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How to Design Your Own Christmas Card

Last Updated Mar 20, 2024

Do you want to create an elegant Christmas Card this season?

Remember the good old times when you’d feel excited to give personalized cards to your loved ones and see the big smiles on their faces?

The medium has changed long ago, but the wishes are still genuine and pure, isn’t it?

Using the magic of a personalized card this Christmas season, you can still be the reason behind that smile.

Be it your family members or clients – everyone will appreciate your sweet gesture after receiving a Christmas Card with your personal touch. Sending the cards to your customers or clients will strengthen your bond.

You might say that you don’t have that much time. We understand; that’s why DocHipo is here to give you the gift of time so that you can give a personalized Christmas card to the ones who matter to you.

In this post, you will learn how you can design Christmas card online and delight your recipients.

Christmas Card Designs Tips 

Spread the warmth and joy of Christmas and show your appreciation to your near and dear ones this Christmas by gifting them beautifully designed and stunning Christmas Cards that you can personalize within minutes. Below are some Christmas card graphic design tips and best practices that you can follow.

List Down the Recipients

Think of all the people you want to surprise with your personalized Christmas Card and make them feel special. Make a list of all the family members, friends, colleagues, clients, or customers that you want to wish with your unique style so that none of your loved ones feel missed out and sad. Don’t worry; it will not take a lot of time; you will create Christmas Cards for each of them.

In DocHipo, we have professionally designed templates for different target audiences.

Christmas Card Template

Get This Template and More

Christmas Card Template

Get This Template and More

Christmas Card Template

Get This Template and More

Decide on the Message 

Fill in your Christmas Card with warm wishes straight from your heart. But if you are still worrying about what to write or falling short of words to express your emotions or Christmas wishes, read Christmas Greetings Wording: What To Write In A Christmas Card.

Read How To Design Your Christmas Graphics for Christmas Card design ideas and pro tips.

How do You Design Your Own Christmas Card Online with DocHipo?

You can rely on DocHipo as your heart-warming Christmas card generator. First of all, sign up to DocHipo to get started with an easy and exciting design journey. Let’s walk you through the steps of how you can go from having a design idea to a full-fledged personalized Christmas Card that your recipient can treasure. Get ready to be flooded with their responses to your thoughtfully designed Christmas Cards.

STEP 1: Choose a Christmas Card Template

Search for Card Document Type

We categorized the Card Templates according to occasions like Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and wishes and situations like ‘Get Well Soon ’, Thank You, Apology Cards.

Now select the Christmas Card Template. 

Select Christmas Card

Hover your mouse pointer over any Christmas Card Templates you like and then choose either Preview or Select options to proceed further.

If you’d like to use a template right after previewing it, hover over the arrow icon that shows ‘Use this Template’ and click on it. 

Preview a Christmas Card Template
Select a Christmas Card Template

After selecting the Christmas Card Template, you want to customize, provide a name to the document and a brief description for your reference later, and click on the Next button.

Add Document Name and Description

STEP 2: Customize Your Chosen Christmas Card Template

With DocHipo’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, you can add text, pictures, illustrations, backgrounds, and other design elements, reposition them, and so much more. Let’s explore each one of them.


You can find the ‘Text’ widget on the left sidebar, as shown below. 

Text Widget in DocHipo

To add a new text, you can select from either of the three categories: Heading, Subheading, and Body Text.

Text Categories in DocHipo

To edit an existing text in the template, double-click on it and replace it with your own words. There are many options to help you edit your text, such as you can change the text type, color, font type, font size, alignment, letter spacing, adding text shadows and borders, etc. 

Text Editing Options to Customize a Christmas Card Template

You can go through 16 great free Christmas fonts to have an idea or inspiration about the fonts that will match the Christmas vibe.

Use the drag feature to adjust the position of the text. If you click on the horizontal three dots, you will get more text editing options as shown below.

Text Editing Options

To learn more about editing a text, consider watching the video below:

Moving on to the next widgets under the ‘Graphics and Media’ tab on the left sidebar.


Background Widget in DocHipo

Experiment with the vast collection of image backgrounds with different colors, gradients, and textures available to you. Change the opacity if needed.

Experiment with Image Backgrounds in DocHipo

If you want to apply custom colors for your background, remove the image background and click on the color icon to experiment with the theme colors or custom colors. You can also enter the hex code of a color you want to apply in the background. 

Custom Colors Background and Hex Code in DocHipo

Watch the video to learn more about creating an impressive background in DocHipo.


Now is the time to turn your favorite family photo or team photo into a personalized Christmas Card with our Christmas Card Maker. To access the image stored on your device, click on the ‘Uploads’ Widget under the ‘Graphics and Media’ tab and then upload it easily.

Uploads Widget in DocHipo

The maximum size of your image file should be 5 MB, and the supported formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.

After uploading the image, drag it and drop it over the existing one; it will automatically replace the old one with the one you just uploaded.

With DocHipo’s built-in photo editor, you can remove the background, add a filter or link to any resource, and change the opacity as needed.

Image Editing Options in DocHipo
Filter Options in DocHipo

If you want to add any other images, look through the collection of high-quality stock photos from the ‘Pictures’ Widget, waiting to contribute to being the perfect image you might be searching for.

Pictures Widget in DocHipo

Edit Other Elements

Apart from the elements shown above, DocHipo’s Christmas Card Maker offers various elements such as stickers, illustrations, icons, shapes, and so on for you to design an eye-catching design.

If you don’t want a particular element in your Christmas Card design, be it an illustration, image, sticker, etc., simply select it and press the delete button from the keyboard.

Stickers Widget in DocHipo

Make use of the fantastic and cute stickers specially designed for Christmas.

Stickers in DocHipo

To learn the application of stickers in a much better way, watch the video below:

STEP 3: Download, Share and Print Your Christmas Card

Now click on the horizontal three dots and the Download option from the drop-down menu.

Download your Christmas Card Design

Choose your download format and then click on the Download button.

Download your Christmas Card Design

Before Customization:

Christmas Card Template before Customization

After Customization:

Christmas Card Design after Customization

Final Words

Now that you know DocHipo has equipped you with stunning pre-designed Christmas Card Templates, choose the one that best suits your needs. Leverage all the features and customize till you feel delighted with your Christmas Card design and make it your own. DocHipo has your back, so get set and design! Let your family, friends, clients, or customers feel special with your personalized Christmas Card, designed with love and care.


What are some popular color schemes for Christmas card designs?

The classic red and green color schemes for Christmas card designs are the most popular. Adding a touch of gold gives the design a luxurious and festive feel. Furthermore, a calm and sophisticated silver and shades of blue, such as icy blues or navy, reflect a winter wonderland associated with the holiday season.

What are some modern and creative ideas for Christmas card designs?

Some modern and creative ideas for Christmas card designs include:

  • using shapes and text frames creatively to emphasize the Christmas message
  • using festive fonts and arrange the text to form a shape of any element such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus hat, etc
  • including your most-cherished family photograph in an innovative frame with floral designs
  • festive motifs throughout the background

Are there any online tools or software that can help with designing Christmas cards?

You can use the online graphic design tool DocHipo to design heart-melting Christmas cards for family and friends. All you need to do is choose a Christmas card template you love and personalize it with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.