How to Design Logo for Travel Agency

How to Design Logo for a Travel Agency: An Effective Way to Boost Your Business

Last Updated Jun 14, 2024

While being highly lucrative, the travel industry is highly competitive. Thousands of businesses have been operating in this industry for decades. According to a recent study by IBIS World, the number of businesses operating in this industry is 196,326. Hence, it is highly recommended to strengthen your marketing efforts to stay ahead of the competition. Travel Agency Logo Design is an effective way to do that.

How to Create a Travel Agency Logo Design

  • Brainstorm: Gather ideas and information, considering your brand’s unique aspects and target audience.
  • Color Combination: Choose meaningful and complementary colors to evoke the right emotions and brand perception.
  • Typography: Select fonts that match your brand’s personality and ensure they complement each other for a clear and appealing look.
  • Use Other Elements Smartly: Incorporate icons, illustrations, lines, and shapes to enhance brand recognition and trust.
  • Get Inspiration: Explore design templates and ideas to find the perfect logo style for your travel business.

A logo is a must if you want to create brand recognition. Also, the logo will work as an identity for your business. Hence you can not compromise on its design. But you might lack the design skill that travel agency logo design requires. Don’t worry; deciding to design the logo for your business is a great step you have already taken. Let DocHipo do the rest.

DocHipo’s Free Online Logo Maker will help you design the perfect travel agency logo within minutes.

Read on to learn how to create a travel agency logo using DocHipo.

Travel Agency Logo Design Ideas

To make the logo design process more straightforward, we have come up with some of the best travel agency logo design ideas for you. Go through them carefully to get the perfect logo for your travel business.


The first thing you should do before moving on to the design process is a brainstorming session. This will help you get a unique logo design concept. Jot down all the information, such as your business name, slogan, brand colors, relevant graphic elements, and any other ideas you have in your mind.

Try to think from your target audience’s angle. Determine how they will perceive your brand and what can grab their attention. Also, list the aspects that make your brand unique and what is essential to your target audience.

Additionally, try to involve other members in the brainstorming session to let the diversity make the magic happen. The more perspective, the better. Lastly, using Office 365 project management tools can streamline our workflow, improve collaboration among team members, and ensure timely project delivery.

Look at the travel agency logo below:

Travel Logo Template

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Without having any information about the travel business, it can be said that they deal with international travel affairs. So, you need to plan your logo first and start designing according to your business metrics.

Pay Attention To The Color Combination

Though color combination is a vast topic, we will try to keep it simple. Colors always bear a ton of different meanings and can evoke different emotions. For example, if your travel agency logo is red, it stands for passion, excitement, energy, aggression, and anger.

Of course, you can use your brand colors but make sure they are meaningful and complement each other. You can use different colors or stick to a monochrome logo; that’s up to you. Additionally, get inspiration from this article on the best color combinations.

Travel Logo Template

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In the logo template above, the two shades of blue and yellow make both colors pop.

Travel Logo Template

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Here, the trio of sky blue Crayola, maize Crayola, and bizard blue creates a harmonious effect.

Get The Typography Right

Typography is another element in your logo that can make or break the design. Since your business name is the primary focus of your logo, you must be careful about the typography. It has the power to add personality to your logo.

To get the typography of your logo right, we recommend choosing a font that suits your brand personality. For example, to give your logo a formal look, you can consider serif fonts. On the flip side, sans serif fonts provide an informal yet clean and modern look. Moreover, you can consider script fonts to make your logo look down-to-earth.

However, if there are multiple text elements in your template, pick fonts that complement each other to complete your logo. This will create a typography hierarchy in your travel agency logo design.

Travel Logo Template

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Furthermore, read this article about different typefaces to make the process of choosing fonts more straightforward.

Use Other Elements Smartly

Building brand recognition and inspiring trust among the target audience is the primary goal of a logo design. You can make your logo unforgettable by featuring icons, illustrations, lines, shapes, or other elements.

Travel Logo Template

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Hopefully, you are now inspired by these travel agency logo design ideas. Now, it’s your turn to create a logo using these tips and the logo design templates in DocHipo. Whether you are looking for a travel agency logo, tour guide logo, transportation business logo, or any other, DocHipo has got you covered.

How To Design Your Travel Agency Logo In 3 Simple Steps

Designing a logo for your business should not be a daunting task. So, we have crafted awesome Design Widgets to make the design process super easy for you. If you haven’t already signed up for DocHipo, you can do so by clicking here. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Choose A Template

Once you enter DocHipo’s template page, type “Logo” in the search bar as shown below and click on the result.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Choose the “Travel” category among the other options to browse through DocHipo’s massive library of logo design templates to customize for your own.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Hover over a template, and click preview to look at it before opening it in the DocHipo Editor.

Travel Agency Logo Design

This will ensure that you don’t need to open every template in the editor that you like to look at.

Click “Select” when you want to proceed with the template.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Now, give a name to the template so that you can find it later once downloaded. Optionally, you can provide a short description as well, then click Next to proceed further.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Step 2: Customize The Template

Now comes the most important step: you will customize the template according to your taste and make sure that it reflects your brand. Change the text with your business name, change the color combination according to your brand colors, and customize other elements. Follow the instructions:

Add, Edit, Or Delete Text

Click on the Text tab from the left sidebar to add text to your template.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Double click the pre-existing text in the template to replace the text with your business name and slogan.

Use the edit panel above to customize your text, such as changing the font style, color, size, opacity, and more.

Here is a video that will help you with the same.

Set A Background

Click on the Background tab from the left side panel under “Graphics and Media.”

Travel Agency Logo Design

Choose a solid or gradient color for your background. Either choose a color from the presets or pick a custom color using the color picker.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Watch the video below to learn more.

Customize Other Elements

Your travel agency logo template might include multiple other design elements such as icons, illustrations, shapes, lines, or anything else. You can customize them easily. Once you click on any element in the template, the edit panel appears on top. The edit panel lets you customize your template almost in any way you want.

Before Customization:

Travel Agency Logo Design

After Customization:

Travel Agency Logo Design

Step 3: Download Your Travel Agency Logo Design

Once you are done customizing the template and satisfied with your travel agency logo design, click the three dots from the upper right corner of your screen to download it. Choose download from the drop-down menu.

Travel Agency Logo Design

On the download widget, the preview of your design will appear. Choose your required file type and quality and hit the download button.

Travel Agency Logo Design

Consider watching the video below to learn how to download documents in DocHipo.

Since we understand your needs, we offer you a wide range of other document types such as YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, X/Twitter Post, X/Twitter Header, Magazine Cover, Poster, and many others. So, you get a complete solution for all your marketing graphic design.

To Sum Up….

Since all the successful travel agencies have their own logo, people come across thousands of travel agency logo designs. But your logo should stand out among them using its color, typography, icons, illustrations, and other elements. Hopefully, the article helped you understand the same and design the perfect logo for your business.

While we always recommend a simple logo, it should be attractive enough and convey your brand message effectively. And DocHipo’s logo design templates help you with the same. After all of this, we assume that the only thing you would be saying is “Wow.”

So, why wait? Sign-up today and start exploring the magical world of DocHipo.


What is the importance of a logo for a travel agency?

The logo for your travel agency will serve as a crucial element of your overall brand identity. It will reflect your professionalism and credibility, impact your audience’s first impression, and set the tone for the brand.

What are some important design principles to consider when creating a travel agency logo?

Some important design principles to consider when creating a travel agency logo include using legible and easily readable fonts, a color palette evoking the right emotions and associations with travel, typography complementing the overall design, and relevant and easily identifiable icons or symbols (if applicable). You must keep your logo simple, neat, and easily memorable and strive to achieve a sense of balance in the design.

Should a travel agency logo include a tagline or company name, and how should it be incorporated?

Depending on the nature and vibe of your travel company and your design preferences, you can include your agency name, concise tagline, icon, or symbol. The elements to incorporate into your travel agency logo should be catchy and easily memorable for people to instantly recall and recognize your brand.