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Restaurant Flyer Design: How To Make A Restaurant Flyer In Minutes With DocHipo [Step-by-Step Guide + Templates]

blog-bannerApr 21, 2022

Do you struggle coming up with your Restaurant flyers over and over again?

As a restaurant owner, you might already know that a flyer is cost-effective to grab the existing customer’s attention and address new ones. You can think of it as a communication vehicle for your restaurant business.

The difficult part of excelling at creating an eye-catching and effective Restaurant Flyer is the design. It needs to have the right format, choice of colors, fonts, illustrations, etc. Otherwise, the whole purpose of the flyer will become meaningless if it doesn’t attract eyeballs and read the message. So, pay attention to the design part.

If you struggle with designing or don’t have much time, this post will help you with a step-by-step walkthrough on using DocHipo to create your Restaurant Flyer Design in minutes. The post also includes a few flyer design best practices with DocHipo Templates as examples to get you started.

Restaurant Flyer Design ideas with examples

Follow these best practices to make a flyer for a restaurant that entices people to take steps and ultimately grows your business.

Appeal to senses using high-resolution food images

The visual appeal of the food you offer is undeniable as it draws your target customer’s attention, making a fantastic first impression. You may highlight your bestselling dishes, chef’s special dishes, or most profitable ones. Always use your high-quality and mouth-watering food pictures that sharpen one’s desire for food and trigger visual hunger.

Incorporating such with striking images in your Flyer Design will:

  • build trust and credibility
  • add to your customer’s emotions
  • increase sales

The tempting Restaurant Flyer design has a perfectly-shaped, juicy burger below.

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Experiment with vibrant and contrasting colors

Colors can make your restaurant’s key message stand out to the right people and direct their eyes toward them. It will also create and improve your brand awareness and recognition. The colors and textures you use should make your target people feel intrigued and hungry. You may experiment with more oranges and yellows that stimulate the appetite.

For instance, the Restaurant Flyer design with a fresh and hot pizza slice used a vibrant color scheme.

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Take care of the visual hierarchy

Figure out the first thing you want your target customers to know about your restaurant. After that, use a Visual hierarchy to highlight it. Your potential customers should know what you are talking about right away.

Keep the main message or name of the event in a large and easy-to-read font.

Then use the same or any other pairable font(s) in a smaller size for details like the nature of the event (say, food festival, the opening of a restaurant, etc.), location and date, your restaurant’s menu, and so on.

For example, you’ll understand the above points from the following DocHipo Restaurant Flyer Design Templates.

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

Also, look at icons and shapes that add freshness to the Flyer Design.

Restaurant Flyer Template by DocHipo

How to Make a Flyer Design with DocHipo’s Online Flyer Maker?

If you are new to DocHipo, you need to sign up to DocHipo for free with your email address and password. Then refer to the following three-step simple process to create your Restaurant Flyer Design for your business.

STEP 1: Choose a Flyer Template

After logging into your DocHipo account, you’ll be on the ‘All Templates’ page. Type ‘Flyer’ in the search bar and click on the result.

Search for Flyer

The Flyer templates in DocHipo are presently available in different categories such as Corporate, Education, Real Estate, Car wash, Restaurant, and photography. In this case, we’ll select the Restaurant Flyer Template category.

Flyer Templates in DocHipo

If you are already ready with your design layout or want to experiment from scratch, a blank template is your option.

Blank Template in DocHipo

If you want to save your designing time and produce great results at the same time, go for the professionally designed high-quality Flyer Design templates by DocHipo.

So, hover over any Flyer Design Templates you love to preview or select it.

Preview DocHipo's Restaurant Flyer Template
Select DocHipo's Restaurant Flyer Template

Now, add a name and a short description to the document you will design and click on ‘Next.’

Add a name and description to the document

STEP 2: Customize the Flyer Template 

The stunning and effective Flyer Design Templates by DocHipo will set the foundation for you. Then, you can customize your chosen template just the way you want with the design widgets.


You can find the ‘Pictures’ widget under the ‘Graphics and Media’ tab on the left sidebar. 

Pictures widget in DocHipo

The pictures are available in various themes. Select the one you need. We’ll select the ‘Food And Drink’ category in this case.

Pictures drop-down menu

Explore the high-resolution pictures and choose the one that best represents your brand or business.

Pictures in the 'Food And Drink' category in DocHipo

Simply drag the picture and drop it over the existing one to replace it.

Replacing existing picture with a new one

After that, resize and reposition the picture using the drag and drop tool.

Resize and reposition the image with drag-and-drop tool

Now the Flyer Design looks like the following:

Restaurant Flyer Design after resizing and repositioning picture

Since the picture in your Flyer Design will grab viewers’ attention first, watch the video below to enhance it with DocHipo filters.

Watch this video if you want to add a glow effect to your picture.


The ‘Background’ widget is also available under the ‘Graphics And Media’ tab. Alternatively, select it and click on the color icon in the editing panel adobe to edit the background.

Select the background and click on the color icon

The theme colors will appear.

Theme colors in DocHipo

To explore more colors, click on the little color palette icon for custom colors to show up.

Custom colors in DocHipo

In addition, you can type the hex code in the box provided and then click on the color shown beside, and you can see the changes in your Flyer Design.

Type color hex code

Now the Flyer Design looks like this:

Flyer design after changing the background color

For more guidance on creating stunning background in DocHipo, watch the video below.


To edit an existing text, double click on it and replace it with your own text that communicates your brand or business’ offerings or messages.

Once you replace the text, you can explore the text editing options from the above panel.

Text editing options DocHipo

The editing panel allows you to change the text font type, size, color, alignment, etc. Click on the three horizontal dots on the editing panel for more options. 

Text editing options DocHipo

Moreover, to add any new text, select the ‘Text’ widget from the left sidebar and choose any of the three formats – headings, subheadings, and body text.

Refer to the YouTube video for adding, editing, and deleting text in DocHipo.


The next graphic element icon is also available under the ‘Graphics and Media’ tab on the left sidebar.

Icons widget in DocHipo

You can either search for your desired icon or select a related icon theme from the drop-down menu.

Icons drop-down menu

DocHipo has a huge collection of appealing icons under various themes in color and mono categories.

Since I’m creating a Restaurant Flyer Design, I choose the ‘Food And Drinks’ theme.

First, let’s delete the unnecessary elements and select our chosen icon to add to the design.

Select an icon

After resizing, repositioning, and changing the color of the icon, the Flyer Design looks like the following:

Restaurant Flyer Design after resizing, repositioning, and changing the color of the icon

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about using icons in DocHipo.

The other design widgets that you can use to make your Flyer Design or any document are illustrations, stickers, shapes, lines, etc.

Watch the video below and have fun with stickers in DocHipo.

I highly recommend checking out The Ultimate Guide to Using the DocHipo Editor to Design Your Documents.

STEP 3: Download your Flyer Design

Once your customization is complete, and you are happy with the outcome, preview it, and then you may download, share with your team, save to MailChimp, etc. all these options are available to you once you click the three horizontal dots.

Share, Preview, Download, Mailchimp options in DocHipo

The downloadable formats are PNG, PNG Transparent, JPG, PDF, MP4, and GIF.

Download  Restaurant Flyer Design

After choosing your preferred file type and quality, click on the download button.

Here’s a video you can refer to while downloading documents in DocHipo.

Before Customization:

Restaurant Flyer Design Template by DocHipo

After Customization:

Restaurant Flyer Design Template after customization

Wrapping Up

I hope the above step-by-step customization process made you realize how easily you can tweak Flyer Template Design to make your own. So sign up to DocHipo, explore all the Restaurant Flyer Design Templates and work with the design widgets and create a flyer that drives more sales.