Elegant Text Frames to Use in Multiple Ways

Elegant Text Frames to Use in Multiple Ways

Last Updated Mar 5, 2024

In every creative work, text, and design play a significant role. The text communicates the message, which is bolstered by design. So, for every marketing visual, the message is accompanied by designs that are synced with the text.

Text frames are interesting design elements that amalgamate the components of text and design. These are flexible and are incorporated into any visual graphic. You can say that trendy text frames started featuring themselves from the sense of design, aesthetics, and typography. Also, they make scant information engaging. So with text frames, you can enhance any creative document, making your entire design look stunning and attracting your target audience.

Now, if you are wondering how to create one for yourself, you have nothing to worry about. In DocHipo, you will get gorgeous text frames and use them for any creative purpose. In this blog post, we will talk about five ways in which you can use text frames to enhance your message. Also, we will guide you through the entire process of choosing a text frame to use on your desired document.

Various Use Cases of Text Frames

To be honest, you can go overboard with text frames. That means they are incredible on any visuals. I am sure you will discover many more ways through which text frames can leave their impression on your designs. But for now, let me elaborate on five exciting ways through which you can use these text frames.

1. Text Frames in Promotions

Visually striking documents distributed in print or digitally are often used for promoting products, services, or events. The promotional activities span various marketing collaterals, including flyers, brochures, posters, banners, email newsletters, social media posts, and digital ads. Each of these serves a specific purpose in capturing audiences’ attention, communicating your marketing message, and driving your desired actions from them.

When promoting on any platform, you need meaningful and eye-catching visuals that instantly attract your target audience. Especially on social media, the most popular advertising platform, you must use simple graphics that can stay with your audiences for a long time.

Text Frames act as visual messages that help instantly create a stunning, minimalistic design, fulfilling the commercial purpose. Whether on flyers or digital screens, simple designs are always way more attractive than complex visuals.

Check these graphics below to get a better sense of how you can optimize DocHipo’s Black Friday Text Frames to your advantage:

Black Friday Email Header Design Using Text Frame

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Black Friday Facebook Ad Design Using Text Frame

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2. Text Frames in Celebrations

Whether you want to spread festive cheer or invite people to a celebration, dazzling posters or social media post designs have their charm. Using text frames to emphasize your festive message or crucial event details contributes to the overall festive ambiance of the document design. They give your text an innovative shape, look impressive, and reflect the spirit of the occasion.

For example, indulge in the ones from DocHipo’s Christmas and New Year Text Frames ranges to make heart-warming greeting cards.

Christmas Poster Design Using Text Frame

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New Year Twitter Post Using Text Frame

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Make your Halloween party memorable with DocHipo’s spooky Halloween Text Frames range.

Halloween Poster Using Text Frame

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3. Text Frames on Cards

Now, coming to a more non-commercial aspect, you can use these text frames on your invitation and greeting cards.

In most of the events that usually involve a huge gathering, you must have a good invitation card. Especially if you invite guests to your office party or for an official celebration, it is an absolute necessity for your company invitation card to look astounding. I stress this point for a reason, which involves your company’s reputation and branding. A good design on the invitation card can instantly create a positive impression. Honestly, in some cases, it can also enhance your brand identity. 

I know it is a common practice to overlook these minute aspects. But, honestly, have you been reckless when finalizing a design you want to add to your invitation cards? I am sure not; somewhere, we all know that every design you put out (even for a non-commercial purpose) represents your company.

When talking about personal use, we all want to wish our near and dear ones with lovely looking greeting cards. Good design also has the power to make anyone happy with its bright colors, patterns, and messages.

For example, if you plan to sizzle up your wedding invitation cards, you can use Wedding Text Frames like the way below.

Wedding Card Using Text Frame

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4. Text Frames as Award Badges

Award badges symbolize accomplishment, achievement, or recognition given to individuals, groups, or entities to acknowledge and honor their excellence. When a brand wants to showcase or flaunt its excellence or the recognition it’s received, it increases its credibility. 

Using text frames as award badges enhances the professional presentation, allowing you to explore different layouts and text element arrangements. Apart from an aesthetically pleasing layout, it establishes a visual hierarchy in the overall design, helping you emphasize crucial information such as the award title, the recipient individual or organization’s name, and so on. All in all, it improves the readability and visual impact.

DocHipo offers professionally curated elegant Award Text Frames for creative and personalized designs.

Hotel Instagram Ad Design Using Text Frame

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5. Text Frames in Season’s Greetings

You can share seasonal greetings with your audience on various social media platforms. Welcome and embrace each new season and its beauty with an endearing design. Text frames help you with a structured presentation of the greeting message, ensuring it looks appealing. This way of conveying the season’s greetings and your sentiments on it contributes to your audience leaving a positive and memorable impression.

For example, with DocHipo’s Spring Text Frames, you can be all creative, defining the purpose of your message and increasing viewer engagement:

Seasons Greetings Using Text Frame

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How to Create Beautiful Designs with Text Frames in DocHipo

Text Frames are superb graphic elements. You can simply use it in any form and everywhere. It can be combined with different design elements on the Document to magnify the beauty of the visual. 

Now, let me further guide you on choosing a text frame and using it in the document.

I will create a Christmas Facebook post using a beautiful text frame.

To customize and download exceptional templates and graphic elements, you first need to sign up for DocHipo.

Then, the next step is to choose the template of your desired document. Using Text Frames on visual posts is an exciting way to make the visual look more professional and interactive. So, I have chosen the Facebook post template from the document type “Facebook Post”. 

To easily choose a document type, for example, “Facebook Post”, start typing it and click the option from the results.

Search for Facebook Post

Here’s a quick watch on finding templates in DocHipo.

Selecting this document type will redirect you to the page where you will witness many Facebook post templates.

From there, choose a template that seems perfect to communicate your intended message.

Once you select a pre-designed or blank template, you will be redirected to the document information page.

On this page, you will have to fill in essential details. Your name will be auto-populated as the “Document Owner”, which you can change and put your team member’s name. Then you have to fill in the “Document Name” and provide the “Description” of the document.

Add Document Information

After you click “Next”, you will enter the editor, where you can blissfully edit and become a pro!

Select the “Text Frames” widget in your left-hand panel to select a Text Frame. 

In DocHipo, you’ll find text frames across various occasions to suit your varied purposes. Let’s select the Christmas Text Frames theme.

Text Frame Categories

From there, you can select any frame design of your choice. All are lovely!

Christmas Text Frames

After you have selected the design, it is now time to place it in the most strategic location on the visual, which will automatically attract the gaze of your audience.

DocHipo gives you flexibility for customizing these text frames irrespective of your document type. So, you can reposition, resize, change the color, add text boxes, shadows, borders, and so on.

Let’s explore some of them. Select the text frame and click on the color icon in the editing panel to apply your brand color, or choose from the preset colors.

Change Text Frame Color

You can also experiment with custom colors.

Custom Colors

Now, let’s add some text, for example, a Christmas message in this case. Select the ‘Text’ widget from the left sidebar.

Text Widget

Choose a text format and double-click on the text box to add your required message.

Text Formats

Using the contextual editing panel, change the text font style, size, color, alignment, and more.

Change Text Font Size

It’s time to create a stunning background. Select the ‘Background’ widget to play around with the colors, gradients, and patterns.

Background Widget

For convenience, you can also add the color hex code in the given box.

Background Color Change

Next, to complement the appealing text frame, you can experiment with graphic elements such as icons, stickers, etc.

The ‘Icons’ widget is under the ‘Graphics and Media’ section.

Icons Widget

Intuitively, we will choose Christmas-themed icons.

Christmas Icons

Scroll through the charming icons to find the most suitable one for your document design.

Select Christmas Color Icon

Here’s a quick tutorial on using icons in DocHipo.

Another impactful graphic element to add visual interest to a design is shape. Head on to the ‘Shapes’ widget.

Shapes Widget

You are free to choose from the vast range of shapes in DocHipo.

Select Circular Shape

Make the most of the exclusive shapes library with the below tutorial.

Once you’re happy with all the customization and your design is ready to appeal to your audience, click on the horizontal three dots in the top-right corner to download it.

Download Christmas Facebook Post Design

Now, let’s download this document in a High-quality PNG file.

Download Design

After you select the “Download” button, you are all set to unleash this Facebook post and boost your marketing efforts.

This is what my design looks like:

Christmas Facebook Post Design with Tet Frames

Want a quick recap on using text frames? Here you go:


Customizing these text frames is super easy, and you have the creative control to design how you desire. You can use them on any templates that fulfill your creative aspirations. 

So, even if you feel that you lack the design aesthetics, then you absolutely do not need to worry. 

In DocHipo, you can get tons of these awesome text frames that can be used for almost any occasion and purpose. So, explore this platform to make the most out of it. Hurry and sign up now!