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14 Heartwarming Mother’s Day Card Design Ideas To Make Your Mother Feel Special

blog-bannerMay 5, 2022

Mother’s day is around the corner. Are you searching for classy Mother’s Day card ideas that your mother will adore?

Anything you gift to your mother, she will accept it wholeheartedly and cherish it forever. But making an extra effort to design something, especially for her, will make her feel more special and cared for.

Not only your mother, but you must also celebrate the presence of all the mother figures in your life. A heart-warming Mother’s Day greeting card is a beautiful idea to acknowledge their unconditional love and contribution to your life.

I’ve compiled fourteen Mother’s Day Card design ideas in this post that you can implement. I’ll show Mother’s Day Card templates designed by experts at DocHipo that you can customize and present to your mother to showcase your love and appreciation for them.

Mother’s Day Card Design Ideas with Templates

Take each of the following templates as a guide or inspiration to design your personalized Mother’s Day card designs.

Design Idea 1: Photo-centric Mother’s Day Card design

Along with your mother, you may express your love this Mother’s Day with any mother figure in your life – your aunt, grandmother, neighbor, whoever is close to your heart.

In each of your Mother’s Day cards, add one of your most cherished images with them. Next, add your heart-warming wishes and whatever comes straight from your heart.

This Mother’s Day, acknowledge her excellence in everything she does for her family and, most importantly herself.

Through the DocHipo Mother’s Day card template below, let your mother know what she means to you and that you’re the biggest fan of her. 

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Design Idea 2: Create a frame around the picture

Create a frame around the picture of you two together and try to add freshness to the whole mother’s day card design thoughtfully.

Look at the simple white frame design with abstract shapes at its two corners as if it is pasted with cello tapes. I loved this idea.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Highlight what you think about her with this adorable pink and yellow-colored heart-shaped design. Also, observe the floral design patterns on two corners of the card.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Design Idea 3: Use unconventional photo frame shapes

Unconventional frame shapes around the picture will make your Mother’s Day card design unique and more interesting. 

For example, the DocHipo Mother’s Day card template below has used a circular frame. The flower icons, breaking the circle, added to the beauty of the card design. 

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

We have a ‘Shapes’ library in DocHipo with a variety of shapes for different needs. You can experiment with them to make a stunning Mother’s Day card design. 

Shapes widget in DocHipo

Design Idea 4: Create a picture frame with design elements 

Surround your picture frame with design elements like icons that your mom will love.

Look at the following Mother’s day card template by DocHipo with a floral picture frame with a heart-melting picture inside.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Also, notice the flower patterns in two different colors around the Mother’s Day card.

You can customize this beautiful template by adding a picture of your mother and adding your own words. 

The YouTube video below will demonstrate how to upload images in DocHipo.

Design Idea 5: Make a collage for your Mother’s Day Card

When you can’t decide on a single photo to add to your Mother’s Day Card, why not make a collage of the best moments you spent with your mother?

In the following DocHipo Mother’s Day card design, you can add up to five images in different sizes. It also features yellow, pink, and black boxes to display your message and wishes.

Leverage our Free Card Maker and make it your personalized Mother’s Day card design.

Refer to the video below while adding, editing, or deleting texts in DocHipo.

Design Idea 6: Experiment with different layouts and grids

Play around with different design frameworks to fit the image and texts in your Mother’s Day card design.

For instance, the DocHipo Mother’s Day card template below looks simple and elegant. The color choice makes it look so soothing, and the flowers in the design add a refreshing vibe.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

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Similarly, the grid layout and the usage of other design elements in the DocHipo template give a beautiful and fun look.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

So remind your mother about the special place she holds in your heart with this card.

Design Idea 7: Graphical Mother’s Day Card

If your mother appreciates arts and design, the graphic-driven Mother’s Day card template designed by DocHipo will be perfect for her.

You can customize this template by leveraging DocHipo’s various design widgets.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Design Idea 8: Floral Mother’s Day Cards

If your mother is into gardening or likes to have floral designs in household items or simply loves flowers, present to her a floral Mother’s Day card.

Your mother will definitely adore this beautiful floral Mother’s Day card with a yellow and green color palette.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Choose from the wide variety of flower stickers in our docHipo library and use any flowers of your choice that will make your mom happiest.

Flower icons in DocHipo

Watch the video below to have fun with stickers in DocHipo.

Design Idea 9: Mother’s Day Card design with beautiful patterns decorated throughout the background

You can use different patterns throughout the background of your Mother’s Day card to give it a beautiful and classy look.

There are endless things to thank your mother for; mention some of them using this DocHipo template with lilac-colored background and white-colored beautiful patterns in it.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Similarly, look at the following Mother’s Day card design with a twist.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Design Idea 10: Design your Mother’s Day Card with icons

You may choose icons with close relations with your mother or the ones she simply loves.

If your mother is a teacher, you can use icons related to her profession.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Refer to this video to learn about using icons in DocHipo.

Design Idea 11: Asymmetrical Mother’s Day Card design

Take both of you back to your childhood memories with this asymmetrical Mother’s Day card design featuring your sweetest picture.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

Design Idea 12: Add a unique effect to your Mother’s Day card design

Remind your mother that she needs to be pampered with the following Mother’s Day Card template, having an interesting effect separating the image and the text.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

I love this effect.

Design Idea 13: Combine two to three different font styles

Pay attention to the typography of your Mother’s Day Card design that impacts the way your messages or wishes are conveyed. Also, ensure the readability of the fonts in your Mother’s Day card design by using a color contrasting to that of the background.

For example, notice how the below DocHipo Mother’s Day card template tastefully combines two font styles.

DocHipo Mother's Day card template

I just love the font style pairing here. Also, it has such a beautiful pattern around the text. Isn’t it?

Design Idea 14: Think out of the box

Have a look at the thoughtfully designed unique Mother’s Day card design.

DocHipo Mother's Day card design template

The icons such as the glasses and popcorn are taken from the elements present in the picture.

In your case, you may have different elements in your picture with your mother. No worries, our huge icon library in DocHipo has you covered.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you loved all the Mother’s Day Card designs discussed and shown above. So quickly sign up to DocHipo, explore the various Mother’s Day Card templates and choose the one that aligns with the bonding you share with your mother. Leverage the design widgets to create a heart-warming Mother’s Day card your mother will fall in love with. Make all the mother figures in your life feel loved and honored, and make this Mother’s Day even more special for them.