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5+ Pro Tips for Creating Cool Social Media Banners

Published on Jan 3, 2020 | Updated on Sep 21, 2022

On social media business pages, what attracts your attention first? The social media banners, right? Yes, it is the prime real estate of your social media page that makes the first impression. It’s no wonder that most brands pour in their love and care in designing the banner image. And, I’m fairly sure, your competitors are doing the same! How to stay ahead of the game then? Well, why not start the year with a makeover of your social pages? The first thing is to create a cool banner image that attracts, intrigues and converts!

The good news is, it’s actually super-simple! And you don’t need to hire any designer to get this done too! Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks that you can use to create an awesome social media banner this year!

Let’s get started, folks!

Showcase your primary offerings and messages on your social banner

As mentioned above, your social media banner is your primary real estate. So, it is super important that you share your primary messaging on your banner. For a business, these should ideally be your offerings (whether a product or service).

You can also use your social media banner to announce an event, a campaign, an offer and so on. In that case, a crisp call-to-action is a must.

Here are some DocHipo templates that show you how!

Social media banner

Use brand colour to foster brand identity on social media banner

Colours have a huge impact on creating a brand identity. They not only foster brand recall but also gives a personality to your brand.

So, it’s super important that you stick to a consistent brand colour in all your messaging. And social media pages are no different!

How does that help? Colour appeals to people at a subconscious level and often across geographical boundaries. By keeping your colour scheme uniform in all your marketing messages, you create that instant recall and connect that helps you in better engagement.

See how the DocHipo templates below uses a particular colour-scheme and yet are oh-so-chic!

social banner

Call to action on social media banner

So, you have attracted your audience with a great design. Great! Now, what exactly you want them to do? What’s the next step? Here comes the Call-to-Action!

Your banner must have a strong call to action! In fact, putting a CTA to the Facebook page can give a click-through rate rise by 285%. The call to action can be for visiting the website, signing up an app or newsletter or any other services really, making a purchase, calling your reps and so on.

Depending on your goal, you may change the call to action from time to time! Here’s how pros do it! (BTW these are DocHipo templates again, and you can sign-up for free and use the templates now!)

Beautiful DocHipo banners

Select the right image size for social media banner

Every social media site has its recommended dimension for the banner/cover to fit in. Check guidelines for the right banner size on every social media page. This way you don’t end up with a banner with disproportionate size, or pixelated graphic.

While it can be a daunting task to remember the recommended sizes for all social channels, you can do it pretty easily with DocHipo. Here’s how you can choose the channels and have the right size automatically!

Page size for social banner

Do not overcrowd your banner

Yeah, you know how the human brain processes pictorial impressions faster than texts.  In fact, we humans process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. So, it is essential to maintain the picture-text balance in your social banner.

Well, I understand the temptation here. But, refrain from using more texts than absolutely necessary. In fact, you can go minimalistic here. Look at the DocHipo template below for inspiration!

Social banner for sales

Make sure to abide by the guidelines of all social media platforms

You know that there are guidelines for creating a banner or cover image for any social media platform, don’t you? These guidelines are similar for most social media platforms. Just go through them, make them your rule of thumb for creating cover images for all social media pages. Failing to meet these guidelines can put you in trouble.

I can suggest you a simple trick. Just create one structure of the cover image and use it for your business page banners across different social networking sites with a wee bit of tweaking. You can instruct your designer accordingly. Or you can simply design it on your own.


You probably create social media banners very often, don’t you? If so, it must be quite a task to keep all considerations in mind while creating them. Creating social media covers with DocHipo templates can simplify your job to a large extent. Hurry up, there is not much time left before you can sign up for free. Have the joy of designing your own documents and don’t forget to thank this humble blogger for all your convenience. Go ahead, happy designing!