Christmas Advertising Examples

20 Christmas Advertising Examples and Key Takeaways

Last Updated May 29, 2024

Ho ho, hold on, marketers! Don’t overstress with the challenge of crafting compelling Christmas advertisements that resonate with your target audience. Before the bells ring, let’s find inspiration for your brand’s innovative Christmas marketing. This blog captures the most unforgettable Christmas advertising examples. I will crack the code behind their success and unveil the key marketing takeaways you need to know for a holly, jolly ROI this season!

20 Christmas Advertising Examples and Their Innovative Approaches

  • John Lewis: Tradition evolves with new generations.
  • Amul: Festive wordplay drives product cravings.
  • Lifebuoy: Safety and festivity in a pandemic.
  • Paperboat: Nostalgic school-day Christmas memories.
  • Walmart: Festive wishlist and holiday love stories.
  • H&M: Iconic holiday fashion collection.
  • Starbucks: Holiday flavors and festive visuals.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Luxurious holiday star motif.
  • Budweiser: Festive free Uber rides promotion.
  • Ikea: 24 days of daily Christmas deals.
  • Sephora: Festive packaging and gift sets.
  • Fortnum & Mason: Christmas gifts and hampers.
  • EmailWeekly: Creative “12 Days of Christmas” email.
  • Marks & Spencer: Stylish festive knitwear story.
  • Masterclass: Last-minute gift solution campaign.

Read more to explore the remaining Christmas advertising examples.

To elevate sales on Christmas Eve, you must know how to impress your customers. Let’s face it: Every email, website pop-up, and social media ad is already screaming “Christmas sale!” at your audience. You need to stand out from other Christmas promotions, and that’s why I am about to show you the best examples of Christmas marketing for social media, emails, and print ads.

Best Social Media Christmas Advertising Examples to Spark Your Inspiration 

Scrooge-proof your social media with jolly Christmas posts and ads; I will share some famous social media campaigns that bring you unforgettable joy with ideas to boost your sales during Christmas. Moreover, these ads are the ultimate bubble of creative ideas for Christmas. The following Christmas advertising examples can spark creative inspiration that works for everyone! 

1. John Lewis Sends Signals to Evolve Traditions with New Generations

This is the latest Christmas commercial released by the retailer star. Indeed, it is one of the greatest Christmas commercials that has left a permanent mark in our hearts!

Snapper: The Perfect Tree

Christmas ad for John Lewis uses the power of emotions. The “Snapper: The Perfect Tree” ad starts with a picture-perfect Christmas scene, where an eight-year-old boy gets a unique Christmas gift: a “grow your own Christmas tree” kit. The video precedes with a sense of anticipation, a visual metaphor for the growth of something special. But the unexpected happens – it’s a Venus flytrap! This jolts us out of our comfort zone, a deliberate move by John Lewis to challenge our preconceived notions of the perfect Christmas tree.

John Lewis Christmas Ad
Source: Digital Spy

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

This advertisement for Christmas redefines tradition and sparks conversations about creating new holiday rituals. The ad’s magic lies in subtly challenging expectations and reminding us that the most cherished traditions often sprout from the unexpected. 

When the family discovers it’s a Venus flytrap, they cannot take it as their Christmas tree. 

The rejection of the Venus flytrap as an unconventional part of Christmas and its exile to the snowy porch reflect our tendency to cling to tradition. However, the boy, symbolizing childhood’s open-mindedness, embraces the unconventional.

The powerful message “Let Your Traditions Grow” is delivered not through words but through the subtle tugging of our heartstrings. 

John Lewis reminds us that traditions can evolve with time and a new way of seeing the world. It’s a testament to the brand’s creativity and ability to connect with us on a deeper level.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Instead of overtly promoting their product, the ad uses a heartwarming story to showcase the power of emotional connection in advertising.
  • The ad subtly influences a visible spike in sales for Venus fly traps. The retail brand wanted to create a growing interest in carnivorous plants and unique home gardening experiences.

2. Amul Spreads Christmas Cheer Like Smooth Butter

Christmas is the perfect time to drive sales, and sometimes, it takes simple Christmas social media engagement posts to make some noise about the products.

Amul Get Clause to Butter

Amul understands the secret power of delicious wordplay! Their Facebook post isn’t just a festive greeting; it’s a witty masterpiece. Additionally, this playful approach not only puts a smile on our faces but also ensures Amul lands on our shopping lists—a win-win for both brand and consumer.

Amul Christmas Ad
Source: Amul Facebook

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

Amul never fails to stir up Indian emotions with a festive mood. From butter to cheese, Amul has everything lined up to make your Christmas perfect. In this Facebook post, the clever copy tickles our funny bones and subtly reminds us of those irresistible butter cravings that magically appear during the holidays. It’s a simple demonstration of Amul’s creativity—they don’t just advertise butter; they weave it into the very fabric of the Christmas spirit. 

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the humble Christmas campaigns on social media! Amul’s Christmas greeting is a masterclass in how a static image can spark conversation and drive sales. 
  • Their genius lies in the subtle product placement – a sprinkle of humor cleverly disguised as a festive message. 
  • After all, Christmas is synonymous with baking, and who can resist the silky perfection of Amul butter, the “Taste of India”?  This post isn’t just a holiday greeting; it’s a gentle nudge that sends viewers straight to the dairy aisle, making it a win-win for brand awareness and sales.  Remember, marketing magic can be as simple as a smile and a craving!

3. Lifebuoy Spritzing Safety for Christmas

Social media thrives on sparking instant excitement or awareness. Brands like Lifebuoy during COVID-19 use moment marketing to draw attention from the audiences and seize the spotlight. 

Do the Lifebuoy on Christmas

The Christmas message from Lifebuoy is a brilliant reminder that safety and festivity can go hand in hand during a pandemic. Their simple Facebook illustration is a clever symbol of protection. The spray bottle spritzing sanitizer in the shape of a Christmas tree subtly reinforces the importance of hygiene with holiday cheer. 

Lifebuoy Christmas Ad
Source: Lifebuoy

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

They recognized the year’s unique challenges—a pandemic dampening festive cheer. Instead of dwelling on negativity, they offered a solution: a “safe Christmas” with Lifebuoy. They positioned their product as a key ingredient for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

This campaign demonstrates Lifebuoy’s creative approach to marketing – they understand that consumers appreciate brands that prioritize celebration and well-being. The following hashtag promoting a safe Christmas, “Do the Lifebuoy,” further strengthens the message. It’s a heartwarming post with a practical reminder to ensure a healthy and happy holiday season.

4. Paperboat Echoes School-Day Christmas Memories

Brands love to curate social media posts because it gives them easy access to show what customers want to see in a crowd culture. This creates a strong possibility not only for brands but also for the right target audience to find suitable options. Social media makes inbound marketing easy as it profoundly connects with emotion!

Paperboat’s Back-to-School Christmas

Paper Boat understands the power of nostalgia, and its Christmas campaign is a perfect example. The nostalgic illustration evokes memories of picture-perfect Christmas celebrations that many of us cherished participating in. It depicts delightful moments we experienced, especially during our school days, creating a sense of sweet nostalgia that resonated deeply with the audience.

Paperboat Christmas Ad
Source: Paperboat

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

Christmas social media campaigns are not meant to sell products with flashy discounts. Paper Boat delivers it with ease! Their social media post isn’t just a generic greeting; it’s a portal back to childhood Christmases filled with school plays, skits, carols, and all the behind-the-scenes fun. It’s a clever way to tap into the warm, fuzzy feelings associated with the holidays.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

This campaign goes beyond the product—Paperboat is selling an experience. They’re reminding us that their drinks are more than just beverages; they’re a taste of nostalgia, a connection to simpler times. This emotional connection keeps Paperboat a steadfast favorite among millions of consumers.

5. Send Your Christmas Wishlist to Santa with Walmart

If your retail store needs a push this holiday season, try this idea for a Christmas social media post.

Season of Merry 

Check this campaign for new Christmas social media post ideas. Make Instagram your Santa workshop like Walmart! Forget stuffing your socks when you can get everything on Wishlist by adding them to your cart. Their Christmas post is bursting with festive cheer, a promise that ignites that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling. But wait, there’s more! Craving a side of love with your shopping spree? Buckle up for their “RomCom” series, featuring a snippet of a love story unfolding in the Walmart store during Christmas. 

Walmart Christmas Ad
Source: Walmart

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

By connecting with these emotions, Walmart goes beyond simply promoting products; it positions itself as part of the heartwarming holiday experience.

Also, this campaign taps into a powerful emotion: nostalgia for classic holiday rom-coms. The “cheese factor” is likely intentional, appealing to those who enjoy these movies’ lightheartedness and predictable charm. 

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • This campaign reminds us that marketing doesn’t have to be solely product-focused. Connecting with consumers on an emotional level can be incredibly powerful.
  • Again, nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool. Walmart creates a positive association with its customers by evoking memories of favorite holiday experiences.
  • Walmart’s use of various content formats, including festive posts and the “RomCom” series, keeps its audience engaged.

6. H&M Drops Dress to Impress Christmas Collection

Who doesn’t love new products on Christmas? H&M grabs the spotlight with this infallible marketing campaign. They make their customers look iconic with their exclusive Christmas collections.

H&M Studio Holiday Capsule for Christmas

H&M’s Christmas collection on Instagram sets the stage for a season of sparkle and celebration! Their campaign showcases a stunning array of dresses and party outfits designed to ignite the festive spirit.  The captivating visuals and bold colors make the wait for Christmas celebrations even more exciting.

H&M Christmas social media post
Source: H&M

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

This campaign understands the emotional connection between fashion and the holidays. H&M’s designs aren’t just clothes – they’re an invitation to feel confident, glamorous, and ready to celebrate life in the spotlight.  By showcasing dazzling clothes and bold looks, they inspire women to embrace their individuality and create unforgettable holiday memories through this Christmas social media post. The campaign caters to those who want to stand out and feel their most fabulous during Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • H&M’s social media campaign is strongly associated with the psychology of their consumers. It taps into the desire to look and feel special during the holidays.
  • As discussed before, H&M takes the same approach as Paper Boat. They go beyond showcasing clothes; they sell a feeling of confidence and empowerment.

7. Starbucks Presents Brewed Christmas Delights

Trying hard to get noticed on social media? Skip the clichés and dive straight into the joy, laughter, and holiday hijinks with Christmas social media captions like Starbucks!

Starbucks’ Holiday Cheer- Caramel Brulee Latte Is Back 

Starbucks’ Instagram campaign for their new Christmas flavors is a delightful brew of festive visuals and tempting treats. The image becomes an instant favorite festive drink. It maintains a clean and colorful backdrop with its recognizable logo, holiday-themed elements, and a splash of short, simple, and appetizing caption, making it one of the best Christmas social media engagement posts.

Starbucks Instagram Campaign
Source: Starbucks

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

Well, Starbucks’ success is always a hot topic. This campaign thrives on a combination of factors. Seasonal cravings are what drive the Christmas campaign. Christmas is about new things, so why not a new flavor?  The campaign taps into the excitement for new flavors that emerge alongside the holiday season.

Also, the brand’s use of customer-generated content with festive backgrounds creates a relatable and engaging atmosphere. Moreover, positive comments like “soo good” and “ordered this last night” build excitement and encourage others to try the new flavors.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Starbucks leverages user-generated content to create an authentic and relatable campaign.
  • The positive buzz and limited-edition flavors create a sense of FOMO and encourage people to try the drinks before they’re gone.
  • The campaign fosters interaction through comments and replies, building a stronger connection with the audience.

8. Mercedes Benz Brings Joy Home for the Holidays

If you want to create Christmas promotions for your luxury brand, you dive into the creativity where you subtly exhibit the majestic features of your high-valued products. 

A Star Is Born

Mercedes-Benz shares a visual treat for luxury car lovers. This ad for Christmas centers around a spectacular image of their car grille illuminated against a dark background. The star motif within the grille design takes center stage,  alluding to the Christmas star and the brand’s association with luxury and performance.

Mercedes Christmas Campaign
Source: Mercedes

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

This Christmas advertising has many potential reasons for success, but the inevitable reasons are layered with its simplicity and elegance. The illuminated star emblem evokes the Christmas star and paints the car with a sense of magic and celebration. Also, the close-up on the grille highlights the car’s design and craftsmanship, reinforcing the brand’s association with luxury. What else do you need if Mercedes is your favorite luxury car brand?

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

Overall, Mercedes-Benz’s Christmas campaign demonstrates the power of a well-crafted image. It creates a captivating message that speaks volumes about its brand using minimalism, symbolism, and focus on detail.

9. Budweiser’s Drive Sober Initiative

Would you not like a complimentary gift for Christmas?

Oh, What Fun It Is to Ride

This Budweiser Christmas campaign tackles a serious message with a festive twist. The image features a red background with festive text reading “Oh what fun it is to ride… FOR FREE WITH UBER” alongside the Budweiser logo and the tagline “King of Beers.”  A subtle “DON’T DRINK & DRIVE” message sits at the bottom.

Budweiser Christmas Campaign
Source: Budweiser

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

Again, bold visual aesthetics with punchy copy is an infallible combination of marketing success. The lighthearted “Oh what fun…” line cleverly subverts a popular Christmas carol, making the message more approachable. Moreover, if you are a party freak, you will love a free ride from Uber. It removes the temptation to drive after drinking but definitely spikes up the sale of Budweiser on Christmas Eve. Isn’t it a clever move?

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • A touch of humor can make serious messages more engaging and memorable.
  • Offering a solution (like the free Uber ride) alongside the message can increase its impact.
  • Marketing efforts can promote a product while also advocating for a social cause.

10. IKEA Begins the Countdown to Christmas Day with Daily Deals

If you need ideas for Christmas sales, try a well-planned Christmas campaign that offers the best deals every day in the holy name of the holiday spirit!

The 24 Days of Ikea Christmas

Christmas campaign bursts onto the scene with a vibrant explosion of color! The beautiful Christmas decorations and bold contrasts set us up for a merry Christmas. This Christmas advertising is also appealing because of its Christmas promotions. Ikea presents the best deals for a continuous 24 days. Naturally, the followers will fall for the big day announcement on Christmas.

Ikea Social media Christmas campaign
Source: Ikea UK

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas 

The unbelievable Christmas offers that Ikea promoted through this eyeball-grabbing Instagram post are simply too hard to pass. It showcases that Christmas is the perfect festive season for shopping and reshaping life.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Don’t be afraid to embrace boldness and unexpected visuals to grab attention.
  • Leveraging nostalgic elements can create a warm and inviting feeling for your audience.

11. Sephora Setting Up the Scene with New Announcement

As we want new clothes for Christmas, we also want to see new Christmas-themed packaging for our favorite beauty products.

Sephora’s Chrismas Package

Sephora unwraps the spirit of Christmas with its festive packaging campaign! They’ve transformed their classic packaging with a touch of holiday cheer. 

Sephora Christmas Announcement on Social media
Source: Sephora

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

Sephora’s festive packaging campaign leverages several marketing tactics to achieve success. First, the limited-edition packaging creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging customers to purchase products before they sell out. This strategy taps into the fear of missing out (FOMO) and entices shoppers to snag these special holiday items.  Second, the pre-assembled Advent Calendar and potential gift bundles become perfect solutions for busy holiday shoppers.  

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Limited edition packaging can add value and excitement to your existing products.
  • Pre-assembled gift sets simplify the shopping experience for customers and boost sales.
  • The holidays are prime time for gifting, so cater to that by offering attractive gift options.

I hope you’ve found your next big inspiration for social media Christmas interactive posts. Now, we can discuss another marketing mammoth, email marketing for Christmas campaigns. 

Best Email Marketing Examples for Christmas Promotions

Jingles fade, sales plummet? Keep the holiday cheer from disappearing with creative Christmas email marketing ideas. These will reignite customer love and boost sales figures.

I will show you the best five examples of Christmas email marketing campaigns. These five totally got me hooked. They’re so creative that I couldn’t resist clicking! Let’s peek inside and see what makes them so effective.

12. Fortnum & Mason

It’s time to sprinkle festive magic in everyone’s inboxes (and shopping carts)! 

Fortnum & Mason’s Glorious Gifts for All

Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas email campaign centers around gifting in the Christmas spirit. This example features enticing visuals showcasing their curated Christmas hampers and food items.

Fortnum & Mason email campaign
Source: CovertCart

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

The brand focuses on understanding its audience’s needs and challenges. So, it has positioned its products or services as the solution that customers want. The email showcases a variety of products, providing customers with ideas and inspiration and sparking their interest. The text overlay, “There is always one person on everyone’s list who is hard to pick for,” positions Fortnum & Mason as the solution for those tricky gift-giving situations.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • The email acknowledges a common pain point (finding the perfect gift) and positions Fortnum & Mason as the answer.
  • As consumers begin their holiday shopping, sending pre-Christmas emails keeps Fortnum & Mason at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Simultaneously, consistent communication throughout the holiday season keeps your brand relevant and drives sales.

13. 12 Days of Email Geek 

Ever clicked a Christmas email that leaves you saying, “Whoa, that’s brilliant!”? This Christmas email marketing campaign has the potential to awe you. If you want great examples of Christmas newsletters, here you go!

EmailWeekly: 12 Days of Email Geek Christmas…

Surprisingly, EmailGeeks’ Christmas email campaign playfully reimagines the classic “12 Days of Christmas” song. The email features a festive wreath with a rocket in the center, setting a whimsical tone that aligns with the brand, known for its irreverent and creative approach to email marketing.

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

The campaign perfectly reflects EmailGeeks’ quirky personality, making it instantly recognizable and engaging for their audience. Moreover, the “12 Days of Christmas” theme evokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, making the email more memorable.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Don’t be afraid to let your brand’s unique personality shine through in your marketing efforts.
  • Leveraging familiar themes or references can create a sense of connection with your audience.

14. Marks & Spencer’s Arrival of Christmas Season

Sometimes, all it takes is a bright and catchy subject line to enter your wonderland of Christmas sales!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

The subject line, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” sets the tone for the email and evokes a sense of holiday cheer, doesn’t it? The simple wordplay reminds me of a Christmas song everyone loves to feel the Christmas high. Marks & Spencer’s Christmas email campaign centers around creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It features attractive models and beautiful festive knitwear, showcasing the products that can make us look stylish at Christmas. 

M&S Christmas Email Campaign
Source: Moosend

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

Sometimes it takes more than one exciting aspect to grab your audience’s attention. The email from Marks and Spencer goes beyond just showcasing products. It tells a story through images and headlines, inspiring viewers to envision themselves wearing the cozy knits and enjoying the festive season. Also, isn’t Christmas all about emotional connections? The email evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and togetherness, which are all central to the Christmas spirit.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Go beyond mere product images. Tell a story through your visuals and engage viewers on an emotional level.
  • Marks & Spencer’s Christmas email campaign demonstrates the power of creating a cohesive and inspiring brand narrative during the holiday season by focusing on storytelling, customer lifestyle, and emotional connection.

15. Masterclass Makes Christmas the Season of Giving

See how to save your prospects’ big holidays with last-minute motivation in this Christmas email campaign!

You Are on the List

Masterclass’ Christmas email tackles the last-minute shopper’s dilemma with a clear and compelling subject line: “Last chance for a last-minute gift, delivered instantly.”  The image you sent likely features their branded content alongside a festive element, highlighting the Christmas offer while staying true to their brand identity.

Masterclass Email Campaign
Source: Moosend

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

The double emphasis on “last chance” creates a sense of urgency, encouraging procrastinators to take action before it’s too late. And what works best for us other than a perfect promise? The promise of “instant delivery” is a game-changer for last-minute shoppers, positioning Masterclass as the solution to their gifting woes. 

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Craft compelling subject lines that grab attention and communicate your offer.
  • A sense of urgency can motivate action, especially during peak shopping times.
  • Emphasize the benefits and value proposition of your offer to incentivize purchases.

16. MAC’s Special Holiday Kit for the Glam-up Christmas Look

If you run short of Christmas promotion ideas, you can steal inspiration from MAC’s Christmas campaign.

Customize Your Holiday Kit

MAC’s Christmas email campaign centers around customization and value. The subject line “Customize a Holiday Kit! 3 Picks for $65 ($90 Value)”  clearly communicates the offer and entices recipients to open the email. The offer seems too lucrative for Christmas, and MAC gets a high open rate on this email campaign. It’s a win-win for both parties.

MAC Email Campaign for Christmas
Source: Moosend

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

I see a precise subject line that lays out the entire offer upfront – customization, product quantity, price, and value. This transparency encourages a high open rate and reduces confusion. Moreover, it’s flexing Christmas Promotions with irresistible offers that no one can unsee.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Again, a bold and clear subject line can change the math of your email marketing, as this email campaign shows. 
  • Emphasize the value proposition of your offer to convince customers they’re getting a great deal.

Unforgettable Christmas Advertising Examples for Print Media

Let’s not forget about the timeless art of poster ads for Christmas, one tradition that never leaves the sight of marketers.  

17. Greenpeace Warns Us with a No-Snow Globe

Forget sugar plum fairies and reindeer frolicking! Use the time of Christmas to bring awareness with a chilling reminder. Fight for a social cause, not just for sales!

Greenpeace – Snow Globe

If your brand wants to do something different for Christmas, this poster ad will inspire you. Greenpeace’s Christmas poster ad isn’t typical festive fare. This Christmas advertising features a snow globe without a snowman and snow inside, contrasting the traditional Christmas scene. The text “WINTER. WONDERLAND. NO MORE” delivers a powerful message about the dangers of climate change.

Greenpeace - Snow Globe- Christmas Ad
Source: Ad Forum

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

Greenpeace served up a reality check with this powerful ad campaign. Imagine shaking a snow globe, expecting a picture-perfect winter scene, but instead, you find emptiness.  That’s the genius of this campaign. It takes a cherished symbol of holiday cheer and flips it on its head, leaving us with a stark reminder of climate change’s threat. The tagline? Just a few simple words: “WINTER. WONDERLAND. NO MORE.”  Short, punchy, and impossible to forget. It leaves a lump in your throat and a question mark in your head – what will we do about this?  

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • Don’t be afraid to add traditional tropes to deliver your message.
  • Emotional connection is a powerful marketing tool. Tap into viewers’ feelings to make your message resonate.
  • Clear and concise messaging is essential for impactful communication with a punch.

18. Quality Street Brings Magic Moments with Candy Reindeer

Create magic with what your brand offers. 

Candy Reindeer 

Quality Street’s Christmas poster ad is a delightful play on both product placement and brand recognition. It is meticulously crafted from a variety of colorful Quality Street chocolates. The tagline, “Create Magic Moments,” showcases the brand’s association with creating special memories during the holidays.

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

Quality Street’s Christmas ad is a chocoholic’s dream. They ditch the boxes and build a majestic reindeer entirely from their colorful candies – a sweet and clever way to grab attention.  But it’s not just about the chocolate. The reindeer, paired with their “Magic Moments” tagline, instantly reminds us of cozy nights and joyful connections – the very essence of Christmas.  This campaign is a delicious reminder that creativity can go a long way in creating a memorable and heartwarming message.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

Go beyond boring product placement to create something visually exciting and memorable. Your brand can showcase what it offers in a unique way that evokes positive emotions associated with the holidays. 

19. Mcdonald’s Christmas Joy

If you want to grab attention for festive ads, creative posters are the best way to do it.

McDonald’s Wreath, Candy Cane, Santa

Foodies can’t help themselves with this saucy, appetizing poster that reminds them to fulfill all their wants at McDonald’s. Crafted with actual McDonald’s delights, these edgy in-store posters embody the spirit of the festive season, igniting appetites and spreading joy!

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

McDonald’s knows its customers too well. They designed Christmas posters with the food items people love. What makes it even more fun is that they featured popular McFries and sweet treats presented in festive Christmas themes.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

Again, if you smartly maintain your product placements with the relevancy of Christmas time, you are connecting with your customers.

20. Poverty isn’t Fair- LINDA Foundation

You can use the power of creative poster ads to break down barriers.

Poverty isn’t fair

This Christmas ad by a Dutch charity takes a powerful stance against child poverty.  It shows a crude reality where most of us are enjoying endless wishlists, but a safe and merry Christmas remains out of reach for some unfortunate kids. 

Why Is It a Successful Advertisement for Christmas

This Christmas ad cuts straight to the chase, urging viewers to unlock a brighter future for vulnerable, poverty-stricken children. It shares is a stark reminder that holiday cheer can come from challenging the status quo and inspiring action.

Key Takeaway from This Christmas Ad

  • You can use unconventional imagery to raise awareness.
  • Provide a clear and actionable message to encourage viewers to take the next step.

These were the best Christmas advertising examples that can really work for any brand that wants to go the extra mile to leave a strong impression and skyrocket sales.

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What was the most popular Christmas advert of all time?

Christmas ad for John Lewis always stands out. Their 2013 animated masterpiece “The Bear and the Hare” captured hearts as Lily Allen serenaded us while we followed a hare’s quest to ensure his friend, the bear, didn’t miss Christmas. It’s not just an advert; it’s a tear-jerking holiday tradition.

What is the most popular Christmas brand?

The title of the most popular Christmas brand is claimed by several market leaders such as Coca-Cola, John Lewis, Amul, and Greenpeace. These brands excel in connecting with their audience, inspiring them to take action every holiday season.

What is the most famous Christmas ad?

John Lewis is famous for making awesome Christmas ads that everyone loves. “The Long Wait” from 2011 is the absolute best! This ad captures the true spirit of Christmas, showing how giving is the best part of the holidays. It’s all about family, kindness, and making people happy. That’s why it’s still everyone’s favorite Christmas commercial!