[How To] Nail Remote Team Collaboration With DocHipo

blog-bannerMar 20, 2020

The world is not the same as it was a few months back. Covid-19 has made sure of that. People can’t go out without musk and of course fear. So, tiny street scuffles are passé and working from home policy has been adopted by businesses across the world. But, working from home has its own set of challenges too. Businesses worldwide is frantically looking for remote working solutions. Tools that let them keep the business afloat and keep the team together even in self-isolation.

We too are facing a challenge!

In fact, last night, I just realized that my life is surely going to feel a lot different without all the huffing puffing of daily commute. Of course, there will be less clash over parking space, fewer differences of opinion with cabbies. My colleagues, who don’t support Chelsea have already started to seem like angels. I miss them big time. But the biggest challenge surely is collaboration at work.

I probably know what is going on in your mind. You must be thinking, “Ah, working from home? Still, all business documents are in place? After all, it is not that easy to collaborate on document building or many such functions across departments or multiple employees”. On DocHipo, creating a pitch-perfect document in collaboration with your team members/ colleagues is simple.

Sharing a beautiful video for your convenience and it will be super easy for you to understand.

  1. You create a document on DocHipo
  2. You can see three dots beside the Comments tab
  3. Clicking on that will reveal the ‘Share’ button
  4. The moment you click on this, you will see a list of members who all are the part of this company
  5. You can select the team members you want to share the document with
  6. After that, you get a chance to choose the kind of access you want to offer that member. It can be full access, read/write or read-only access.
  7. There is a button that you can click to notify your selected users
  8. Hit the Share button to help that person see or build that very document along with you.
  9. Changes made to the document by you both/all will reflect on the document (in real-time)
  10. Your team members can also comment on your document by clicking on the Comments tab. You can see that comment in a snap.

Simple, right? Any doubts; just check out the video on this:

So, hopefully you liked the process. It is pretty clutter-free, right?

Now a bit of responsible work…

Let’s take this opportunity to maintain solidarity. Let’s take a few steps together towards Corona-free world

Infographic _ How to prevent COVID-19

The Beginning…

Yes, I still miss the tea-time gossips, stupid fights with my colleagues over the number of goals scored on the football ground. But, above all, I want all to remain healthy. I am confident that with good sense prevailing all over the world, we will cross over this global crisis and will start afresh. It will be a new journey for us all.

As of now, sign up to DocHipo and create documents with seamless collaboration among your teams. Wish you luck on this novel journey to beautiful documents and safe life. Till then, stay strong, stay safe. More power to you and your documents.