Brands and their personalities and archetypes

Branding Joe: Joe’s Strategies to fit in a Brand Archetype

Published on Sep 18, 2020 | Updated on Oct 22, 2022

Hey there…

Hope you are doing great!

I am great too, just excited about how things are unravelling for me. Now, I have a booming Facebook business page, and my website is ready with awe-inspiring blog articles. Not just that. My ebook has received multiple clicks and downloads. I feel all charged up by the constant positive response that I am receiving all over the online arena.

With this initial push, I feel I want to focus on my brand presence. I do not want to be just any brand but a brand that has a distinct persona. I want my clients to have a focused perception of my business when they want to contact me.

So, today I will share a plan with you. I am planning to strategize my brand personality based on brand archetypes. But before that, we will first understand what I mean by strategizing brands.

Brand Strategy

If you think that just designing a logo establishes your brand identity, then you are wrong. Branding is more than that and encompasses many elements and factors. To establish your brand identity, you need a perfect brand strategy.

Hence, brand strategy can be seen as a long-term plan, involved around your business, to make your brand identifiable. It is just like taking small steps towards your sub-goals to reach the primary goal.

A brand strategy also takes into account aspects such as consumer needs and emotions, along with competition. It decides on the right flavor that will enhance the personality, cementing loyalty among the clients.

You can say that brand strategy starts with understanding your business and knowing your target audience. But, I think it never starts till you have a story to tell to the world that your clients can resonate with.

According to a two-year study that examined the connection between emotions and consumer behaviour, it was revealed that consumers that are connected to the brand emotionally have a 306% higher lifetime value.

After all, people do not exactly connect to your product/services, which I am pretty sure many more businesses are providing as well. They connect with the emotions around the product/services; feelings that you unfurl with your story, which your clients can empathize and be a part of it. That widespread mutual involvement makes you a brand.

So brand strategy involves weaving those patterns and achieving the mini-goals to accomplish the prime target.

Now to create that emotion, you have to ask yourself:

What story does your Brand have to tell?

To answer this, let’s unfold about brand personality, which will help us understand the archetypes.

Brands as Protagonist that has a Mission

To strategize your brand identity, you first need to figure out the character that your brand possesses. For that, let us dive into the proper understanding of the personality.

With brand personality, you are personifying your brand by imbibing human-like characteristics in it. With this paradigm, set around your brand, it structures the way how people will perceive and connect.

By depicting a personality, you already set a tone, voice and identity to your brand that determines the ways in which it will be strategized and marketed.

After all, your brand becomes the reflection of your target audience. Hence it needs to have the right personality, which will be at sync with the target consumers.

To understand this further, let’s check the 5 main examples of brand personalities.

Brands with Personalities

Although personalities are uncountable and can be varied, in terms of brand personalities we have 5 major attributes. Let’s check one by one:

Brand personalities with brands

1. Excitement: This personality signifies brands that have a carefree appeal to themselves. They are youthful, spirited and always ready to jump into an adventure of discoveries. Examples of the brands that own such a characteristic are Coca-Cola, Nike, Red Bull, Tesla, etc.

2. Sophistication: This personality is all about having poise and style. These brands are elegant, that signifies class and status. Examples of these brands include Tiffany and Co., Rolex, Gucci, Apple, etc.

3. Sincerity: Brands here are usually compassionate, kind, down-to-earth and have a strong sense of honesty and bonding. Examples include Disney, Hallmark, Amazon, Cadbury, etc.

4. Competence: Here, we are talking about brands that are hard-working, influential, reliable, and successful leader. Examples are Google, Volvo, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

5. Ruggedness: It’s about being sturdy, tough and robust, with an ability to climb up the hardest steep. The brands here include Harley-Davidson, Timberland, Jeep, Marlboro, etc.

In this way, you can identify your brand personality and try to calibre the strategies and brand campaigns. But it does not stop here.

We shall now dive into a more exciting part of brand personality, which is brand archetype.

Brand Archetypes

Psychologist Carl Jung was visionary, especially in terms of understanding personalities and character traits. It was his theory of archetypes that are used in almost every domain, even in theories around branding.

Now, what are brand archetypes?

You can have a specific personality as a brand, but how does this determine your brand’s role in your client’s life. This happens by categorizing them within different prototypes, which is called Brand Archetypes.

These roles played by different brands in an individual’s life enhance the emotional connection with these brands.

Brand Archetypes

So, let me take you through the different archetypes:

1. The Innocent: These brands are associated with youthfulness. They are the archetype of goodness and happiness, having a moralistic outlook. Of many brands, Coca-cola is the perfect example. 

2. The Everyman: these brands are for everyone. Hence they belong and connect to all, setting no hierarchy. One of the best examples would be eBay.

3. The Hero: They are leaders who want to change the world for good. Hence they are characterized by their courage and valor, inspiring the world to make a difference. Example would be Nike.

4. The Rebel: They always challenge the conventional ideas and norm, because they want to play the game by their own rules. My most favorite example would be Harley-Davidson.

5. The explorer: These brands love to discover new experiences and are even willing to take risks. Like Red Bull.

6. The Creator: The brands here love to create and invent, turning dreams into realities. My most favourite example is Adobe.

7. The Ruler: These brands establish their authority by the keen sense of responsibility and order. Just like Mercedes-Benz.

8. The Magician: They are all-time enchanters, taking you to a world filled with splendour. A perfect example is Disney.

9. The Lover: Intimacy is their virtue, filling your hearts with intense passion and a desire to witness the real beauty. Just like the brand Victoria’s Secret.

10. The caregiver: These brands are nurturers, protecting the world with their compassion. Just like Johnson & Johnson.

11. The Jester: These brands are bright and joyous, with an ambition to fill the ambience with laughter and humour. One such mischievous brand would be Old Spice.

12. The Sage: Wise with experience, these brands are visionaries, guiding the seekers toward knowledge and insight. Just like our favorite Google.

Joe Finds her Brand Archetype

Yes, I am excited to know where my brand fits. To get my brand personified, I delved further into my brand story.

I am a life coach. So my story is to help my clients find their direction towards life. My job inspires people and also tries to push them out of their comfort zones. I encourage my clients to constantly challenge their limitations and also counsel them to accept themselves the way they are (even their insecurities).

So, to find my brand personality, I think I fit perfectly in the characteristic that is based on Competence. Because my brand aims to make its clients understand their truest potentials. I am creating future leaders that can understand themselves as who they are and live a life filled with happiness.

So my brand has a role that is based on nurturing people, which automatically fits me into the caregiver archetype.

Fun isn’t!

What is more interesting is that this personification will now give me a clearer direction on how I will go about with my campaigns and marketing strategies. After all, it is all about how you present yourself as a brand and what impact does this have on your target customers.

So, if you want to find your brand personification, sit with a pen and a notebook. Then, try to understand your brand personality and role in your client’s life, which will bring out your brand archetype.

Now, after I have found the right characteristics for my brand, I will try to sort out all my design documents from DocHipo’s database in advance.

So let’s Jump into the next section!

DocHipo to the Rescue

Although brand strategy is a big word and encompasses many factors. But to decide these factors, start with determining your brand personality and archetype. A Fixed personality will guide your marketing campaign ideas and visuals in accordance with the tone of your brand.

So, now when I know my story, that has set the personality and the archetype of my brand, I will decide on the visuals. For that I have this incredible platform of DocHipo, to save me now and forever!

Let’s check which templates I can choose for portraying my brand as a competent care-giver.


So, looking from the all the flyer templates, I chose this one:

After making few customizations, check out how it looks now:

Isn’t it amazing! Just a few changes like the text and adding my brand logo on the second page created magic.


I plan to start my workshops to promote my brand further. So keeping my brand persona in mind, I designed a poster that I will launch on my Facebook business page soon. 

So I used this elegant poster template from DocHipo:

Poster Template which can be used by brands from DocHipo

Then, I changed the background into something peaceful and meditative. After this I customize the text to display the appropriate message. Also, I placed my logo at the top-left corner. So, this is how it looks:

Customized Poster template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Social Graphic

Of course!

I find social media graphics really important for my business. Especially with the ever increasing popularity of social media among all age groups, I think this platform is culminating into a potent tool for branding and marketing.

Although right now I am kind of focusing on Facebook, but I am planning to expand into other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, I will launch my YouTube channel pretty soon, so let’s make a stunning-looking thumbnail as well for my channel.

For Facebook I used this template:

Facebook post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Then I just changed the text and Voila!

Customized Facebook post template for my brand from DocHipo

For Instagram I wanted to choose lovely post templates that have inspiring quotes and messages. So chose this one:

Instagram post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

This post template was perfect! Hence downloaded the way it is. 

In fact, even this one is so exceptional!

Instagram post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

For Twitter, I choose this post template:

Twitter post template for my brand from DocHipo

Then I just changed the text and background picture to meet the tone of my brand. This is how it looks:

Customized Twitter post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

For LinkedIn, I want to place testimonials, because they are the best way to showcase your veracity. At Dochipo I got amazing testimonial templates, from which I chose this:

LinkedIn post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Since I do not have an actual testimony as of now, so I will just customize the text to show you the demo:

Customized LinkedIn post template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Isn’t it fantastic! Well, someday I hope to get an actual testimony with an amazing picture of the person. Wish me luck!

Finally, used this lovely YouTube Thumbnail template:

YouTube Thumbnail template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Then just changed the text:

Customized YouTube Thumbnail template for my brand from DocHipo (can be used by other brands)

Last Words…

Oh yes! Life is good when you have amazing templates to use for free.

What you need to do is sign up to DocHipo. That’s it!

Once you step into the world of stunning templates, your senses will be flabbergasted with a desire to use it all. 

I love using these stunning templates for marketing my brand. Honestly, I know that these colourful visuals are helping me to enhance my message to all my audiences. 

So, I feel blessed!

Hurry and download the templates now to scale-up your business by strategizing an amazing brand personality.