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20 Instagram Story Ideas with Templates to Drive Engagement

Last Updated Jun 3, 2024

Looking to elevate your Instagram game and drive engagement? Look no further! In this blog, we will share nitty-gritty facts about Instagram Story Ideas, exploring many creative templates guaranteed to captivate your audience and spark interaction. 

Infallible Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business

  • Brand Introduction: Showcase your brand’s identity and services.
  • Online Course Promotion: Engage followers with course details.
  • Unique Sale Stories: Highlight exclusive offers for major sales.
  • Share Tips: Provide valuable tips with creative visuals.
  • Repurpose Content: Revisit older posts for fresh engagement.
  • Blog Promotion: Direct traffic to blogs with compelling stories.
  • New Post Announcement: Tease new posts with intriguing snippets.
  • Product Launch: Build anticipation for new products.
  • Celebration Stories: Foster community with festive content.
  • Witty Copy: Use catchy and humorous text for engagement.
  • Event Invitations: Create urgency with visually rich invitations.
  • Contest Promotions: Drive engagement with interactive contests.
  • Support a Cause: Promote social or eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Lead Generation: Use shoppable stories to drive purchases.
  • Game Stories: Create interactive games to spark conversations.

Plus, we’ll unveil the easiest way to make unique stories using the DocHipo design tool so you can stand out without spending hours at your screen. 

Top 5 Instagram Features That You Must Know Before Creating IG Stories 

Instagram Stories have become an integral part of the platform, providing users with a dynamic and interactive way to share their moments and increase engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. Also, Instagram stories can bring a lot of traffic to your official websites, and you get to know your followers better than Instagram posts. 

Whether you’re using Instagram for your business venture or a newcomer to the platform for connecting with the world, understanding the key Instagram story features can significantly enhance your social media exposure. Here are the top five Instagram features that you must know before creating IG stories:

1. Effective Use of Captions and Hashtags 

Story Captions play a crucial role in reels or any other form of Instagram stories. It is the best way to convey your message; you can add context to your stories with small or detailed captions within the story to engage your audience. 

Source: Pixi Beauty

Remember to incorporate relevant hashtags to increase discoverability. Hashtags are the modern social media keywords people use to search for specific things on Instagram. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags that go with the IG story vibe! A strategic mix of popular and niche hashtags can help your stories reach a broader audience and connect with like-minded individuals.

2. Utilizing Polls, Questions, and Quizzes

Instagram Stories offer interactive features like polls, questions, and quizzes, allowing you to engage with your audience directly. Conduct polls to gather opinions, use the question sticker to invite inquiries from your followers, and create quizzes to add an element of fun. 

Source: Dr. Sheths

These features make your content more dynamic and encourage your audience to participate and share their thoughts actively. 

Source: MMQ

The Power of Direct Interaction with Ask Me Anything Sessions

Initiating an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session is a potent way to break down barriers between your brand and your audience. By encouraging followers to submit questions, you gain valuable insights and create an emotional connection with your followers. Utilize bold and engaging language to invite your followers to ask anything, creating an atmosphere of openness and transparency. 

Encourage Followers to Ask Questions

You can use Questions for your Instagram stories and ask your followers to comment to understand their views and commitment towards your online presence. Encourage them to ask about your products, services, or exclusive insights into upcoming events. This allows you to showcase your expertise and builds curiosity among your audience.

Source: Tanishq

Ask for Followers’ Suggestions

Asking for suggestions from your followers is a strategic move that not only boosts engagement but also taps into the collective creativity of your audience. Boldly ask your followers to contribute ideas, improvements, or features they want to see in your product, service, or upcoming events. 

Source: Aachho

You can also engage your followers with this or that Instagram story, which is quite similar to this direct style of asking them to respond about their thoughts. The latest Instagram story of Swiss Beauty cosmetics leveraged this Instagram story Idea to create hype around Valentine’s Day. 

Source: Swiss Beauty

3. Countdowns and Timers 

Create a sense of anticipation and excitement by using countdowns and timers in your Instagram Stories. Whether you’re counting down to a product launch, an event, or a special announcement, these features build anticipation and keep your audience engaged. Encourage your followers to set reminders, fostering a sense of community around the upcoming event.

Source: Netflix India

Netflix created a Tudum moment with all its new blockbuster releases, and to create more buzz around the latest releases, they chose a unique Instagram story idea with a countdown!

4. Music and Sound Effects 

You can enhance the mood of your Instagram Stories by adding music and sound effects. Instagram provides an extensive library of tracks and sound effects that you can easily integrate into your stories. Choose music that complements the atmosphere of your content or aligns with the emotions you want to convey. Sound effects can add a playful or dramatic touch, making your stories more immersive.

5. GIFs and Stickers

Inject personality and creativity into your Instagram Stories with GIFs and stickers. The platform offers a diverse collection of animated stickers and GIFs that can be used to express emotions, convey messages, or simply add a touch of humor. Experiment with different stickers to make your stories visually appealing and uniquely yours.


20 Instagram Story Ideas with Templates for More Views and Engagement 

In the dynamic social media landscape, if you want to be on the minds of your followers, you must learn the art of Instagram stories to capture spontaneous attention. From creative templates to strategic content ideas, this comprehensive list of 20 trendsetting Instagram story ideas is your masterstroke for maximum views and engagement. 

1. Instagram Stories Ideas to Reveal Your Brand

Leveraging Instagram stories ideas for business is a powerful strategy to build extensive brand awareness and amass a dedicated follower base. Before users hit the follow and like buttons, they crave insights into the brand. 

Source: Lets Reroute

Begin by introducing your business through compelling Instagram stories, highlighting crucial information about your niche and the solutions your services provide. Address key questions like the nature of your product or service, identify your target market, mention the pain points your offerings address, and highlight why customers adore your brand. 

Source: Lets Reroute

This transparent sharing not only acquaints your followers with your business but also establishes a connection. When brainstorming Instagram story ideas, prioritizing brand introduction or any specific campaign introduction like the above one is essential – it’s a straightforward approach with a lasting impact. 

Remember, the initial reputation often creates further opportunities to captivate your audience and leave them with the resounding thought, ‘I need this in my life!

Beauty business Instagram Story Ideas

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This beautiful Instagram story template is your best friend if you want to tap more followers for your new online course. A bright and detailed IG story design will make your audience curious. You can simultaneously add captions to mention further details like the duration of the course, sessions available, and timing to boost views and more clicks from interested Instagram users. 

2. Create Engagement with Unique Sale Stories on Instagram

Many of us shy away from sharing salesy content on Instagram, thinking it goes against the platform’s norms. However, we will show you what exactly you can do to boost sales with innovative sales content on your IG stories. 

Reliance Digital executed a successful Independence Day Sale campaign on Instagram, strategically showcasing exclusive offers in a compelling Instagram Story. The campaign gained significant attention on social media, effectively driving traffic to their website and increasing footfall in their stores.

Source: Amazon

Instagram has evolved into a leading hub for e-commerce and personal branding, presenting high-potential opportunities for profit through posts and stories. If you have an enticing offer that can provide significant value or savings for your audience, rest assured they’ll be eager to see it! 

Rather than bombarding your followers with frequent sales pitches, consider employing this strategy for major annual sales or exclusive limited-time offers to avoid overwhelming your audience. 

Utilize some of DocHipo’s Sales Instagram story templates to showcase your latest promotions effectively.

Sales IG story idea

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sale Ig Story IDea

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Ensure your content includes a seemingly non-CTA (call-to-action) copy or button that is, in reality, an effective CTA. Additionally, leverage eye-catching stickers to enhance visibility and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in your Flash-Sale campaigns.

Christmas sale Ig story

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3. Engage Your Followers by Sharing Tips on IG Stories

Sometimes, social media strategists become clueless about what to post on IG stories to offer their audience more value before starting a big sales campaign. 

Source: Mac Cosmetics

Brands can maximize their impact on Instagram by sharing valuable tips through Stories. Use creative visuals, storytelling, and concise captions to capture attention and convey your brand message effectively in the short-lived story format.

travel- tips IG story

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A creative Instagram stories template like the above one is an excellent way to position your brand with customer-centric values. You don’t have to spend hours making the perfect IG story for more clicks; you can use DocHipo templates and create astonishing stories in minutes. 

4. Revisit Your Older Reels or Feed Posts to Make Stories for Instagram

Repurposing your older Reels or Feed posts is a savvy strategy to generate fresh engagement on Instagram. Revisit your archives and select content that resonates well with your audience. Transform these posts into captivating Stories by adding a new narrative, updates, or insights. Use engaging stickers, polls, and questions to encourage interaction. 

By revisiting and presenting existing content in a dynamic and timely manner, you not only save time but also capitalize on the proven appeal of your past posts, fostering renewed interest and engagement from your followers.

Source: Brands World

This Instagram story is repurposed from an old product post. This way, you save time and showcase your available products for your followers without doing anything from scratch!

5. Instagram Story Ideas to Promote Blog Posts 

Boost the visibility of your blogs or website with this only-made-for-you Instagram strategy! Use DocHipo templates to craft visually stunning Instagram stories that deliver valuable insights from your blog. 

Showcase your blog title alongside an attention-grabbing image, capturing the interest of your audience. Maximize impact by seamlessly adding the link feature to direct viewers to your blog post. Witness the smooth flow of traffic from Instagram to your blog content. 

Beauty tips blog share IG story ideas

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This clever tactic is a straightforward means to cross-promote your latest blogs on the Instagram platform. 

Source: Slurrp App

Feeling creatively stuck? No worries! Simply create an Instagram story highlighting older blogs, injecting them with a fresh approach for a new audience engagement. 

6. Instagram Stories for the New Post Announcement

You can enhance your Instagram presence by featuring one of your feed posts on Instagram stories. This approach requires having a new post ready, but you can also breathe life into older posts by resharing them when they align with the context or date.

Keep your followers engaged and intrigued by showing only a snippet of the post with the new post stories ideas. It’s essential to ensure that the aesthetics of the reveal and the post itself seamlessly complement each other.

Source: Vedant Saxesa

Creating fresh content for your stories might sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’ve been preoccupied with generating content for other platforms. However, there’s no need to let your hard work go unnoticed. 

Utilize the storytelling potential of Instagram stories to announce upcoming YouTube videos or Spotify podcast episodes like Do The Work. Simply take a screenshot from your video or an engaging snippet from the podcast episode, pair it with a catchy line of copy, and you’re ready to captivate your audience.

Source: Do the Work

7. New Product Launch Instagram Stories Template for Boosting Engagement

When you wish to grab attention for your new product launches on Instagram, leveraging the dynamic features of Instagram Stories can significantly amplify your reach and impact. Begin by creating visually appealing and engaging content that provides a sneak peek into the new product, building anticipation among your audience like Nike

Source: Nike

You can be creative and use polls, questions, or countdown stickers to encourage audience participation and feedback. Furthermore, you can utilize features like links to seamlessly drive traffic to your website for purchases or additional information. 

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Check out this new Instagram story template; don’t you think making new product announcements has never been so easy?

Product Launch Ideas for IG story

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8. Get More Views with Celebration IG Stories

For social media engagement, crafting exciting stories for festive celebrations and special occasions isn’t just an option – it’s a vibrant opportunity to foster a sense of community and connection with your followers. 

Begin by infusing your Instagram story with the festive spirit, utilizing eye-catching visuals, vibrant colors, and a celebratory message. The key is to make your audience feel like they’re part of the festivities. 

celebration post-4th of july IG story

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Instagram stories ideas for Christmas

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Beyond the celebration, incorporating inspirational content can elevate your Instagram story, resonating with followers on a deeper level. Inspirational messages and reflections on the occasion’s significance add depth to your story and create a positive and uplifting experience for your audience. Use DocHipo templates to bond between you and your followers, fostering a sense of shared joy and making lasting connections. 

Instahram stories ideas for Diwali

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9. Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Express Your Thoughts with Unique Copy

The evergreen belief that “content is king” has taken a delightful twist on Instagram, particularly with IG stories. The secret sauce? Catchy and witty copy that not only grabs attention but also gets shareable. 

creative Instagram story ideas

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The charm lies in the ability of smart and humorous copy to resonate with audiences on a personal level. People are drawn to light-hearted content that brings a smile to their faces, and a witty caption like the above template is the perfect recipe for that. 

creative Ig story ideas

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Powerful messages not only complement your visuals but also have the potential to turn a casual viewer into a dedicated follower. 

Dochipo presents the new AI-Writer tool to create unique text copy for your designs. Check out the video to create stunning content with edgy text for every social media platform. 

10. Instagram Story Ideas with Invitations for Celebrating Together

You can extend invitations to specific events through stories for Instagram. It stands out as a compelling strategy to elevate online engagement. 

cristamas Invitations

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This visually rich template for stories offers a sense of urgency and exclusivity. You can customize your invitation Instagram story with features like swipe-up links or countdown stickers to guide your audience to event details, registration pages, or exclusive content. 

father's day celebration IG story

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11. Promote Unique Contests with Stories on Instagram

If you want to create an instant spark of comments and loads of likes and shares, then the best story for Instagram will be having a contest. You can test your followers’ engagement level by creating compelling contests. 

Source: Farmleyin

This unique template shows how easily you can generate engagement for Christmas and share the joy with your followers. 

christmas contest IG story

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12. Instagram Stories Inspiration to Support a Cause 

Brands can elevate their popularity on Instagram by leveraging stories that champion a cause, whether social or eco-friendly. Raising awareness for a healthy planet fosters a positive brand image.

diwali- IG Story Ideas

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This captivating Diwali story on Instagram not only unites everyone on your profile but also generates positive buzz around the core values of your brand!

13. Cute Instagram Stories Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Person

If you want to do something special for your loved one, then jump on to the trend of posting stories with cute pictures of yourself and your loved one.  

valentines day - cool IG story idea

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To captivate your followers’ attention, adorable Instagram stories serve as the secret ingredient! Explore our diverse range of templates to ensure a constant influx of creative ideas for boosting your Instagram engagement. These templates empower you to add creativity to the images of your cute baby or beloved individuals, keeping your content fresh and delightful.

father's day IG story with picture

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Watch this short video to upload stunning pictures to your design.

14. Instagram Stories to Generate Leads with Shoppable Story 

Instagram stories can be your crucial selling strategy on social media! Crafting an appealing copy with concise details, accompanied by a product link and a playful call to action, has the potential to effortlessly captivate your followers and drive them toward making a purchase.

Tanishq Ig story ideas
Source: Tanishq

Check this fantastic shoppable story by Suta Bombay that delivers aesthetics with a subtle call-to-action for making a purchase!

Source: Suta 

15. Drive Engagement with Unique Game Stories for Instagram

If you face a creative block for Instagram content to increase your followers’ engagement, try this unique Instagram story Idea!

Spot-me-if-you-can is a game-based Instagram story to spark conversations with followers. You can also create your own game and put it on your Instagram story to entertain your followers with a bit of thrill.

16. Instagram Story Ideas to Create Hype for Your Upcoming Event 

Instagram story is a powerful tool to hype your upcoming events. It’s a subtle way to advertise your upcoming creations to your followers. 

Source: Sharan Hegde

This is a brilliant way to engage the online audience so they don’t miss some of the upcoming events.

Also, many brands create engagement for their upcoming events with a strong call to action with lead campaigns through Instagram stories. This way,  Instagram users get to know about an event beforehand!

17.  Instagram Story Ideas with User-Generated Content for Organic Engagement

Brands strategically leverage User-Generated Content (UGC) in Instagram stories to create an authentic connection with their audience. By featuring customer-generated content, brands humanize their identity, encouraging active participation and fostering a sense of community. 

Source: Blinkit

The transient nature of Ig stories adds exclusivity, making UGC a powerful tool for creating buzz around products and services. This unique approach seamlessly blends promotional efforts with user involvement, establishing a distinct brand identity in the digital landscape.

18. Instagram Stories with Testimonials 

In modern brand marketing, Instagram stories are invaluable for creating a positive brand image through testimonials. This strategy not only humanizes the brand but also establishes credibility through genuine connections with the audience. 

By showcasing real customer experiences in bite-sized narratives, brands build trust and highlight their positive impact, effectively shaping a compelling marketing narrative.

Source: Brands World

19. Start a New Trend with IG Stories

To stay relevant and surpass your competitors, staying informed about the latest Instagram trends is essential. Adaptability is synonymous with growth for Instagram marketing. Stay ahead by keeping your finger on the pulse of evolving trends like this Add Yours trend.

Source: iQOO India

20.  Instagram Story Ideas for Engagement with Memes

Brands can boost engagement by leveraging meme Instagram stories. With humor and relatability, these shareable snippets create more connected relations by entertaining the online community.

Source: I Dogs Planet

We hope we have inspired you enough to release the pent-up creativity within. However, some evergreen Instagram story ideas like behind-the-scenes and partnership stories could be more attractive since their time-tested popularity made them indispensable for brand marketing.

Source: Shreya Pattar

These Instagram stories don’t require a shoutout, as brands often prioritize this type of content to showcase their brand value and culture before anything else.

How to Create a Compelling Design for Your IG Stories with DocHipo

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choose Ig story Template

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Design widgets

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change text

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Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can download it in a preferred format and quality for seamless uploading to Instagram. Alternatively, you can use the publish option to share with your Instagram followers.

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Wrapping Up…

Now that you have explored the top trending Instagram story Ideas for your business and personal branding, it’s time to create outstanding content on Instagram. DocHipo lets you create stunning Instagram stories in a few minutes, and your followers will be forever stuck with wonder, no cap! So, sign up to DocHipo and create a long-lasting connection with your followers.  


How to make your Instagram stories stand out?

You can create unique Instagram stories by adding creative visuals, compelling captions, and strategic use of interactive features like polls and questions. Engage your audience with authenticity. Also, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, making your stories memorable and distinctive.

What kind of stories do well on Instagram?

Engaging and visually appealing stories that resonate with your audience tend to perform well on Instagram. Consider incorporating a mix of behind-the-scenes content, product highlights, user-generated content, and interactive features like polls or Q&A sessions to keep your followers captivated. Consistency in posting, authenticity, and staying on-trend with relevant hashtags can also contribute to the success of your Instagram stories. Experiment with different formats and monitor analytics to tailor your content to what resonates best with your specific audience.

How do you make a catchy story on Instagram?

You can create a catchy Instagram story with a combination of impressive stickers, concise captions, and trending music. Start with eye-catching imagery or videos complemented by concise and relevant text. Keep the content relatable, injecting a touch of personality or humor. Consistency in posting and understanding your audience’s preferences will further enhance the effectiveness of your Instagram stories.

What content is best for Instagram Stories?

For impactful brand marketing on Instagram Stories, consider incorporating unique game ideas in the form of IG story content. This type of content can create an authentic connection with your audience.

How do Instagram stories boost engagement?

Unique content on Instagram stories brings more engagement in the form of likes and comments. If you can really strike a chord with your audience, then your content can be viral with nonstop sharing. This way, more people will become your followers and engage with your Instagram marketing.