7 Motivational Quotes that Will Never Let You Feel Low Again

7 Motivational Quotes that Will Never Let You Feel Low Again

Last Updated Jun 4, 2024

So, when do you think you need motivation?

It is like the zeal to stand up on my feet after being knocked to the floor. I need motivation to get up, to be strong, and to push myself even harder to resume without fumbling. Where do you look for your daily dose of motivation? I look into the DocHipo gallery. There is a stock of Motivational Instagram posts that helps me bounce back. I look at them, share them, and breathe in some fresh air with a deep-rooted belief in my head. That is how I start my day.

Motivational Quotes

  • Let your dreams be your wings: Take the first step.
  • Don’t tell people your dream show them: Take powerful action.
  • Unlock your potential: Discover your strength.
  • Focus on being productive instead of busy: Better concentration can reduce your work time.
  • Set up a life you don’t need a vacation from: Make the most out of your life.
  • Be the CEO of your own life: Rule your destiny.
  • Quality is the best business plan: Empowering thought.

Now, what is the reason why I need so much motivation? Discipline is crucial for growth in every aspect of our lives. But when we can’t get out of our bed or the chaos in our mind takes over all the strength we have gathered, motivational quotes can work wonders to help us fight our daily dose of distress. Take a look at some beautiful motivational quotes that will make your day and pump up some oxygen in your friends’ lives.

Motivational Quotes to Help You Take the First Step

We understand your anxiety about taking the first step. Motivational quotes can help you.

Are you afraid of mistakes? Do you feel shaky about taking the first step? Please don’t, buddy. It is a bad decision that lets you learn important life lessons, not good ones. So, never be afraid of taking the wrong steps. Just make a move and brave consequences. You are going to attain perfection through acid tests. There has to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t restrain yourself from moving ahead just for fear of tripping.

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Motivational Quotes to Take the First Step

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Motivational Quotes to Take the First Step Today

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Motivational Quotes Instagram Template

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Motivational Quotes that Encourage You to Take Powerful Action

I have met thousands of people too fond of beating their drums. Nobody trusts your empty claims, even when you keep shouting at the top of your voice. There is no greater pleasure than you attain after proving yourself. So, what next? People do not trust your ability. They do not believe that you can shoulder certain responsibilities. So what? Just go ahead and prove them wrong.

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Motivational Quotes to Take Powerful Action

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Motivational Quote to Take Action

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Motivational Quotes to be Productive

Getting busy…What is it exactly like?

You might be in front of your laptop the entire day. Your Wi-Fi might be on. That doesn’t mean you are busy, right? People who work on computers get distracted after every 10.5 minutes (on average).

No, dear, you are mistaken… I am not saying that reading a few tweets, sharing posts on Facebook, or spending time on Instagram is killing your productive hours. I mean, you can still do more work by reducing work time. Confusing??? Setting it straight.

FOCUS is the word. Better concentration can reduce your work time. As a result, you work more within a shorter span of time. That is what we call ‘Making the most of your productive hours.’ In short, Do effective work in less time.

Motivational Quotes to be Productive

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Motivational Quotes to Discover Your Strength

IMPOSSIBLE is a very silly word. Sometimes, it’s an excuse. Sometimes, a hurdle. Your success is waiting right on the other side. So, cross it over and discover yourself in a new way. It is time to be strong. Ask yourself with utmost honesty, can you do it? Your inner strength will reply, “Yes, I can.”

There are situations in which you are put to the test. Just make an extra bit of effort. There is no shame if you fail. But, there is no bigger satisfaction that you achieve through success. So, make that extra effort this time, and unlock your potential. I am sure you will win.

Motivational Quote to Discover Your Strength

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Motivational Quote to Discover Your Potential

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Motivational Quotes to Make the Most Out of Your Life

You do not always require inspiration to wade through troubled water. It can also be a bridge to sunnier parts of your life from a stormy one. Life is a battle you fight every day, every minute.

You sweat hard your entire youth. That your old age can be smooth-sailing and trouble-free, you should earn enough to relax during your old age. But, have you ever thought, what if there is no life left after toiling for a large chunk of it? When will you enjoy the fruit of your labor? So, it is better to strike a balance.

If there is enough fun in your work life, you won’t even require a break from it. You usually enjoy a vacation to free your overworked soul from daily troubles. Life can be a vacation, too, provided you have enough fun.

Did you know that 82% of travelers take a vacation to relax or reduce stress, while 81% crave to make memories? So, what is going to be your reason for traveling this time? It can wait if you can reduce your work-related stress or make memories by sharing fun moments with friends. Work hard, but make your life worth living for, too.

Motivational Quote to Enjoy Life

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Motivational Quotes to Rule Your Destiny

You probably have heard a million times that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ Why wouldn’t you help yourself? Self-help is the best route to success. It is you who can decide whether you can achieve everything that you want or not. Hard work brings the sweetest fruits. So, do your part and wait for the results you deserve.

Researchers say that only 8% of people achieve their goals in life. What makes the rest of 92% fall short of it? Fear; fear of failure. Now, you decide to stay away from your dreams for fear of losing to the hurdles. Or do you want to give it a shot, no matter what? The choice is yours. We share a template of motivational quotes as an Instagram post to churn your dreams in your mind.

Motivational Quote to Take Charge of Your Life

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Motivational Quotes with Empowering Thoughts

According to research, entrepreneurs that take time out to make a plan with enough foresight have a 152% higher chance of starting their own business. But what should be the ideal plan? Well, that might depend on the business type you plan to start. A good plan helps you take a few steps forward toward success.

However, sometimes a poorly conceptualized plan can also work out for you. Quality of work makes all the difference. Business success doesn’t come easy. Even if you fail to have a profitable business plan, you can at least work hard to make the existing one successful. Look at the DocHipo template of an Instagram post on the same concept.

Motivational Instagram Post Template

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So, How was Your Day?             

Good! Of course, it was. In fact, after reading all those beautiful, uplifting quotes, you must be feeling buoyed with confidence. Sign up to DocHipo, explore all the stunning templates, and use your favorite ones with inspiring quotes for your social media platforms.