How Your Visual Message Can Do Amazing Branding

Published on Feb 7, 2020 | Updated on Apr 25, 2020

Nobody leaves an opportunity to do branding. Now, what matters is, whether they are doing it right or wrong. We will make sure that you do it right without fail. Did I start on a very serious note? Let me simplify it…When you are thirsty, do you ask for a cola or do you ask for a Coke, a Pepsi? The latter case is true because Coke and Pepsi have made their brand identity so strong that they have become the eponym for cola. It has been possible because products like Pepsi and Coke have always done serious branding for themselves.

Why do you need to do branding?

You have a start-up business of bottled up cold drinks and you are spending loads on its Marketing and Sales. But are they actually selling? What matters most at this stage is, how many people actually know about your brand? People don’t trust a brand that they don’t know about. So, you need to establish your brand identity first, only then your product will sell.

Did you know that it requires at least 5 to 7 brand interactions before a prospect can remember a brand? So, no matter what you do and how you do it, branding, CONSISTENCY is the key. You have to plan how frequently your brand will interact with the customers. Interacting with them at regular intervals will create a strong connection between your customers and the brand.

Is that all? No, you need a few other initiatives for better branding too.

How you plan to approach your branding?

You need to compel your consumers to make a choice in your favor. Or you can make that possible through feelings. You make your presence felt, you add value to their lives without asking them to buy your products. That is when people think about your brand. This way, it all seems quite up, close and personal. You create brand awareness for yourself and your products start selling automatically.

Add value to lives, make a difference to win hearts…

Every day, your customers are facing a hundred challenges. If you offer solutions to even a couple of them, your prospects will take your brand seriously. According to Steve Jobs, this is quite a noisy world. People won’t remember us, unless we do something worthy of that. We decide what people remember us for.

A Brand with a conscience makes a mark. If your brand has the ability to engage in some responsible activity, brand connection with customers will strengthen. They would remember you as a brand and would probably want to buy your products more. But, how will you make that difference? What about creating socially responsible posters? Maybe, you can turn a simple poster to wish Diwali into a message to make a difference. Such an insightful message creates an image for your brand. And 46% of your brand’s image is built on your message.

Take a look at a couple of poster templates from DocHipo. They are attempted at making a difference socially.

Social posts for branding

Think about your value proposition; Are you selling something more than your product?

If not, you should. Do you remember the slogan of Redbull? It promises a super-human ability to all its drinkers. We know that you are not biologically equipped to fly. Still, the idea intrigues people. They become curious and ‘curiosity’ sells. The template of a poster below shows you how you too can prompt that ‘curiosity’ in the mind of your customers. 


You don’t sell your brand, You sell customer’s experience with your brand…

On certain occasions, customers do not require the goods you offer. Still, making a sale is possible. Your branding activities should target that kind of sale also. For example, lifestyle brands do not always make sales depending on the customer’s needs. A beautiful ad. of apparels featuring a well-dressed group of teen-agers attract on-lookers, they get hooked and often end up buying the apparels featured on that ad. In this case, the purchase was not made out of necessity.

You got my point, ads of lifestyle brands touch the aspiration of customers to look chic and stylish, rich and famous. They get bored out of everyday chores, professional work. A bit of wardrobe up-gradation can lift the mood. Even a fresh set of wearables can light up energetic vibes for those mundane tasks. This way, you get to sell more of your products. But, before that, you have to become an established brand. Or else such kind of a sale won’t be possible.See below to find the template of a poster that addresses both, the need and aspirations of customers. (You guessed it right, you can find this template on DocHipo).

Poster advertisement for branding

Swipe all the space that social media offers for branding…

There are different social networks to explore your branding attempt. 62% of millennials believe that online posts enhance brand loyalty. Which one would you choose? Hmm, tough decision, right? Take out some time to research the right social channel to depend on for better brand awareness.

Sounds tricky? I offer a cue… You need to focus on your target audience. You go the way they go… simple. For example, if it is a lifestyle brand, you will find your customers on Pinterest or Instagram. Your social media posts will carry bright images that hook customers easily on those platforms.

While it was a strong B-to-C approach for lifestyle brands, a more B-to-B set of branding activities would require a platform like Twitter, LinkedIn. No, I am not asking you to abandon all the other social networking sites. However, you should go for the kill right on the platform best suited to your business. How would you know that? Dig deep into analytics and find out, where exactly your referral traffic comes from. Based on that information, you would choose your social media platform.

Once the social platform is decided, just make optimum use of the space it offers you. Your product’s social posts must accompany effective images and perfect content to render the message to your targets. Put the logo, somewhere on the post keeping in mind effective visibility. Your job is done.

Weave a story around your brand, build an EMOTIONAL connect…

If you have a beautiful story, people will pay attention to it. Build your emotional story, there will be an attentive audience who will connect. No matter which document you use to tell your story, just keep weaving them around your target audience and sharing them. Because, such stories are emotion-channels through which your brand communicates with customers.

These stories take your customers on an emotional trip. As a result, you will be on top of their mind. You can use the template of a poster for that emotional connection. (See the image below) You find a number of beautiful posters for that purpose on DocHipo.

social graphic for branding

Every Celebration is your branding opportunity…

There are several festivals and special occasions to celebrate with your customers. If you be on their side during happy days, they will smile with you, remember you. Such branding builds camaraderie.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Diwali, you have plenty of opportunities for branding. Just create social posts and share them extensively. Do you want to create social posts with beautiful images? With DocHipo templates, you can do it in no time. Take a look at the templates that you can use.


Sales, the final step and the yardstick of success for branding…

So, by now you have managed to gain strong brand recognition (Isn’t it so?). People know about you, recognize your brand. But, does it help in sales? After all, the end goal of all branding activities is to make sales.

Now, the question is, does your target know about your product? With extensive and diligent branding, you must have created strong brand awareness.

But the ultimate goal is to make a sale, right? Due to extensive and effective branding, your people know about your brand, recognize it whenever they see the logo on an ad. However, they must know about your product too. Now is the time to build a link between your brand and what you sell.

You can put up posters or create social posts to make a connection between the two. As a result, customers will recognize your product on the store shelves, looking straight at the brand name, logo, color, font on the package. Like I said at the beginning of this post, people trust a brand that they know about.

Your connections already know about your brand. Now let them know what you sell. Then they will show interest in purchasing. No time for creating them… No worries… At DocHipo, your design needs are sorted. you have hundreds of templates that you can repurpose according to your needs. And your product and brand are on the same page.

N.B. Do not forget to use your logo, type-face, color-palette on them. The customers must readily recognize the brand along with the product.

Posters, social posts for sale

Final thoughts:

So, you have possibly managed to successfully communicate to your customers, what value your brand wants to add to their lives. You must have used tons of documents in the process (for branding needs loads of them). Now, it is time to keep calm and wait for the results.

You have done all branding activities that were required keeping your finger on the nerves of the customers. The outcome has to be good. However, DO NOT FORGET to use your logo, with or without the brand name on every document you use. If short on time, don’t worry.
Simply sign-up to DocHipo for the templates of tons of beautiful visual documents and repurpose them according to your needs. Hurry up, it is free for only a few days to go. That’s it, good luck with your branding activities.