Stunning Holiday Templates

Ramp up Your Social Media Pages with Stunning Holiday Post Templates

Published on Nov 27, 2020 | Updated on Dec 9, 2022

December is a really exciting month!

Being the last month of the year, it holds great importance in all of our lives. Above all, we look forward to celebrating Christmas and ending the entire year with the joyous hope of a brighter tomorrow. 

Yes, December is indeed quite eventful. But that’s just not it. 

As we look forward to welcoming this cheerful month, we can also feel the nascent chills of the pervading winters. 

In such a beautiful time, it is obvious to share the joy and happiness that you experience with your connections and friends. 

The most common space where we feel comfortable sharing our thoughts and feelings is on social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, we just love communicating and sharing our experiences. 

No wonder we have around 3.5 billion social media users in the world

But engaging with your social media group through stunning visuals is always more fun and interesting. Hence, today in this article, we will delve into the breathtaking holiday templates from DocHipo that you can post on your social media pages.

So let’s start…

Cyber Monday Templates

If you own an online store, then Cyber Monday is your deal!

During that time, you will see a minimum of 800 million shoppers purchasing online

Cyber Monday, which is all about e-commerce, will take place on the 28th of November this year (2022). It is considered the biggest online shopping event, where consumers can relish great discounts and offers. 

Cyber Mondays are like blessings for the online shopaholics, who are too lazy to step out but have to relinquish their need to buy stuff. The offers are so generous that you just do not want to miss out on it as a consumer.

As a business owner, cyber Monday is quite fulfilling in its own way. This is because you can attract lots of customers, from existing to new ones. 

So, this is a really valuable day to promote your products and services online with great discounts via amazing Cyber Monday posts. 

I know that it is pretty close-by, but with DocHipo, you really do not have to worry much, as here you will get amazing templates that can be used for social media marketing:

Christmas Templates

It’s not only on the 25th of December that we are all hyped up. The celebration starts on the previous day, on the 24th, when we deck-up our Christmas tree with various glittering ornaments. 

That’s not all…

In fact, somewhere, even if we tend to mature with age and experience, we can never shake off the excitement of being surprised by a mysterious visitor, after midnight, who carries a red bag full of gifts for all the good people in the world.

Our inner child has a primordial connection with the different tales of Santa Claus, making the childlike innocence untarnished. Maybe that’s why Christmas is so special for all of us.

Also, let’s not forget about the soulful carols that commemorate the birth of the saviour.

Hence, Christmas is a very important time of the year, so you absolutely need great visual posts that can reflect the inner spark of excitement.

At DocHipo, you will get tons of them. Let me show you some Facebook post templates:

Holiday Greetings Templates

These templates are the best!

I have reasons to claim this because these templates are versatile and can be used for any occasion. For Christmas or New Year, you can customize these templates or post them as it is. 

Let me show you some of my favorite Facebook post templates:

New Year Templates

We will be soon stepping into 2023. 

Let’s not forget to enjoy our time with our family and friends and welcome the New Year, which bores within itself many great promises.

Also, let’s not forget December is the month of retrospection and changes. Maybe that’s why we set goals and resolutions that we all want to achieve next year.

Hence, no matter what, we can never stop hoping for brighter days when we can successfully achieve our aspirations.

So, let’s share our thoughts and greetings with all our friends, families, and associates via these gorgeous poster templates. This can be used anywhere on any platform, along with social media.  Also, you can print it out and paste it against your office spaces, to heighten up the feeling of newness.

Let’s check this poster templates out:

Also, in the last few days of December, we all love to party and organize cool events to sizzle up the feeling of celebration. So if you are organizing events and concerts and want to market them on social media, then do not worry. 

At DocHipo you will get awesome templates through which you can advertise about it.

Let me show you my most favorite event template for Facebook. You can customize it and make it look just the way you want:

Templates for event posts on social media

To understand more about the ten best holiday post templates that you can use, then check out this video:

Customize Your Templates in DocHipo

Customizing your template at DocHipo is like a piece of cake. You will not even need 15 minutes, I promise. 

Even if you try to design a template from scratch, the ease of usability will enable swift completion of your ideated templates.

You just need to sign up and see it for yourself. 

So, witness this magic in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Type your credentials and log in. 

Once you enter the vibrant landing page that encompasses all kinds of templates for almost all types of documents, you have two options. 

You can either type your preferred document name on the search panel, for quick access to its templates:

Landing page of DocHipo for searching templates

Or, you can click the “Social Graphic” widgets on the left side panel and get a list of document options related to it. From there you can choose any social media option for its templates.

In my case, I have chosen the option, “Facebook Post”:

Landing page of DocHipo for searching templates

When you click the document type, you will get access to the page containing tons of templates related to it:

Selecting Facebook post templates

Select a template that resonates with your idea. 

Also, you have the option to design a template right from scratch. For that, you need to choose a blank template.

Step 2:

Once you have selected the template, it will redirect you to the document information page.

Here your name will be auto-populated which you can change to your teammate’s name. Also, you can edit the Document Name.

Finally, you have to provide a brief description of the document that you are planning to work on. You have the option to keep it blank, but it is always advisable that you make a minor note on it for your convenience:

Document information for the templates

Step 3:

After you hit the “Next” button, you will enter DocHipo’s editor space.

Here you will get many options through which you can add and delete graphic elements. You can totally embellish your designs and do whatever you like.

The DocHipo’s editor is extremely user friendly and gives you the freedom to actualize your visions:

DocHipo's Editor: Customizing the templates

For this template, I will not do anything drastic. I will just change the text, from “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” to “HAPPY NEW YEAR”:

DocHipo's Editor: Customizing the templates

That’s it!

Now, just download it in any quality (Normal/Medium/High) that suits your purpose, in either a PNG or PDF format. 

Obviously, this is for social media, so I choose a PNG file format:

DocHipo's Editor: Downloading templates

Wait, it does not end here…because at DocHipo you can directly share the document template on social media platforms.

To publish on the web, you have to click the three-dotted buttons at the top right corner. Then click “Publish” from the list of options.

A box will appear, from which you can copy the link or select a social media platform where you can directly publish:

DocHipo's Editor: Publishing the templates

Want to check how my social media post looks like:

Facebook post templates for the holiday season


DocHipo is the best arena to visit when you are constantly in need of visual designs. Especially in this season, when you are caught up with the urge to express yourself, DocHipo is your best friend that aims to make you a social media star.

Whether you want to market your products or events or casually greet the world and share the joy this month, you can get your favorite templates at DocHipo, giving you the full leverage to shine your way out.

So sign up now and start working on your social media post as December is knocking at the door, giving you very little time to plan.

If you want to request a template, you can contact the ever-friendly team of DocHipo, so that we can add your request in our repository.