How to Create Food Posters

How to Create Food Posters? Tips and 10+ Free Templates

Last Updated Jun 5, 2024

Do you need help to create an attractive food poster design? Your food business requires a good-quality poster to grab people’s attention. Posters are a great way to boost your sale. Around 40% of customers visit a store in the US after seeing a poster advertisement, and about 24% make a purchase.

How to Create Food Posters

  • Give Clear and Concise Information: Ensure that the viewer can understand the message with a glance.
  • Use Vibrant Colors in the Food Poster Design: Stimulate the viewers’ appetite with vibrant colors like red, orange, and yellow.
  • Experiment with Fonts using Typefaces: Use more than one font to highlight a few words to grab attention and various typefaces.
  • Use High-quality Visuals and Graphics: Choose high-quality, appetizing images that resemble your food the most. 
  • Offer Something to Your Customers: Motivate your customers to try your products with offers and discounts.
  • Use Call-to-action Prompt: Add a clear call-to-action (CTA) prompt like ‘order now’ or ‘visit us.’

The right food poster design will convey your message and boost your business quickly. But designing a food poster can be tricky if you are not a professional. Keep reading to learn more about creating an awesome food poster and become the master of poster design with ready-to-use food poster templates. 

What is a Food Poster

A food poster is a visual marketing or promotional material that showcases various aspects of food, such as dishes, beverages, ingredients, or culinary events. Food posters capture attention, stimulate appetite, and convey important information about the featured food items. Restaurants, cafes, food trucks, bakeries, catering services, etc., commonly use food posters to attract customers and generate interest in their offers.

food poster design template

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What should be in a Food Poster

The food poster design contains 

  • High-quality images
  • Text
  • Brand elements, 
  • Contact information (address and website details)
  • Visual appeal
  • Event details

Food posters can be displayed both online and in physical locations. They play a vital role in showcasing a business’s culinary creations and enticing potential customers.

What is the Importance of Food Posters

Remember to impact your audience through marketing when promoting food as your product. Food posters make it easy as they cover a broad audience at an affordable price. They are crucial for your food business for the following reasons:

Food Posters Grab Attention to Create Awareness

An excellent food poster design stands out in any crowded space to grab the attention of the masses. A great design will captivate your audience on the digital platform as well. If you have opened a new business or started a food vlog, the food poster will give the necessary information to the people.

Increase Engagement by Targeting the Audience

You can use food posters to target the audience at a location. They provide access to the local population, especially the food outlets and restaurants. Most food posters appeal to the audience through offers and discounts. With a one-time investment in posters, you can inform more and more people to visit your store.

Food Poster Helps to Create a Visual Story 

Your high-quality images and graphics help in better visualization. Tell the story of your business through posters. If your food product is about traditional food, weave a story around it with a conventional food item on display. The viewer resonates with a poster as it appeals to the senses.

What Makes a Good Food Poster

Now, you know that a food poster is necessary for your business.

Before you start with your food poster design, there are essential elements you need to take care of. These are the small details that bring the best in any food poster. Take a look.

Clear and Concise Information

The primary purpose of your poster is to inform the viewer about your product or upcoming event. Ensure that the viewer can understand the message by glancing at your poster. Avoid using complicated words and stick to simple language. Use catchy words like ‘Savor the Flavors’ or ‘Now Open’ to grab the attention.

Use Vibrant Colors in the Food Poster Design

Colors depict the mood of your poster; likewise, they create an emotional response visually. It is essential to use the colors smartly in your food posters for emotional marketing. There are a few colors that stimulate the appetite of the viewers. Red, orange, and yellow elicit the sensation of hunger and joy when used in a poster. If you want to design food posters for healthy eating, it’s best to use green as the dominant color. Take a look at this template for a better understanding.

food poster design template

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Experiment with Fonts using Typefaces

For posters, you should use easy-to-read fonts, but in the case of food posters, you can experiment. Add some fun elements to the font to make your poster playful and engaging while communicating the message. Use more than one font to highlight a few words to grab attention. Enhance the effect by using various typefaces in your posters. Check out this template to get an idea about a fun poster.

food poster design template

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Use High-quality Visuals and Graphics

The most crucial part of the poster is the pictures. Food pictures appeal to the viewer and motivate them to try your product. It’s best to hire a photographer to take photos of the food items you serve to your customers. If you don’t want to do it, choose high-quality images that resemble your food the most. High-quality graphics helps customers to visualize better and sets expectations. Remember to meet customers’ expectations with your food, or it can harm your business. Learn food graphic design for stunning marketing strategies for your food business.

Offer Something to Your Customers

If you want to motivate your customers to try your products, offers, and discounts are pivotal. Decide offers based on your target audience. For example, you would want to promote your fast food joint near a college with one plus one offer or combo packages. These discount offers are great to motivate new customers to try your food. You can also include a QR code on your food poster so that people can interact with your poster to know more about your offers.

Learn to generate a QR code for free with this video tutorial

Use Call-to-action Prompt

The primary purpose of marketing your food is to encourage people to take action. Add a clear call-to-action (CTA) prompt to the food poster. The CTA could be anything like ‘order now’ or ‘visit us.’ Your CTA should be persuasive and easy to follow. Ensure you mention contact information and address in the poster to avoid confusion.

Learn more about designing posters with this blog post on How to Make an Advertisement Poster in 5 Steps.

Food Poster Design Ideas

Whether you want to create a food advertisement poster or a food poster for your business, we have covered it all. You will be amazed by the impact it makes on the audience. Here are a few ideas for you to use as ready-to-use food poster templates from DocHipo.

Fast Food Poster Design

Grab the attention with mouth-watering fast food posters. Bring an irresistible taste through these poster templates. These highly focused posters help you to tell the delicious tale of flavors.

food poster template

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food poster template

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Posters for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a top trend today; you don’t want to miss it. Plus, there are a lot of food joints that focus on the health benefits of food. Take a look at these food poster ideas for healthy eating.

food poster template

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Food Posters for Cafe and Bakery

Are you searching for food posters to attract coffee lovers? Check out this poster that motivated you to indulge in the rich and bold flavors of coffee.

food poster template

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Show them the sweet side of the gourmet world with this poster.

food poster template

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Food Poster Design for Asian Flavors

Bring the ethnic touch of Asian flavors with these posters. Whether you serve Sushi or Bao, use these posters specially designed to tell your story of Asian food.

food poster template

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food poster template

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Posters for Meat lovers

Do you want to motivate people to indulge in juicy and tender steaks? You need a poster that tells the story just the way you want. Try these food posters to tell your meat story.

food poster ideas

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food poster template

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Creative Food Festival Poster

Tell people about the food festival with this poster. Show the variety and grandeur of the wholesome menu you will offer. Ensure that you intrigue them enough for a visit to the food festival.

food poster templates

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Check out The Ultimate Guide to Using DocHipo to learn about designing your documents.

How to Design Food Posters

Now you have a greater insight into making a food poster, it’s time to start with ready-to-make food poster templates from DocHipo. Sign up with Dochipo and embark on the journey to discover impeccable food poster design for your business with the following steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Food Poster Template

When you sign up with DocHipo, you will land on the homepage. Here, you can search for posters in the search bar. You can also choose ‘Business Essentials’ from the left sidebar and select ‘poster’ as the document type.

search for poster on DocHipo homepage

In the next step, choose the food category from the template categories.

food poster design templates

Once you have selected the category, different food poster templates are available for you. Choose your favorite food poster design to customize as you please.

choose a food poster template

Step 2: Customize Your Template

After choosing your template, you will land on the DocHipo editor, where you can name the document and add a brief description. Click next to continue with editing.

DocHipo editor

You can explore a range of customizing options with DocHipo.

Customize the Background

To customize the background, choose the ‘Graphics and Media’ option, followed by the background widget, as shown in the image below.

Edit background of food poster design

You get various editing options to customize the background. Choose a color from the vibrant palette to change the background color. Your template background is changed instantly.

Customize background color of food poster design

Learn more about background customization with this video tutorial.

Customize the Text

Now we will customize the text of the food poster. Simply select the text widget section you wish to change.

customize text of food poster design

When you select the text, a contextual editing bar will appear at the top of the template. Replace the text with your own, and you can customize the font, color, and size and add effects to the text. For now, let’s change the size of the text by selecting the size.

change size of the text in food poster design

You have successfully customized the text size. Repeat the steps, choose other text widgets, and replace them with the desired text.

customize text in food poster design by selecting the widget

You can also add effects to the text widgets. Choose the text effects icon from the bar, as shown in the picture below. If you want to have transparent text effects, choose the outline option.

make the text transparent in food poster design

Change the outline style from none to outline. Now change the outline width to around 4 or 5.

make the text transparent in food poster design

Now choose the color icon from the editing bar.

change text color in food poster design

A color palette will open in front of you. Choose the ‘no color’ option from the palette.

Learn more about editing text in DocHipo with this tutorial.

choose no color to make the text transparent

You have successfully applied the effect. 

Watch this tutorial and learn more about transparent color in DocHipo

Customized food poster design

Also, explore these brand-new effects for widgets in DocHipo.

Step 3: Download Your Food Poster Design

Once you are done customizing your design, select the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.

steps to download food poster design

You will get several options: share, preview, and download. Select download to save your poster with yourself.

select download  to save food poster design

Choose the pdf file type and high-quality option and select download. 

download food poster design as high quality pdf

Your poster has been downloaded in the most suitable format for printing.

Before Customization

food poster design before customization

After Customization

food poster design after customization

Learn more about leveraging DocHipo for your food business.


Bring life to your food poster with these pro tips and give your customers a glimpse of extraordinary taste. Choose your poster locations wisely to grab more audience. You don’t have to be professional to design an attractive food poster. DocHipo has got your back. Sign up and get started to make your first food poster.