editing. While it offers many beneficial features, Fotor has some understandable constraints. Other than Fotor, you have a variety of graphic design software that you can use. Don’t worry; we have concisely listed Fotor alternatives for your graphic design needs.

10 Fotor Alternatives

  • DocHipo: Ideal for busy entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and creators.
  • Canva: Suitable for creators, brands, and businesses with plenty of features.
  • BeFuky: Ideal for easy photo editing, collage making, and graphic designing.
  • VistaCreate: Ideal for large enterprises, mid-size businesses, freelancers, and marketers.
  • Creatopy: All-in-one platform for ad creation and management.
  • Piktochart: Great tool for creating infographics and professional documents.
  • Adobe Express: A versatile tool great for beginners.
  • Venngage: Ideal for creating any professional visuals.
  • Wepik: Entirely free graphic design tool.
  • DesignCap: Ideal for creating posters and flyers.

In this article, we have brought 10 Fotor alternatives that anyone can use for graphic design, along with their unique features, pricing, and shared features with Fotor. Further, you will also get tips to guide you in choosing the best Fotor alternative. Keep scrolling to check them out.

10 Best Fotor Alternatives

If you want an all-in-one graphic design tool, DocHipo is your best choice. It is a modern and versatile graphic design tool with lots of features. In addition, DocHipo’s editor has an in-built photo editing tool and high-quality features to support other graphic design use cases. In short, this alternative to the Fotor app has everything that you need.

However, if you want to explore further, here are the ten best Fotor alternatives with all the details you need.

1. DocHipo

DocHipo is an online graphic design software with an intuitive user interface. It is simple and well-organized into 30+ document categories to help you search for customizable templates per your needs. 

Some Advantageous Features of DocHipo

Here are some of the unique features of DocHipo that make it an excellent choice as an alternative to Fotor:

1. Massive Collection of Customizable Templates 

Get thousands of professionally designed, eye-catching templates for all purposes. Whether for your business presentation or Facebook ad, DocHipo fulfills both personal and professional demands. It offers many templates for flyers, brochures, presentations, invitations, Instagram ads, YouTube banners, Facebook posts, etc.

DocHipo templates

Moreover, DocHipo has a lot to offer to various industries. The industry-specific categorization helps you to access everything in one place. 

DocHipo Industry related templates

Learn to leverage DocHipo for your industry.

2. Rich and Exclusive Design Elements 

DocHipo’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor is convenient for any beginner at graphic design. When you select a template, DocHipo editor offers various design widgets to customize the design however you want. Experiment with multiple background customizations, fonts, shapes, lines, icons, illustrations, etc., to enhance your design’s graphics. Further, make your designs dynamic with animations and videos in the editor.

DocHipo design widgets

Furthermore, explore the shapes library of DocHipo.

3. High-quality Stock Photos 

Now, you don’t have to go anywhere to add images to your designs. DocHipo’s integration with stock photo libraries Pexels and Unsplash allows you to access unlimited high-quality stock images. Click on the Pictures widgets in the editor and search for the pictures. Select an image and drag and drop it into the desired place on the template. Also, you get ample customization options within the DocHipo editor for your template.

DocHipo stock photos

Watch this video to learn more about stock photo integration in DocHipo.

4. Ease of Access with DocHipo Photo Editor

DocHipo’s built-in photo editor offers enough room to crop, edit, and enhance your pictures. You can choose an image from stock photos or upload it from your device. With the ‘Crop to Shape’ feature, you can adjust the picture to any shape you wish. 

DocHipo crop to shape feature

Crop your pictures effectively in DocHipo with this video.

With an easy-to-adjust handler, you can resize your pictures within seconds.

DocHipo Stock photos

Moreover, explore several filter options to enhance your images.

DocHipo photo editing

Additionally, you can adjust the images’ brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation with advanced adjustment.

DocHipo photo editing

Learn more about DocHipo tools to enhance your images.

One of the most exciting features of DocHipo is copy style. Copy style helps you to synchronize all the design elements with one another. While working in the editor, copy a style from a widget like text, illustrations, stickers, icons, etc, and apply it to another widget of your choice.

DocHipo's Copy style

After that, select copy style and apply the effect to the desired text section by choosing it.

DocHipo's Copy style

Experiment with copy style with this video.

5. Experiment with a Variety of Text Customizations

Unleash your creativity with DocHipo’s text customizations. Choose from hundreds of fonts to suit your style. Set the tone with appropriate text font and color to create an impactful typography for your designs.

Fotor alternatives DocHipo for text fonts

Make your text stand out with text effects. Add special effects like shadow, border, and outline to your text. 

DocHipo text effects

Moreover, learn to apply text effects conveniently with this video.

Additionally, you can bring beautiful hues with gradient color to your text. 

DocHipo text gradient color

Explore what else you can do with gradient color.

Furthermore, use multi-color to bring a fun element to the text.

DocHipo multicolor text

Learn to apply mixed colors to the text with this video.

6. Advanced Customizations with AI

DocHipo brings editing options with advanced AI tools so you can do much more to your designs.

  • AI Image Generator

DocHipo’s text-to-image generator helps you to create extraordinary images with text prompts. Further, choose image styles, including realistic, cartoon, anime, and more, for your designs.

DocHipo's AI Image generator

Also, learn about DocHipo’s text-to-AI image generator with this video.

  • AI Writer

Need help with the text content for your design? AI writer will help you out. Tell the AI writer about the topic and set your desired tone to get refined content.

DocHipo AI Writer

Use AI writer better with this video tutorial.

  • AI Background Remover

You can blend any image with the template design with AI background remover. 

DocHipo background remover

Create something new by removing the background of the images.

DocHipo background remover as Fotor alternatives

Learn how to remove the picture background or watch this video.

7. Collaborations in Real-time

Use DocHipo to share your design with team members. You can receive suggestions and compliments for your design in real time. Share it with multiple access options for your document: Read-only, Read-Write, and Full Access. Now, your team members can view or edit the document simultaneously.

DocHipo's real-time collaboration

Check out this video to learn more about real-time collaboration in DocHipo.

8. Additional Features

Some additional features in DocHipo make your life easier. In addition to the download option, DocHipo offers options to share, publish, and present your designs. 

Download designs with DocHipo

Moreover, while publishing your documents, you can let your users download the document with this unique feature by DocHipo.

DocHipo's feature to download published document

Further, you can leverage DocHipo’s QR code generator in your documents to make it convenient for the users to know more about your business.

DocHipo's QR generator


DocHipo has a free plan with thousands of customizable templates and exciting editing features. However, if you want to access more advanced features, upgrade to:

  • Pro Plan at $7.5 per user/month (billed annually)
  • Pro Once for a one-time fee of just $144 per user. Pay once and enjoy unlimited document design for life!

You can subscribe to the paid plan of DocHipo in 15+ different currencies with country-specific pricing.

Shared features with Fotor

Some features of DocHipo similar to Fotor are

– Photo editing options 

– AI image generator

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

How to Use DocHipo as a Fotor Alternative to Create Stunning Designs

Designing documents in DocHipo is a cakewalk. To get started, sign up with DocHipo and create your design in three simple steps:

1. Choose Your Template

Once you sign up, you will land on the homepage of DocHipo, where you can search the document template. You will come across several templates on your screen. Choose your template category and select your favorite template design.

DocHipo templates

2. Customize Your Template

After selecting your template, you will land on the DocHipo editor page. Customize your template using design widgets, stock photos, illustrations, or icons. 

Customizing DocHipo template

3. Download Your Design

After making all the changes, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the editor to download. Select the file type and quality to save the design on your device. 

Downloading DocHipo template

2. Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design tool with a large collection of templates. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. Canva appeals to many people because of its design, configuration, and collaborative features, allowing multiple people to edit it. Overall, it serves you right for all your graphic design needs.

Canva as one of the Fotor alternatives

While Canva offers many features, it’s worth noting that many of the template designs and features are behind a paywall. Also, due to Canva’s popularity, others have overused the template designs. That’s why it’s challenging to create unique designs with these templates.


Canva has a free plan per month for one or more users.

Further, it has paid plans to access exclusive designs and features-

  • Canva Pro – $14.99 per month for one user, billed annually.
  • Canva for Teams- $29.99 per month for five users, billed annually

Shared Features with Fotor

Some features of Canva similar to Fotor are

– Photo editing options 

– AI image generator

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

3. Befunky

Befunky is another user-friendly Fotor alternative, ideal for casual photo editing and collage making. The interface is simple and focused, with limited functionality in graphic design.

Moreover, Befunky offers some innovative features, like turning photos into photo art.

Befunky editor

Although Befunky is a versatile software with photo editing and graphic design tools, you can access most of the graphic design features with the paid plan. Also, the software is minimalistic, devoid of advanced features like real-time collaboration and text-to-image generator.


Befunky has a free plan with limited features and a paid plan, 

  • Befunky Plus, at $5.99 billed annually.

Shared Features with Fotor

Befunky shares the following features with Fotor-

– Photo editing options 

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

4. Vistacreate

Vistacreate is a powerful graphic design alternative to the Fotor app. The most unique feature of Vistacreate is that it offers static and animated templates. Whether you want to create a design individually or with a team, Vistacreate suits both. Photo filter effects and adjustment options are similar to the Fotor image editor.

Vistacreate editor

Like other graphic design software, Vistacreate has some understandable limitations like limited app integrations and AI capabilities.


Vistacreate has a free plan available along with a paid plan.

  • Pro plan, at $10/month, billed annually.

Shared Features with Fotor

Some similar features between Vistacreate and Fotor are-

– Few photo editing options 

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

5. Creatopy

Creatopy is a graphic design tool that caters to designing, testing, and producing ads. It has exclusive features like A/B testing, real-time team collaboration, and animation effects, making it a handy tool for creating ads. 

Creatopy editor

While Creatopy is a robust tool for ad creation, it is accessible only with the paid plan. Also, the user may experience limited AI capabilities.


Creatopy has three paid plans for its users. Here are the details of the pricing when billed annually-

  • Basic Plan, at  $24 per month for one user
  • Pro Plan, at $36 per month for one user
  • Plus Plan, at $141 per month for one user

Shared Features with Fotor

Some similar features with Fotor are-

– Photo editing options 

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

6. Piktochart

If you are looking for a graphic design tool for your business, Piktochart is also a good Fotor alternative. It is a cloud-based design tool that creates business essential documents such as infographics and reports. You can create documents with rich data visualizations featuring unique 3D illustrations.

Piktochart editor

Piktochart has a simple user interface, but advanced features will enhance the usability of the software. 


A free plan is available with Piktochart. If you want to access more features, the software offers three plans-

  • Pro plan at $14 per user, paid monthly (billed annually) with 100 GB storage.
  • Business plan at  $24 per user, paid per month (billed annually) with 250 GB storage
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise depends on the utility of the software.

Shared Features with Fotor

Piktochart and Fotor offer Graphic design templates to create unique designs.

 7. Adobe Express

Adobe Express, earlier known as Adobe Spark, is a user-friendly Fotor alternative. It is versatile and dynamic with template designs and features. In addition to team collaboration, Adobe offers unique features such as recording audio while editing the design. Overall, it is a convenient graphic design tool, including AI-powered advanced features.

Adobe Express as one of the Fotor alternatives

Some improvements may be introduced, such as expanding the template collection. Users may also find watermarks on the designs somewhat restrictive.


Adobe Express has a free plan as well as a paid plan for its users.

  • Premium Plan at $99.99 per year

Shared Features with Fotor

Some features of Adobe Express shared with Fotor are-

– Photo editing options 

– AI image generator

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

8. Venngage

Venngage is a graphic design tool ideal for creating professional and business-centered templates. If you want to create designs involving data-driven visuals, Venngage will help you create flowcharts, maps, timelines, visual reports, infographics, etc. The collaborative features help in creating holistic designs with team members. 

Venngage editor

Venngage is a highly focused graphic design software; hence, it has understandable limitations with AI capabilities and social media graphics. 


A free plan for Venngage with limited features is available.

However, users can access more features with these paid plans billed annually.

  • Premium Plan at $10 per month per user.
  • Business Plan at $24 per month per user.
  • Enterprise Plan at $499 per month for 10+ users.

Shared Features with Fotor

Some shared features that make Venngage a preferable Fotor alternative are-

– Photo editing options 

– Graphic design templates

9. Wepik

Wepik is a free online graphic design software that offers ready-to-use templates for every use case. The software has all the general photo editing capabilities, such as cropping, resizing, enhancements, etc. In particular, Wepik does well in creating and uploading designs on digital platforms. 

Wepik editor

Wepik offers a great deal of features for free, but the software can make its interface more appealing. Additionally, there is room for improvement compared to more advanced graphic design software. 


Wepik is entirely free to use.

Shared Features with Fotor

Wepik is a viable alternative to Fotor because of these shared features-

– Photo editing options 

– AI image generator

– Graphic design templates

– Background remover

10. Designcap

Designcap is an intuitive, easy-to-use graphic design Fotor alternative. You can get started with Designcap without any prior knowledge of graphic design. The software is well-organized, with templates categorized under broad categories covering offline and online graphic design cases.

Designcap editor

The software can enhance its editing capabilities by introducing AI-integrated features and advanced photo editing options. Also, many features are behind the paywall, which might feel restrictive to the user.


Designcap has a free plan available to use. Additionally, there are two paid plans, billed annually-

  • Basic Plan at $4.99 per month 
  • Plus Plan at $5.99 per month 

Shared Features with Fotor

Some standard features between Designcap and Fotor are-

– Photo editing options 

– Graphic design templates

Criteria for Choosing the Fotor Alternative for You

Need help to choose the most suitable Fotor alternative? We are here to help you. Look at these tips to select the best option for you.

1. Check for the Necessary Features Aligning Your Purpose

Before you get started, understand your graphic design needs. We have presented a well-curated list that allows you to check the shared features with Fotor. Select the software and get the hang of the software experience.

2. Easily Accessible Fotor Alternatives

While using the software, check the user interface and accessibility to the design templates and features. Further, check if you can access the software online or if you need to download it. Users with storage issues should prefer online software.

3. Budget-friendly Pricing

Your budget is essential to consider if you want to continue using the software in the future. Check if the free plan is accessible and how much you must pay in the long run.

4. Sharing and Collaboration Options

If you want to create designs with your team, check for the collaboration features in the software. Online graphic design software often offers collaborative features, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. 

5. Simplicity and User-friendly Interface

Understanding your level as a graphic designer is necessary. If you are a beginner, choose a graphic design tool with a simple and user-friendly interface.

6. Advanced Features

Search for advanced and specialized features like AI-powered tools and app integrations. Specifically, these features help you to create extraordinary designs with minimum effort.

Regarding easy-to-use Fotor alternatives, DocHipo is the best choice for you. It fulfills all the criteria mentioned above. 

Get Started with the Best Fotor Alternative- DocHipo

Well, Fotor is an excellent tool, but there are other alternatives with unique features. DocHipo’s user-friendly interface, stunning templates, advanced editing features, and sharing options make it a go-to software. 

Moreover, you can access a vast range of stock images, illustrations, icons, and shapes for your designs. Sign up for DocHipo to create outstanding designs.


Is there a free version of Fotor?

Yes, the free version of Fotor offers many features to the users. If you want to search for a free Fotor alternative, DocHipo is an excellent option.

What is better than Fotor?

Other graphic design software offers several features. Fotor specializes in photo editing tools, but you can choose any other software like DocHipo, Canva, Befunky, Vistacreate, Creatopy, etc. Among these, DocHipo is the most desirable one, with stunning templates and exclusive features.