Thanksgiving Posters

Get Ahead of Your Marketing Calendar with Stunning Thanksgiving Posters!

blog-bannerNov 1, 2019

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for all the most important things in life:  Friends, Family and Food! Conventionally speaking, Thanksgiving holiday isn’t for marketing but for praying together at your dinner table and carving that delicious turkey. However, with time, Thanksgiving has been made to market brands, offering huge discounts and marking the beginning of Cyber week. How are these marketing processes done? Of course, through thanksgiving posters. and also with some social posts for thanksgiving.

Reportedly, in 2018, Thanksgiving witnessed online spending of $3.7 billion, which in turn represented 27.9% growth in the same year. These figures outpaced the 18.3% growth rate of 2017. 

Sources say that the most successful cyber week tactics (count Thanksgiving in)  for 2018 was selling online. Well, these mind-boggling figures mean the competition is fierce during this time of the year. With every brand out there looking at intriguing their audiences, your online presence must stand out in the crowd! 

So how do you create poster design ideas for your digital channels? How do you put up beautiful Thanksgiving posters? With the perfect chemistry of visuals, text and of course a dash of Thanksgiving spirit! 

Here’s how!

Go for the Ideal Colour Palette for Thanksgiving Posters

There’s something wonderful about colours! They appeal subconsciously, breaking the barriers of community, nationality and geography. The right shade of blue instantly reminds you of azure oceans, green reminds you of the forest, orange reminds you of fall. 

Thanksgiving being a fall festival has a distinctive colour palette associated with it. A mixture of bright fall yellow, orange, green and earthy shades is perfect for bringing out the Thanksgiving vide.

Don’t have a designer on-board? DocHipo has got your back! You can still create Thanksgiving posters.

Try out these awesome templates to add the Thanksgiving spirit to your marketing effort!

Colours of Thanksgiving posters

Use Festive Font Faces to Add Charm to Your Thanksgiving Posters

Straightforward sans serif fonts may be great for your corporate communication, but it does not do much to convey the festive spirit. Here, you might want to go for cursive non-formal fonts that add to the old-world charm of Thanksgiving. 

Like the DocHipo templates featured below, you can experiment with a few festive fonts to add an extra dash of charm!

Typography for Thanksgiving Posters

Add Visual Cues that Relate to Thanksgiving

Just like colours, visual cues are universal and appeal to people at a subconscious level. This is one thing you need to keep in mind for designing any successful marketing material; more so when it comes to designing visual documents for traditional festivals. Thanksgiving posters are among them. Imageries like fall leaves, pumpkins, turkeys etc can create the instant connect that no amount of word can accomplish. 

You can use these visual cues in the form of pictures and graphics. The key is to find a way to use these relatable visual images to create familiarity as well as interest. The below thanksgiving templates from DocHipo are the perfect example of using a familiar visual in a quirky way.

Thanksgiving posters
Last Words on Thanksgiving Posters

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And if you are still following up on the designs you’ve ordered, it is time to speed up the process. With DocHipo in place, you can use these stunning templates, customize them as per your requirement and get started on marketing. 

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