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10 Best Infographic Makers: Features, Pricing, and Selection Guide

Last Updated Jun 11, 2024

We are living in an era where vital information is communicated through creative infographics. Though there are countless infographic makers available online, the struggle to find the perfect fit is real. From juggling features to decoding pricing structures, the quest for the ideal tool is a common challenge for designers and new-edge marketers. Hence, we are here with this blog as a compass for the best infographic makers. 

Best Infographic Makers for Your Business

  • DocHipo: User-friendly, intuitive drag-and-drop editor with free and premium templates for every industry.
  • Piktochart: Data-driven visuals with real-time data integration.
  • Infogram: Templates for diverse needs, including data visualization.
  • Canva: Intuitive interface with versatile design elements.
  • Venngage: Specialized in data-driven visuals and flowcharts.
  • VistaCreate: User-friendly, animated templates for social media.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and includes professional templates.
  • Visme: Emphasizes ease of use for business documents.
  • DesignCap: User-friendly, statistical charts in the free version.
  • Snappa: Extensive library of graphics, icons, and fonts.

We understand the woes; therefore, we’ve made a list of the top 10 infographics tools to discuss every ins and outs of their features and affordability. Let’s understand the exceptional capabilities and limitations in design options, pricing models, and helpful facts about choosing the right one. 

Best Infographic Makers

As the internet is flooded with new and free design tools, many fail to deliver features crucial for creating polished, professional infographics. Marketers and upcoming content creators often need help with subpar platforms. We ensure that the following top 10 best infographic makers can overcome these challenges seamlessly.

1. DocHipo

DocHipo is a user-friendly graphic design solution featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for quick and perfect infographic creation. Its sleek and navigable interface helps you make a creative infographics design. You will love it for creating ample storage, collaborative capabilities, and easy sharing options. These features make it easy to work with a team, tailor-made for entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators.

DocHipo- best infographic makers

Explore What Makes DocHipo the Best Infographics Maker 

Dochipo is one of the best infographic creators that you can find to create designs without consuming too much of your time and money! If you want all the advanced features in one place and you want to use an uncomplicated tool, then DocHipo is the best infographics creator. Let’s explore why this infographic tool is so cool and helpful for professionals and newcomer designers. 

1. Professionally Crafted Infographic Templates for Various Use Cases

Join DocHipo and find yourself a treasure trove of customizable infographic templates at your fingertips! Need a standout design for your business, a process breakdown, or some handy how-to tips? DocHipo has your back with amazing infographic free template designs.

Moreover, explore loads of premium templates for your purpose. Awesome infographic categories are ready to roll for whatever you’re cooking up to do business online!

Find Templates in DocHipo- best infographic makers
Many infographic templates

We all know how vital infographic marketing is for your online community. These exclusive samples of infographics are great for creating organic engagement on any type of social media where you can target a large audience with concrete information about your niche in the most straightforward format. If you want to make valuable infographics for your viewers, then run through the guidelines and tips for the perfect infographic.

2. Easy-to-use Infographic Maker with Expandable Design Canvas 

DocHipo stands out with its intuitive UI and expansive design canvas tailored for infographics.

Expandable Canvas for Infographic design-best infographic makers

Follow the arrow mark in the above screenshot that shows how to expand your infographic canvas. When you drag this button up or down, you can collapse or expand the infographic area to adjust more elements according to your theme.

With a user-friendly interface that feels like second nature and a canvas that’s as broad as your imagination, crafting stunning infographics becomes a breeze. 

3. Exclusive Design Assets for Unique Infographics Ideas

DocHipo is the best friend for content creators who want to dish out vital messages in a snap! Content creators need heavy artillery in a world where companies hustle to grab their audience’s attention 24/7. That’s where DocHipo steps in with several outstanding design assets that are absolute game-changers. Think emphasizing key points, mastering visual hierarchy, and holding onto your audience’s attention like a boss – these new design assets are the secret sauce for infographic greatness! 

Watch this new video to explore the new design asset updates from DocHipo that you should take advantage of.

Design Assets- best infographic makers
  • Icons

The first design asset is popular thematic icons that you can strategically place into your infographics design to highlight key points or data points, enhance content readability, and add visual appeal. 

Graphics and Media
Icons Library DocHipo- best infographic makers

Using Icons in your infographic is super easy, and relevant icons like these can increase audience engagement for your infographics.

  • Illustrations

DocHipo presents several elegant illustration categories, from categories like work from home, office, and social media to specific business-related categories such as sales, marketing, fashion, etc., and popular cultures and occasions.

Illustrations DocHipo-best infographic makers
DocHipo Illustrations Library

Watch the short video to take a glance at these beautiful illustration themes and how you can make effective designs with illustrations.

  • Stickers

Meanwhile, you can jazz up your design with trendy stickers to highlight numbers. They have unlocked countless categories for stickers matching your design theme, narrating a visual story. 

For more ideas, watch this video exploring the top 10 categories of stickers with DocHipo.

  • Animations 

Prepare your infographics design with some attention-grabbing animations! Add animated movements to your infographics, and watch as animated buttons breathe life into your data, crafting an immersive experience for your social media audience. 

You can watch this video to understand how to use animations easily with DocHipo.

  • Text Frames

With DocHipo, text frames are like the best pals of designers – making text and graphics hug it out seamlessly. You tweak text within a cool thematic frame without changing its style! Hence, you don’t have to mess with the layout; it’s smooth sailing through the editing journey! 

Check out the latest text frames introduced by DocHipo with this short video walkthrough.

Business infographic template

Get This Template and More

This popular business infographics template shows how easily you can instantly create engaging infographic content using DocHipo design assets. 

4. Easy Customization with DocHipo Design Widgets

DocHipo’s design widgets let you easily customize infographic templates within a minute. 

Widgets Library

You can search manually for what kind of design elements or widgets you are looking for through the search bar for widgets. Or, you can go to graphics and media to explore more astonishing design widgets like text, lines, shapes, stock images, videos, QR codes, collages, etc. 

DocHipo’s extensive shapes library allows you to add any geometric, abstract, or organic shapes to your design. Also, the lines library will help create unique types of straight and curved line designs.

Lines in Infographic maker

There are countless ways to edit these templates from the DocHipo Editor. 

Customization tools DocHipo- infographic maker

Get creative by trying out a variety of backgrounds, colors, fonts, and effects to create a brand-new design.

Text Customization

Simply pick different design elements within the editor and see the magic unfold!

You can make your texts, frames, pictures, and other graphic elements unbelievably dynamic with the new shadow and border effects; also, opacity adjustment can add a more polished look to your infographic designs. 

When it comes to great infographic designs, grouping and ungrouping multiple graphic elements becomes necessary for moving or aligning those objects for specific messages.

Watch the short video to learn the trick in simple steps.

5. Beyond the Basic Photo-Editing Possibilities

Now, uploading images into DocHipo templates is done a second. Personalize your templates effortlessly by seamlessly integrating images into the design with the convenient photo editor

If you want to edit the background of the picture, then try background remover without changing the tabs or subscribing to other plans! 

Watch this video to master the background remover tool for excellent photo editing.

Transform pictures cropped into unique shapes to align with the template’s aesthetics perfectly.

You can easily upload photos with this video tutorial.

Furthermore, elevate your images by applying unique filters and fine-tuning elements such as hue, contrast, saturation, and other enhancements.

The following tutorial video will show how easily you can transform pictures with rich and convenient photo filters in the DocHipo editor.

6. AI Tools to Generate Infographic Designs

Try the latest sophisticated editing capabilities offered by DocHipo’s AI-driven tools. There is no need to switch tools for image generation through text prompts or jump between tabs for multilingual text translation in your designs. DocHipo simplifies it all with an all-in-one editor solution.

AI Tool for Text-to-Image Generation

Choose the pictures option from the design widget library and go for AI Images. 

Generate AI Images with DocHipo for infographics

Next, input your text prompt in the description box and choose your preferred image style for your desired outcome.

Follow the video to master the art of using AI-generated images for more personalized design creation.

AI Writer Tool

Also, save time and enjoy the process of infographic making with DocHipo’s AI Writer, which creates perfect textual messages for your infographic design in seconds.

Simply put your instruction prompt or describe what texts you want to use in your design in the describe box and select your preferred tone. Click on generate to get started with the AI Writer tool.

AI Writer- best infographic makers with DocHipo

You can use the output directly on your design template, and if you want to make the write-up even better, there’s an option called rewrite that you can use for more outcomes with the AI Writer tool. 

Watch this video and get started with this advanced AI writer tool. 

AI Translate Tool

Are you looking to design infographics in your preferred language? There is no need to begin from square one. Thanks to AI Translate, transforming any document text into your desired language is just a click away.

Watch the video to learn how to use DocHipo AI Translate, which lets you translate texts into 100+ languages.

7. Brand Kits and Themes for Making the Best Information Graphics Instantly

Ensure your infographic presents a cohesive look by aligning it with the brand kit and themes and exploring various color combinations.

Additionally, apply your distinct color scheme effortlessly with the brand kit, or opt for a new look by choosing from a range of themes to refresh the presentation layout.

Brand Theme- DocHipoi Infographic tool

Master the art of adding vibrant color themes of your brand into your designs using DocHipo’s quick video tutorial.

8. Team Collaboration

Let’s team up on those infographic design ideas with the magic of real-time collaboration.

Moreover, dish out smooth access control – whether Read Only, Read Write, or Full Access. 

Take a peek at DocHipo’s real-time collaboration magic in action!

9. App Integration for Convenience

Designing is a breeze when your software syncs with other apps. DocHipo hooks you up with seamless integrations, making your design journey not just easy but also downright convenient!

Top-notch visuals are a crucial component in any infographics. That’s why Dochipo seamlessly integrates with stock photo libraries to provide unlimited access to high-quality pictures.

When you’re rocking Mailchimp for your email game, the DocHipo integration makes life sweeter by letting you stash your infographic designs right where they belong – in your Mailchimp haven! 

Watch this video tutorial to ace your email marketing with Mailchimp integration from DocHipo.

DocHipo goes beyond Mailchimp, allowing you to collect responses using Typeform and Jotform. Check out this video to ace the art of attaching forms to your templates and prepare your audience to drop their thoughts seamlessly!

10. Download, Publish, and Present Your Infographics Instantly

With DocHipo, your design journey becomes really flexible with all the desired facilities! After crafting your design, take your pick – give it a preview, hit publish, rock a presentation, or simply download and share. 

Download, Publish, and Present Your Infographics Instantly with DocHipo

With DocHipo, you’ve got options – either buzz your social media with the newest content or showcase your design on your website. What’s cool? When you decide to share, you can let your viewers snag a download and keep your masterpiece right on their devices by clicking on the allow viewer button.

Also, downloading your infographics comes with a bonus – pick from a bunch of cool file flavors, from JPG and PNG to PDF, MP4, and even GIF!


Explore DocHipo’s free plan and enjoy its customizable templates and exclusive features—it’s like having a design playground open 24/7! When you’re ready to take it up a notch, get the Pro plan at just $7.5 per user/month (billed annually), or choose Pro Once for a single payment of $144/user. This grants lifelong access to premium templates and powerhouse features that’ll turn heads.

And here’s the bonus: DocHipo lets you have your plan in over 15 different currencies with pricing made for your country. Now, that’s design magic with a sprinkle of convenience! 

DocHipo Infographic Maker Ideal for

DocHipo is like a design genie, making every creative wish come true! You can create infographics in minutes with its online infographic maker. Whether it’s jazzing up your company logo or sprucing up your blog banner, DocHipo’s got the templates for every design whim. This all-in-one graphic design wizard caters to everyone – from individuals and corporations to teams, enterprises, and agencies. 

Creating Infographics with DocHipo 

Join DocHipo, one of the best infographic makers, and kickstart your document design in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Select Your Template

After signing up, go to the homepage and explore the numerous customizable infographic templates.

Select Infographic from DocHipo
Select DocHipo Templates with best infographic maker
Step 2: Customize Your Template

Select your preferred template and tailor it to perfection using DocHipo’s editing features. Adjust as needed to match your requirements.

Let’s say we want to change the background color scheme to some yellow tint, deep peach, and dusty orange hues. With DocHipo editor, we can change the background color and edit colors in each section and graphic element. 

Change colors in infographic template

DocHipo Editor has convenient editing tools for colors, fonts, photo filters, and other design effects. Look how easily we changed the colors with the color fill option. 

Now, let’s try something new with the texts. 

Edit with Effects in DocHipo Editor

Change the look of your text with the effect option from the panel.

Also, you can add new graphic elements to this design to make customizations easily. 

Add Icons in your infographics

Select graphics and media to go to the icons widget, then choose the one you want to add to your design. 

The following document is the final infographic design we created in a minute with super-easy customization tools. 

Step 3: Download Your Infographic Design

Choose the correct file type and format for your design, then simply hit download to save it on your device without any watermark. Also, you can publish it directly on social media or via e-mail.

Download our content

2. Piktochart

Pictochart is a decent choice for creating infographics, especially if you want to incorporate data-driven visuals using various charts. The platform allows customization of templates with data visualization charts linked to real-time data through Excel. If you like creative infographics, try its AI tools that work moderately for your initial unique design. But you need proficient customization skills to turn it into a fabulous infographic design.

However, it’s worth noting that upgrading to the premium version is necessary to unlock a broader array of graphic elements like icons, stickers, and illustrations.

Additionally, users have expressed feedback on the collaboration features, suggesting potential areas for improvement, especially in comparison to alternative collaborative design tools.


Piktochart offers a free plan with limited access. The Pro Plan is $14 per user/month (billed annually) and provides 100 GB storage. The Business Plan, priced at $24 per user/month (billed annually), comes with 250 GB storage. Custom pricing options are also available for enterprises.

Ideal for

While Piktochart is recognized for business documents and data visualization, some users may need to be more intuitive to create visually compelling infographics than alternative platforms.

3. Infogram

Infogram provides a variety of templates catering to different needs, like data visualization and reports. Visual elements like maps and charts in the library can bring more meaning to your designs.

However, it’s essential to note that the free version has some feature and visualization limitations, which might pose restrictions for users with advanced design requirements.

Additionally, while Infogram offers basic customization options, users aiming for highly tailored visuals might need help with fine-tuning designs. 


Explore Infogram’s capabilities with the free plan for basic design needs. If you’re ready for more features, consider the Pro plan at $19/month, the Business plan at $67/month, or the Pro Team plan at $149/month (billed annually).

Ideal for

It is ideal for creating visually appealing and data-driven content for marketing campaigns.

4. Canva

Canva has an intuitive interface and a wealth of versatile features that make designing a breeze. Canva design elements follow up-to-date designs and prompts, but most of these elements require a paid subscription.

While Canva enjoys a robust reputation in graphic design, working with its persistent watermarks in the free plan can be a downer. Free users might face limitations as the popularity of free templates rises, hinting that upgrading to the paid plan could be a smoother design journey. Also, if you have a specific industry-based content need, you may feel fussy initially about such overwhelming options at one go!


Canva’s free plan restricts most of the unique templates, icons, and design assets. For comprehensive access, Canva presents two premium options:

1. Canva Pro – Priced at $14.99 monthly for a single user, billed annually.

2. Canva for Teams – $29.99 monthly for five users, billed annually.

Ideal for

Canva is an excellent graphic design tool, especially for those new to the graphic design world.

5. Venngage

Venngage specializes in crafting data-driven visuals for intricate information like flowcharts, maps, timelines, etc. It can be used mainly for business or corporate infographics. If you want to customize with a paid version, you can have many fascinating options in icons that fall into various categories. From professional to casual, find different vibes according to your target audience.

However, if you are trying a free infographic maker, this will be slightly off since most graphic elements are locked for a paid subscription. Additionally, its AI capabilities could be improved, lacking integration with third-party tools.


You can try the free option, but it has its own limits. Upgrade to its Premium plan at $10 per month per user or opt for the Enterprise plan at $499 monthly for 10+ users – both billed annually.

Ideal for

Venngage can be used to create polished and professional visuals, particularly in infographics.

6. VistaCreate

Vistacreate (formerly Crello) makes the infographic journey easy with its user-friendly interface and many animated templates. Tailored for individuals and teams, Vistacreate caters to online and offline design demands. It has a 14-day free trial that is useful if you want to get the feel of the tool and make yourself more comfortable with infographic making.

While Vistacreate is unquestionably a capable editing tool, its charm could get a boost with improvements in AI-powered features and the addition of app integrations.


Explore the tool with a limited-feature free plan for trial purposes. Unlock advanced capabilities with the Pro plan, priced at $10 monthly when billed annually.

Ideal for

Vistacreate caters to amateur infographic designers who enjoy experimenting with laid-back social media designs. The tool is commonly employed for sharing informal infographics and animations, making it a go-to for casual design enthusiasts.

7. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express opens the door to a plethora of professionally crafted templates and the same for infographic templates. Seamlessly blending projects with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications ensures an effortlessly flowing design process. However, the free version has its constraints, limiting access to advanced features.

While user-friendly, Adobe Creative Cloud Express may require a learning curve for graphic design beginners. The subscription cost, leaning towards the premium side, might be a consideration for those mindful of their budget.


You can hop on the free plan or go for the Premium Plan, which is priced at $99.99 per year.

Ideal for

Adobe Express is for anyone who wants to design for social media or is a pro graphic designer.

8. Visme

Visme is a good option for creating infographics and other business documents with data visualizations, emphasizing its ease of use. This tool will be helpful if you want to try statistical or timeline infographics. 

While it offers templates for business and social media uploads, some users may find its editing options somewhat extensive, and the interface could use a more contemporary touch. Remember that Visme’s premium features come with the paid plan, unlocking various download options for your designs.


In addition to the free plan, Visme offers a Starter plan priced at $12.25 per month and a Pro Plan at $24.75 per month, both billed annually.

Ideal for

The tool caters to people who want to make social media content and individuals searching for templates relevant to corporate documents.

9. DesignCap

DesignCap is a handy infographic generator with a user-friendly interface. However, the free version comes with some strings attached. However, you can leverage its free versions of different charts for statistical infographics. 

Advanced features are limited, so professional content creators might need other tools to fulfill their artistic needs. Plus, the DesignCap watermark on designs from the free version might be different from everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those aiming for an utterly brand-free finish.


In addition to the Free Plan, there’s the Basic Plan at $4.99 per month and the Plus Plan at $5.99 per month (billed annually).

Ideal for

DesignCap is helpful for amateur content creators and social media marketers.

10. Snappa

Snappa generously offers a library teeming with graphics, icons, and elements to spruce up your infographics. Snappa has an enormous collection of fonts you can flex in your infographics. 

However, users need help with restricted export options if they aim for high-resolution print-ready files.

Additionally, while the subscription cost is reasonable, budget-conscious users might think twice or explore free alternatives.


Snappa provides a complimentary plan alongside its paid options, featuring a Starter plan priced at $10 per month and a Team Plan available at $20 per month, both billed annually.

Ideal for

Snappa suits professionals seeking an easy-to-use graphic design tool to create infographics and marketing materials.

How to Choose the Right Infographic Creator 

Selecting the best infographic software is crucial for bringing your data to life. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right tool for your infographics so that you don’t get misled. 

1. Look for a User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly platform ensures a smoother design process, even for those without extensive design experience. Begin by identifying the purpose of your design. Choose an infographic generator that aligns with your niche. Then, having an easy UI allows you to create designs related to your specific industry. 

2. Template Variety

Explore platforms that offer a diverse range of infographic templates. Various template options will enable you to find a style that aligns with your content and resonates with your audience.

3. Advanced Customization Options

Opt for a tool that provides ample customization options. With time, you would love to have more customization options for creating more exciting and engaging infographics. Most infographic makers keep all the latest graphic elements for premium subscriptions. So, choose an infographic maker that offers attractive customization options without any initial paid subscription.

4. Collaboration Features

If you’re working with a team, choose an infographic creator that supports collaboration. Features like real-time editing, commenting, and sharing can enhance teamwork and streamline the design process.

5. Export and Sharing Options

Check for convenient export options to save your infographics in different formats. Additionally, assess sharing capabilities to ensure easy distribution across various platforms and channels.

6. Affordable

Evaluate the pricing structure and plans offered by the infographic creator. Consider your budget and requirements, and choose a tool that provides value for your investment.

7. Customer Support

Look for platforms that offer reliable customer support. Whether through tutorials, FAQs, or direct assistance, having access to support can be invaluable in navigating any challenges you may encounter.


If you want to generate infographics that will stun your audience, try DocHipo, one of the best infographic makers and a reliable go-to design tool for every professional or non-professional content maker. All the essential factors you should look for in an ideal infographic maker are the salient features of a DocHipo infographic maker. So, sign up immediately and start making unique infographics for your clients.


Where to Make Infographics?     

DocHipo is one of the best infographic makers. Its user-friendly interface and versatile design options make it the ideal platform for infographic creations.

How to Make the Best Infographic?

If you want to make the best infographic, choose a topic your audience is searching for. Then, choose a compelling template, add a clear and concise message, incorporate eye-catching visuals, and maintain a cohesive design. Keep it engaging and focused for maximum impact.

What is the Fastest Way to Make an Infographic?

The quickest way to create an infographic is by using online infographic makers or design tools that offer user-friendly interfaces and pre-designed templates. You can log in to DocHipo, Piktochart, Infogram, etc, for quick infographics. Simply select a template, customize the content, and download your infographic in no time.

How do I Make My Own Infographic?

Use an infographic maker like DocHipo, Canva, or Piktochart to craft your own infographic. Choose a template to customize content, visuals, and colors. Add data points, and you have your unique infographic for branding!

What Not to Do When Making an Infographic?

When crafting your infographic, avoiding overwhelming your audience with excessive text or overly complex visuals is crucial. Prioritize simplicity, maintain a clear message, and ensure optimal readability for an effective and engaging design.

What is the Best Free Infographic Maker?

DocHipo is one of the best free infographic makers, offering user-friendly tools and versatile templates.