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Choose from a wide variety of customizable Hotel Instagram Ad templates and customize using DocHipo's intuitive drag-and-drop editor.


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With DocHipo's Hotel Instagram Ad templates, you can create a stunning design in minutes. No design skill required. Choose the right template, customize using DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor, publish or download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these Hotel Instagram Ad templates?

Choose a Hotel Instagram Ad template you like, sign up for free if you haven’t signed up yet, and start customizing using DocHipo’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

How do I find free Hotel Instagram Ad templates?

Free Hotel Instagram Ad templates are labeled as “Free” so that you can instantly identify them and start customizing. The premium templates require a Pro edition.

If I download a Hotel Instagram Ad, will it leave a watermark?

No. Once you design a Hotel Instagram Ad inside DocHipo and download the same, we don’t leave any watermark whatsoever, even if you are on the Free plan.

How can I learn more about customizing these Hotel Instagram Ad templates?

The step-by-step DocHipo video tutorials will walk you through how to customize these templates for Hotel Instagram Ad and make them look stunning!

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