Easter Image for social media posts

5 Social Media Posts That Will Never Let Your Easter be Gloomy

Published on Apr 9, 2020 | Updated on Oct 22, 2022

What does the mention of Easter remind you? Chocolates, Bunny, Easter eggs, etc, right? This year, it probably brings a  gloomy shadow over your face. C’mon dear, please smile. I know that life is not quite simple around this time across the globe. But, we cannot stop being optimistic, right? Social media posts for Easter can make it a little better.

It has been months for which we had been sulking, worrying, troubling our brains by thinking about, “When will everything get normal”. It is time to be bold and gain strength for a fight-back. We are already taking measures to stay safe from the pandemic. The world has been going through an anxious phase. Now is the time to recuperate.

Easter is on the 12th of April, this year. Usually, during this time, the climate is very soothing everywhere, trees are full of new leaves and colourful flowers. Easter is celebrated around the world with enough gusto and lively enjoyment.

It seems things are a little different this time. As T.S. Eliot says, “April is the cruelest month”. It indeed is so this year. But, that doesn’t mean, we won’t involve in the enjoyment of festivity. We will be a part of it, but we will celebrate it from home. You all are cordially invited to join in.

How to celebrate staying at home?

I think the most active all are during the days of quarantine is on social media. You can share your happiness on Easter through social media posts and invite all your friends into a bit of merry-making. So, are you ready to be a part of the Easter celebration at DocHipo? Just sign up and explore the magical world of Easter social media post templates that DocHipo has.

Would you like this minimalistic social media post for Easter?

Well, I like this a lot. This will bring a wide smile to the faces of a group of kids. They would love the colourful Easter eggs that give them bigtime craft goals. It features beautifully painted colourful Easter eggs. On the other hand, this image would be perfect for the Facebook post of a corporate entity. No matter how serious a matter your business deals with, this template is apt for an Easter-related social media post that you would create for your customers, clients, and all prospects.

The message is also beautiful. It is very optimistic about light at the end of the dark tunnel. It promises that we will discover something great in the Easter eggs that will put an end to all our woes.

Social media (Facebook) post (Easter)

Enjoy with your kids at home with this happy Easter social post…

This template makes the perfect Easter post to be childlike happy. Look at the bunny featured on it. It smiles widely as if to say that, ‘everything will be alright, provided you flash a beaming smile’. Easter is the time to enjoy life, laugh like there is no tomorrow and be happy. The twinkling stars around the Easter bunny and the beautiful eggs make a vibrant presence of the happiness that Jesus’s resurrection swayed the world with.

Easter post (Social media)

All-in-one Facebook (Easter) post for people across demographics…

The template you see below is a beautiful collaboration of multiple (probably all) Easter elements. They have been compiled mindfully to create a lovely mirror image of the Easter spirit. It has bunnies, Easter eggs, flowers, and whatnot. Created with much care, this has been topped with a dollop of love in the message. A simple, straight wish for happiness. What else would you want?

On the other side, this post is apt for any group of target audience. Social media users of any age, educational background and profession would love to see this as a social post for Easter on their timeline. So, no matter who your targets are, this template gets a thumbs-up from me.

Facebook post for Easter

With a bit of eccentricity, you can play with your Easter social media posts…

This social media post template for Easter below is proof of that. A hint of eccentricity or idiosyncrasy often wins hearts. If yours is an art and craft school or a toy-store, apparel company specialized in kid’s products, this is a fitting choice for your Facebook post this Easter. The smiling bunny adds to the cuteness quotient of the message on the post template.

Funny Easter Post on social media

Silhouette illustrations on your Facebook Post…

Sounds bizarre for Easter? Absolutely not. Just take a look at the DocHipo template below. It has all the charm and mysticism of an Easter post. Yet, it stands out among the rest. The reason is the controlled use of colour and bling.

Blue has a very formal undertone. Moreover, monotone has aptly weaved its magic through all its elements that are drawn and placed with care.

Did you pay attention to the message on it? It casually pushes you towards a happy fun-filled celebration of Easter. There is no need to have any second thoughts before using this Facebook post template. Measured use of elements has simply heightened the quality of this post and made it usable for any individual or unit.

Happy Easter post for Facebook

Happy Easter…

Life brings its dose of challenges and rocky paths that you fumble to walk on. Festivals are the channels that help you cross over that challenging phase. Easter has come with loads of hope and brightness to us. Let’s glide to happiness riding on its bliss.

Sign up to DocHipo and use a template of your choice to create beautiful social media posts to wish your friends this Easter.