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How to Market Your Adventure Blog

Published on Nov 13, 2020 | Updated on Aug 20, 2022

Are you an adventure blogger? Do you travel and explore offbeat places and love to share your stories with your audiences?

Then keep scrolling!

As in this article, we will venture out into the exciting ways through which you can market your adventure blogs to your audiences worldwide. 

I love reading adventure blogs because I can experience the journey through the words that have been crafted. Not just that. These blogs give you an intense desire to go beyond the mundane obvious aspects of life.

But, just having a wordy website will not be enough to narrate a wonderful story. You have to deck your blogging website and the story with amazing visuals. 

So, today we will be venturing out into the best tactical ways through which you can dress-up your website and drive-in traffic. Also, we will be exploring DocHipo’s repository, as it will be your lifeline when marketing your adventure blogs across various social channels.

Elements to Add to Your Website to Make it Marketable

Do you know that blogs are read by 77% of internet users?

Well, that means you have a great chance to be a sensational adventure blogger, provided you hit the right cords. 


Well, let me elaborate upon 5 points briefly that will help you to create a marketable website.

1. Choosing a Globally Recognized Language

If you target audiences from around the world, then use a language that is commonly understood and read. 

Statistics suggest that the English language is widely used in the world followed by Mandarine. Check this out:

Language statistics for writing adventure blogs

The universality of this language makes it popularly known as the Lingua Franca. So, it is always best to use English when attracting a broad audience base. Maybe that’s why 71% of the WordPress sites are written in English

But if you do have a website in any other language then you also have the option to inculcate a system that will translate any language into the preferred one. This system helps as well.

2. Make the Content Search-Engine Friendly

The contents must be Search-Engine Optimized. This will show your website on the search engines and boost traffic.

SEO is a tricky yet interesting way to make your website discoverable. Search engines use a mechanism that crawls through different websites, gathering information and indexing them simultaneously. This index then goes through a process of algorithm analysis, which helps to rank the sites based on various factors.   

The first factor usually starts with keyword/keywords that can be short-tailed and/or long-tailed. You also have to make sure that you maintain a balance and not end up over-doing it. 

The images that you put along with your blog articles must also be calibrated with keywords in their AltText. Most of the sentences need to be with-in 20 words. Also, you must avoid passive voice in your overall writing. 

Try to add internal and external links because this will establish authority.

3. Add Stunning Banners

As mentioned earlier, a website that does not have any images or other attractive visuals always looks boring.

It is of utmost importance that you add beautiful graphics that can inspire your viewers and guide their imagination while reading your blogs. 

I know getting an instant visual for a website can be tough. But, with DocHipo, you can get tons of exciting and fun templates.

You can download as many as you want and use them in any way you like. Also, you can customize them as per your choice. So, let me share a banner visual that can give you ideas of how you can make your website look fantastic.

To make things more exciting, let me share a quick story. 

I remember meeting a man, who shared with me an exciting experience about a bike challenge which he undertook. I was indeed amazed to know that he rode his bike from Bristol to London which is approximately 269 KM. Seeing me awestruck and mesmerized by his episode, he suddenly revealed to me the reason behind this experience.

One frenzied night, when he was gazing at the star-filled sky and thinking about human-will, he suddenly wanted to challenge himself and test his capabilities. So, he decided to travel as far as he could on his bike.

Now, if I want to add this story to my blog, I would be needing an amazing blog banner. So I choose this banner from DocHipo:

Adventure blog banner before editing.

I just made some changes and customized it according to my write-up so that it can visually represent want I imagined:

Adventure blog banner after editing

You can also change the picture, add other graphic elements and make it look exactly the way you want.

4. Adding Other Graphics Element

When you add graphic elements like Text Frames on your blog, it will make the website more interactive. You can add them in various spaces on the website, like using them to adorn the titles. You can also use them to embellish the overlook and feel of the website.

So, let’s check some text frames from DocHipo:

Text Frames to add on your adventure blog website.

If you’re maintaining a daily online journal, you can always use text frames like this to embellish your contents:

Text Frames to add on your adventure blog website.

The more colorful your website will look, the more engaging it will become. 

5. Add Interesting Videos

If possible try recording your adventures in a video camera, edit and upload it on Youtube. In this way you can add the videos on your blogs, making it look even more interesting.

A blog consisting of texts, accompanied by images, graphic elements and interesting videos, will attract traffic and retain their attention. 

Every enthusiastic reader loves to engage in blogs which have a nice story to tell, buttressed by interactive elements.

A good video that lacks a stunning thumbnail, will not be able to attract the attention of the viewers. Hence it is always best to create an attractive thumbnail instead of settling for the recommended once from the video itself.
For YouTube Thumbnails that specifically deals with adventure, travel, and life, DocHipo is the best go-to place. Let’s check some of the Thumbnail templates that you can customize and use it for your videos:

Youtube Thumbnails for your adventure blog videos.
Youtube Thumbnails for your adventure blog videos.
Youtube Thumbnails for your adventure blog videos.

Although this is not a necessary step, adding videos will always increase the appeal of the website.

Best Ways to Market Your Adventure Blogs

This is the most exciting part of being an adventure blogger. After all, now you will be spreading your adventures and experiences everywhere to every single person, craving to know the secrets that nature hides. 

So once you feel confident about your website, you have to start strategizing the ways through which you will market it.

The best way to do this is to look for the right channels. Although there are many social media platforms that can be extremely useful for your strategies, it is always recommended that you start with few spaces. In my opinion, start with Instagram, because this platform is quite personal. 

When we talk about Instagram, people use it to share their thoughts, and experiences pictorially. Moreover, images can be the best way to attract people to your write-ups. 

So, to ace the marketing game on this social media platform, you have to reach their hearts. Your stories need to emotionally touch their lives, making them aspire to want more. 

This is possible when you share your blog link along with a nice visual post. Also, promos and inspiring visuals that inform the viewers about a new blog post is an excellent way to promote your website.

At DocHipo, you will get visuals that can stun the eyes of the onlooker, who is searching for some excitement.


Blogging is a very personal thing, so it is always best to promote it via your personal account. This just makes it more authentic and also relatable. You can create a business page as well so that you can invite members. 

To make the page look alluring, let’s check the post templates from DocHipo that you can use:

You can change the text, the image and also graphic elements, to design it the way you want.

Let me show you in the next section how you can customize the templates to make it ready for your blogs.

Download Your Template from DocHipo

Let me walk you through the process of customizing a template in DocHipo.

For your adventure blog, let’s create a Blog Banner so that you can create one for yourself and use them on your website.

The entire process is very simple and will not even take you more than 10 minutes. So, let’s start.

Step 1: 

You first need to sign up. Once you do this you can either type “Blog Banner” on the search panel:

Create your templates for your adventure blog (landing page)

Or directly click on the “Web Banner” widget on the left-side panel. After you click that widget, a list of option will show up from where you have to select the “Blog Banner” option:

Create your templates for your adventure blog (landing page)

After it redirects to the document templates page, you can either customize it from scratch  or select a template for customization:

Blog banner templates in DocHipo for your adventure blogs.

Step 2:

When you select a template, you will be again redirected to the Document information page where you have to provide the details:

Filling the document information page to enter the DocHipo's editor for the adventured themed template.

Step 3: 

After you click “Next”, you will then enter the DocHipo’s Editor:

DocHipo's editor for the adventure themed template.

So, now its customization time!

I made few changes so that I can fit it with my creative vision. The first thing I did is delete the small green rectangle on the left-right corner. Then I changed the text.

Customizing the adventure themed template on the DocHipo's editor.

Next, I deleted the Bike symbol on the heading. Following this I deleted the background image and changed the color of the other graphic elements:

Customizing the adventure themed template on the DocHipo's editor.

Step 4:

Once you are ready with the design, then just download it.

You can download the template in PNG and PDF format, with qualities ranging from Normal, Medium, and High:

Downloading the template for the adventure blog.

I Downloaded my template in High-quality PNG format:

Here is the blog banner of my adventure blog.


Adventure is an exciting genre to deal with. So if your blog deals with this genre then I am pretty sure you will do a great job. Moreover, people love to hear stories of adventure, so look for exciting ways to engage with one.

In my opinion, blogs are a great way to connect with the dormant wild-self that we all tend to feel but don’t have the courage to pursue it.

Hence make a proper marketing strategy through which you can spread your stories all around the world and motivate people!

For any visual needs, you have DocHipo to your rescue always. Whether for a blog banner or a social media post, at DocHipo you will get them all.

So sign up and dazzle your blogging website and marketing efforts with fascinating document templates!